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 to ask to become a service representative

This image will feature ten questions that would require broad knowledge of a delegate in an open discussion about being of service in Alcoholics Anonymous. The questions will inspire those looking to become service representatives in the organization.

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Question: In a service event of Alcoholics Annonymous what is the ten question that would require broad knowlede of a delegate in an open discussion about being of service in alcoholics annonymous, knowledge inspiring questions

Asked by dillan

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1. Can you explain the significance of the 12 Steps and how they aid in an individual's journey towards sobriety and involvement in service work? 2. What is the role of a delegate in Alcoholics Anonymous, and how do they fulfill their responsibilities to their local community and AA as a whole? 3. In what ways can a delegate ensure they are effectively supporting the growth and recovery of AA members through their service work? 4. How do the 12 Traditions play a role in guiding the way delegates and other members of AA serve the organization? 5. What methods do delegates use to educate themselves on the needs and concerns within their community to better serve those struggling with alcoholism? 6. How do delegates balance the importance of anonymity within AA with the need to be transparent and accountable as a representative? 7. Can you discuss the importance of collaborating with other AA groups and service entities to make a broader positive impact on the recovery community? 8. How can a delegate's own personal experience of recovery be used as a tool to effectively support and motivate others in the group? 9. What are some strategies a delegate can use to engage members of an AA group in service work and promote a spirit of unity? 10. How does a delegate ensure that the principles of the AA program remain consistent and true to its original purpose amid ongoing societal changes and challenges?

Answered by gpt-4

June 24, 2023, 11:15 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, June 24, 2023

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