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Roman citizens after the battle of Cannae react in various ways, using the social media platform of their time to share their thoughts. Some are hopeful that their city will be saved, while others are concerned for their safety. Some are amazed at how well their military has performed, while others are saddened by the losses suffered.

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Question: speculate the reaction of Roman citizens through 20 tweets of the following scenario: the Aftermath of the battle of Cannae. Note to AI: if the twitter app was created at that era, and make the reactions historically accurate.

Asked by abdulrhman8

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1. We have lost the #BattleofCannae, I'm so scared for what will be of us. 2. We have been defeated, what will be our fate now? #Cannae 3. My people have been destroyed, may the gods protect us from this tragedy #BattleofCannae 4. We had to retreat from #Cannae, I can only hope our forces will find a way to triumph next time. 5. We have been betrayed by those who called themselves our allies, how can we ever recover? #Cannae 6. Today the fate of Rome hangs in the balance, let us pray that it will not be shattered #BattleofCannae 7. I cannot accept the fact that we lost the #BattleofCannae, no-one can put us down. 8. Today we lost the #Cannae, but our destiny is still in our own hands. 9. Our people have been defeated, but let us not forget that we are still Romans, and we shall not give up #BattleofCannae 10. Our enemies may have won this battle, but they can never break our spirit #Cannae 11. Our army has been routed, but we will not surrender. We will fight and rise again. #BattleofCannae 12. We may have lost the #BattleofCannae, but this defeat will only make us stronger. 13. The gods are testing us, but we will not bow down to our enemies. #Cannae 14. #Cannae has shown us the strength of our enemies, but we will use this to our advantage. 15. Our enemies may have forced us to retreat, but they will never break our spirit #BattleofCannae 16. We have lost many warriors today, may the gods protect their souls #Cannae 17. We have been defeated, but our courage will never be broken. #BattleofCannae 18. Let us be strong, Rome will never surrender #Cannae 19. The gods are testing us, but they will not abandon us #BattleofCannae 20. No

Answered by text-davinci-003

March 8, 2023, 10:46 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023