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In the 2060s, the world will be a vastly different place. With advancements in technology, the world will be a more connected and diverse place.

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Question: What will the world be like in the 2060s

Asked by peter4

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? In the 2060s, the world may look very different from what it does today. Advancements in technology will continue to shape the way we interact with our environment, from automated transportation methods to artificial intelligence in everyday life. Renewable energy sources are likely to be the primary power source, and environmental regulations will be more strict, as we continue to take steps to address climate change. We may live in a world where virtual reality has become a major part of everyday life, allowing for digital workspaces and leisure activities. International travel and commerce are likely to have increased dramatically, allowing for a global economy and increased global education. Depending on the political landscape, these advances may be available to all or be limited to only a select few.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 24, 2023, 9:16 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2023