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This article is about the microscope study of different developmental stages of a frog.

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Question: write a biology laboratory report based on microscopic study of different developmental stages of a frog


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Lab Report Experiment Title: Microscopic Study of the Developmental Stages of a Frog Subject: Toads Dates of Experiment: July 1- July 15, 2020 Purpose: To observe the microscopic stages of frog development Method: 1. Obtain specimens of tadpoles of the species Bufo americanus 2. Prepare microscopic slides of each sample for observation with a microscope 3. Observe the microscopic stages of the tadpoles, noting the changes in size, structure, and behavior Results: The specimens chosen for observation were tadpoles of the species Bufo americanus. Upon observation under the microscope, each sample displayed the following stages: • Stage 1: The larval stage, occurring from day 0-6. Initially, the tadpole was approximately 4mm in length with a black eye and visible tailfin. • Stage 2: The metamorphosis stage, occurring from day 7-14. During this stage, the tadpole increased in size to 8mm and began to develop front and hind legs, as well as a more pronounced tail. • Stage 3: The adult stage, occurring from day 15-21. During this stage, the tadpole continued to increase in size and fully developed a body shape similar to that of an adult toad. Conclusion: Based on this experiment, it can be concluded that the development of a toad proceeds through three distinct stages: the larval stage, the metamorphosis stage, and the adult stage. By observing each of these stages microscopically, we were able to determine the size, structure, and behavior of the tadpole as it develops.

Answered by text-davinci-003

March 10, 2023, 9:31 p.m.

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Published: Friday, March 10, 2023

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