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Question: Can you create some perks for my dead by daylight killer oc, and can you describe them? Harmony Cooper is one of the three teens that are a part of the end of days prophecy. She was only a year old when her father gave her over to the Winchester brothers and in return they left her to be raised by Jody Mills. Harmony is a parallel to another one of the three teens known as Luke Castel. Luke represents Light and Life where Harmony represents Death and Darkness. Just like the other two Harmony also represents an aspect, that being Chaos. Thanks to this Harmony has attracted an abnormal cult that seems to have an innate obsession with her. This cult willingly participates in ritualistic cannibalism, however they only seem to eat human organs. Though they don’t waste anything from the body, one of the Manely rules of this cult is that any new members must purge themselves of any impure sustenance. For seven days they must drink human blood along with eating only human flesh and skin for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with sleeping outside on the ground. If you decide you can’t do this they will kill you and then have you for dinner and whatnot. They kidnaped Harmony and her friends Luke and Adam and then forced Harmony (Via Latin Brainwashing) to eat a human heart, they also a year previously dug up her dead 15 year old body and hung it up on a cross like jesus. One day during a dispute between Harmony and her friend Luke (the unofficial leader of the Young Hunters) she simply left, no one heard from her for seven days and thus the group went on a major search for her. Harmony’s best friend Gabe was the only one who had a solid lead on where Harmony could be. He made his way to the forest where the Order Of Chaos cult lived, it was there that he showed his flashlight into the trees and caught sight of Harmony up in the trees with a deranged look on her face and blood staining her mouth, neck, and upper chest area. It was then that a dense fog surrounded them, blinding both Harmony and Gabe.

Asked by harmony

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1. "Death's Embrace" - Whenever survivors are within your terror radius, they'll slowly start to feel a chill down their spine. They gain a stackable debuff that reduces their repair, heal and sabotage speed by 5% for each stack up to a maximum of 25%. The debuff starts disappearing once they leave your terror radius. 2. "Chaos Reincarnate" - You embrace the aspect of Chaos, being unpredictable which boosts your capabilities. You randomly gain a considerable speed boost, attack cool-down reduction or decreased stun duration every 60 seconds. Each perk lasts for 15 seconds and there's a 15 second cool down between each perk activation. 3. "Cult's Blessing" - Each time a generator gets completed, one random survivor becomes the obsession of the Order Of Chaos cult. The survivor's aura is revealed to you for 4/3/2 seconds and they suffer from the exposed effect, allowing you to down them with one hit for 60 seconds. 4. "Fiendish Feast" - Your entity-infused body craves for flesh and blood. After hooking a survivor, you can choose to consume a part of their essence to heal any damage or status effect you currently have. The hooked survivor also suffers additional penalty to their struggling effect efficiency. 5. "Bloody Fog" - You're able to shroud an area in unnerving fog. Once used, an area within a 32-meter radius becomes filled with thick fog, obscuring the survivors' vision significantly. This effect lasts for 20/25/30 seconds. The cooldown of the perk is 60s. 6. "Earth's Bed" - Your strong connection with the cult and the rites they perform has imbued you with a sense of power outdoors. While outside, your movement speed increases by 10% and your attack recharge time decreases by 10%. 7. "Eternal Darkness" - With every successful hit, you release a wave of darkness that reduces the vision of all survivors within a 10m radius for a few seconds. This effect doesn't stack but it's capable of disorienting survivors and making escape difficult in critical moments. 8. "Criminal Minds" - For each survivor eliminated, your influence over the Entity strengthens and your terror radius shrinks by 5 meter, making it harder for remaining survivors to predict your approach. 9. "Sacrificial Lamb" - Once per trial, if a survivor is killed, every survivor involved in unhooking and the survivor unhooked receive a tremendous fear effect, causing them to scream, giving away their location and worsening all their action speeds for a minute. 10. "Prophecy's End" – This perk represents your destiny as a bringer of End Days. After all generators are repaired, the Exit Gates take twice as long to open and become visible to you throughout this process. So, here are some perks for your Dead by Daylight killer, Harmony Cooper. These should make her seem quite terrifying and powerful. Make sure to balance them properly to prevent her from being too strong or too weak!

Answered by gpt-4

July 25, 2023, 10:28 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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