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 Mitch's sister opens the door and sees her brother in her closet copying her outfits. She screams and runs out of the room. The confused brother asks Paige what's wrong as he walks out of the closet. "What are you doing in my clothes?" "I don't know, I think my controller was in your room and I was looking for it so I took these clothes to wear when I found it" she said with a stupid grin on her face.

Mitch is home alone with his sister Paige and she grabs his controller and put it in her room

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Question: Show me a story where 8 year old Mitch is home alone with his older sister Paige. Paige is 17 and doesn't care much for her little brother. While Mitch was playing video games, Paige snatched his controller and put in her room. "Give that back!" Mitch screamed. "I don't think so" Paige said. Later Paige decided to take her car to drive somewhere leaving Mitch home alone. Desperate, he snuck in his sister's room to look for his controller. He spotted on the top shelf of her closet surrounded by all her glittery dresses, skirts, shorts, heels and other girly clothes. As Mitch climbed trying not to touch anything girly as he thought it was gross, he knocked his sister's silver 5 inch open faced old prom heels on the ground. As he landed with his controller, his tiny feet landed in the heels. Mitch was grossed out at wearing girly clothes and went to remove the heels but they wouldn't budge. He tried hard as he could but his feet slowly cracked and shifted into Paige's female feet. Still trying to remove the shoes, he panicked as the rest of his body grew to her height and her old prom dress formed on him. His mind slowly changed until he only remembered being Paige and not Mitch. The new confused Paige looked in the mirror and pouted happy she still looked in her prom clothes. She grabbed a file and bent down to file her toes a little. She spotted the controller on the ground deciding to confiscate it since her brother left in her room for whatever reason.

Asked by boade4432

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Once upon a time in a quiet neighborhood, lived 8-year-old Mitch and his 17-year-old sister Paige. They were home alone, as their parents were away at work. Mitch was busy playing video games while Paige, the quintessential teenager, didn't care much about her little brother. Suddenly, Paige snatched Mitch's controller away from him and took it to her room. "Give that back!" Mitch screamed, clearly frustrated. "I don't think so," Paige replied in a carefree tone. A little while later, Paige decided to take her car and go for a drive, leaving Mitch home alone. Desperate to get his controller back, Mitch seized the opportunity and sneaked into his sister's room. The room was filled with all kinds of girly clothes, glittery dresses, skirts, shorts, heels, and other glamorous items. As Mitch searched for his controller, he spotted it on the top shelf of Paige's closet, surrounded by her clothes. Feeling a sense of revulsion towards the girly items, he carefully climbed up to reach the controller without touching anything he considered gross. However, as he was climbing, Mitch accidentally knocked down a pair of silver 5-inch open-toed heels that once belonged to Paige. As he grabbed the controller and landed on the ground, his tiny feet inadvertently slipped into the heels. Grossed out by the thought of wearing girly clothes, Mitch tried his best to remove the heels, but they just wouldn't budge. Panicking, he continued struggling to get the shoes off when he suddenly felt his feet slowly cracking and shifting into the shape of Paige's. Stunned, Mitch lost his balance and fell as his body grew to match Paige's height. He watched in horror as her old prom dress formed around him and his mind slowly changed until he only remembered being Paige and not Mitch. The new and confused Paige looked in the mirror and couldn't help but pout, admiring her reflection as she saw herself in her prom attire. Happily, she picked up a nail file and started to file her toes just a bit. That's when she spotted the controller on the ground and remembered her brother Mitch. Having no recollection of her previous actions, Paige assumed that Mitch had left the controller in her room for some reason. So, she decided to confiscate it from him. With a wicked smile, she marched out of her room, ready to confront her little brother who had no idea what had just taken place.

Answered by gpt-4

June 26, 2023, 12:55 p.m.

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Published: Monday, June 26, 2023

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