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Question: If needed re read the story, "everyday use" by Alice Walker and prepare to choose and rewrite a specific scene from Maggie's prespective. Rewrite a scene from "everyday use" to be told from the first person perspective of dee or Maggie. Your writing should be at least 3 paragraphs long! Be sure to utilize the 3-D narrative writing notes to help you create a strong, descriptive piece cooking in the kitchen

Asked by king1

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Since everyday use is told from Mama's perspective, I'll rewrite the scene where Dee is demanding the family quilts from Maggie's point of view. --- Warm steam from the stove billowed around me, causing sweat to bead at my temples. I had been cooking dinner when my older sister Dee unexpectedly arrived, full of words as unusual as her new name and dressed in colorful African attire. Mama was fussing over Dee as usual. I couldn't deny that my sister was beautiful, especially when compared to me. Unlike her, I carried the scars of our past - the fire that marked our home and my body - quite literally. Suddenly, I was in the center of attention. Disturbed from my peace at the stove, I was prod over a heated family issue. Dee had taken a special interest in our family's quilts. She wanted them. For her, they were an icon of her new-found cultural identity, something to display proudly. But for me, these quilts held a different significance. Sewn by Granma Dee and Big Dee, they carried generations of our family's love and labor, a part of our everyday life, intended to be used, not hung as art. I glanced down, avoiding her condescending gaze. I could feel my face go red as I shrugged uncomfortably, "She can have them, Mama..." I whispered quietly. It wasn't the value of the quilts that made me surrender, but I wanted to avoid the confrontation. Dee's haughty insistence left me feeling stripped, like she was trying to take yet another thing that made us the Johnsons and turn it into her own brand. I had always lived with less attention than Dee, quietly accepting my fair share of invisibility. It hurt but I understood, even Mama was cinched to Dee's loud aura, always giving in to her pushy demands while I remained sidelined. But it didn't matter. I knew, I loved, I understood our real heritage more than she ever could. And that, she couldn't take away.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 8, 2023, 7:21 p.m.

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Published: Friday, September 8, 2023

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