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Joko's theory is that we are all animals, and we all have the same instincts.

Ask AI: What is Joko’s Neuropsychological theory?


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Question: What is Joko’s Neuropsychological theory?

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It seems like you might be referring to "Jaak Panksepp's Neuropsychological theory," not "Joko's." Jaak Panksepp was an Estonian-born American neuroscientist and psychobiologist who pioneered the field of affective neuroscience. His neuropsychological theory revolves around the understanding of primary emotional systems in the brain. Panksepp proposed seven primary emotional systems in mammals, which he called the "Primal Emotional Systems." These are: 1. SEEKING – This system is involved in the natural pursuit of resources, exploration, and curiosity. It helps animals to search for and acquire necessary resources for survival. 2. RAGE – This system promotes aggressive and defensive behaviors. It helps an organism to protect itself and its resources from potential threats or perceived injustices. 3. FEAR – This system involves the experience of fear and anxiety. It allows an organism to recognize potential dangers and avoid or escape them. 4. LUST – This system underlies the sexual drive and reproductive behaviors. It ensures the continuation of a species through mating and procreation. 5. CARE – This system is responsible for nurturing and social bonding. It helps animals take care of their offspring and form emotional connections with other members of their group. 6. PANIC/GRIEF – This system is associated with the experience of physical or emotional pain, loss, and separation distress. It facilitates social bonding and allows animals to signal their need for attention and care. 7. PLAY – This system is involved in the expression of joy and playfulness. Play behavior offers opportunities for socialization, skill development, and stress reduction. Panksepp's neuropsychological theory emphasizes understanding the role of these primary emotional systems in various psychological disorders. His work has significantly influenced the growing field of affective neuroscience, which investigates the neural mechanisms underlying emotions and their contributions to cognitive processes and behavior.

Answered by gpt-4

May 22, 2023, 6:19 a.m.

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Published: Monday, May 22, 2023

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