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Screenshot of Fortnite controller settings optimized for smooth gameplay at 60 FPS without fast aiming sensitivity

Ask AI: What are the best controller settings for Fortnite and no fast aiming sensitivity, and for 60 FPS?

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Question: What are the best controller settings for Fortnite and no fast aiming sensitivity, and for 60 FPS?

Asked by allison2

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To begin with, controller settings can vary depending on personal preference, but I can give you some generally accepted settings to start with. For Fortnite, especially if you're playing at 60 FPS and prefer slower aiming sensitivity, try these settings: 1. **Controller Sensitivity X**: Set it to 0.5-0.7 if you prefer a slower sensitivity. This will directly affect how quickly your character turns left or right. 2. **Controller Sensitivity Y**: Set it to the same as your X sensitivity, this controls how quickly your character looks up and down. 3. **Controller Targeting Sensitivity**: Set it around 0.3-0.4. This affects Fortnite's "aim down sights" (ADS) mode. A lower value will slow your ADS speed which can lead to more precision. 4. **Controller Scope Sensitivity**: Set it to 0.4-0.6. This affects the sensitivity while using scoped weapons in Fortnite. Adjust to your own personal preference, ensuring that precision is to your standard. 5. **Controller Building Sensitivity**: Set it between 1.3-1.6. This multiplier will allow you to build structures quickly, giving you the ability to react swiftly during fights. 6. **Controller Edit Hold Time**: A lower value like 0.100 will allow you to edit buildings quicker. In terms of button layouts, many players use the **Builder Pro** layout due to its efficiency in building structures quickly. Lastly, under movement settings, you might want to turn on "sprint by default". This means that your character will always sprint unless you intentionally slow down, saving you from having to push a button to sprint manually and freeing up a button for other actions. Remember, these are just suggested settings and you can adjust them as you play to find what feels best for you.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 12, 2023, 3:04 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, November 12, 2023

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