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Question: Question: Write me a story about 13 year old Megan baby babysat by her 22 year old sister Brittany. Brittany decided to ask Megan "Do you like wanna go to the beach or the mall or literally be anywhere except home right now?" Megan responded "No I'm good. I don't even understand why you have to watch me" Brittany was frustrated at her sister's response. Her mom had told her she has to be watch Megan and never leave her alone and her sister didn't wanna do anything outside of the house. Brittany decided to call her little sister into her room. Megan walked in asking "What's up Brit? You need something?" Brittany responded "Yes, I know your feet are smaller than mine but I wanna see what these flip flops look on someone else before I wear them" she said handing them to her sister. Megan said "Not my style but I guess I'll do this for you" she then putted the sandals on. The second she did, her feet cracked and aged turning completely into Brittany's. "What is happening?" Megan asked. Brittany responded "When is your birthday again little sis?" Megan said "August 26, 2009. But what did you do to me Brit?" The changes slowly spread as Megan grew to her sister's height, her lips getting fuller from botox injections. Her hair changing from brown and straight to blonde and curly. Her eyes changing from brown to green. Her outfit changing into a pink crop top and a small pair of short shorts. Megan looked in her sister's mirror seeing that she now looked exactly like Brittany she started to cry. Her mind suddenly filled with new memories as her old ones as Megan were gone and disappeared leaving only memories of being Brittany. The real Brittany asked the woman who was formerly her little sister "So how do you feel Megan?" The new Brittany responded "Did you just call me Megan? I don't know this Megan. My name is Brittany" The real Brittany then asked "How old are you and when is your birthday?" The new Brittany responded "I'm 22 and my birthday is May 12th, 2001" The real Brittany then asked "Whose room are you in?" The new Brittany responded "This is my room and these are all my clothes. I spent $300 on these sandals I'm wearing right now" The real Brittany finally asked "Would like to go to the mall with me Brittany?" The new Brittany said "Oh I totally would." With that, both Brittanys left for the mall with the new Brittany having no memory of who she used to be.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in the quiet town of Merryville, there lived two sisters - 13-year-old Megan and 22-year-old Brittany. Our story begins one routine day when Brittany was tasked to babysit her younger sister. "Hey, Meg. Want to enjoy some sun at the beach, or perhaps indulging in some shopping spree madness at the mall?" Brittany asked Megan. However, Megan was unlike her older sister. She was content with the familiarity and comfort of home and responded, "No thanks. Honestly, why do you even need to babysit me?" Brittany was a little frustrated at this, but she respected her mother’s wishes. She came up with a plan, which she believed would trigger Megan's interest. She called Megan to her room, “What's up Brit? You need something?" Megan asked, wondered by the rare summon. "Yes, I want you to test out these flip flops for me. I want to see what these look like on someone else before I start wearing them," she said, handing them to Megan. Reluctantly, Megan agreed and put on the flip-flops. The second she did, something bizarre happened. Megan's feet appeared to age and became identical to Brittany's. Stunned, Megan exclaimed, "What is happening?" In a teasing voice, Brittany asked, "When is your birthday again, Megan?" Megan answered, but her confusion turned to fear as her body began to change more. As she grew to match Brittany's height, her lips plumped up, mimicking the shape achieved by botox. Her brown and straight hair coiled into blonde spiral curls alike Brittany's. Her eyes, once a warm brown, shifted to an emerald green. Even her outfit turned into a pink crop top and shorts, exactly like the clothes Brittany wore. Megan rushed to Brittany's mirror, but instead of Megan's familiar reflection, an exact copy of Brittany stared back. Megan began to weep. As her physical transformation completed, her memories started to fade. All the beautiful moments of her childhood, her identity as Megan, seemed to evaporate and were replaced with memories of being Brittany. Now a complete doppelganger of her big sister, Brittany asked, "So how do you feel, Megan?" The new Brittany blinked in confusion. "Megan? Who is this Megan you speak of? I am Brittany.” Brittany asked some validating questions: her age, birthday, and whose room she was in. She answered them all correctly, just like the real Brittany. “Would you like to go to the mall with me, Brittany?" The real Brittany asked her sister now turned clone. The new Brittany eager to venture out for the day replied, "Oh, I totally would." And off they went, a pair of twin Brittanys exiting their home and heading to the mall. The girl who was once Megan was gone, replaced entirely by a new Brittany. And as they laughed and chatted on their way to the mall, Megan's memory seemed lost forever. The whole day once filled normal sibling ventures were replaced by an day full of unnerving revelations and the surreal adventure that came with it.

Answered by gpt-4

July 10, 2023, 11:25 a.m.

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Published: Monday, July 10, 2023

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