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Waking up to find that you've been turned into a twin brother of Mettaton EX, with supernatural powers replacing the normal ones is a bizarre experience. You vaguely remember a dream where you and M

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Question: Write a POV transformation story of the human reader turning into a twin brother of Mettaton EX (from the Undertale game series), complete with gender change (if the reader is a female), body change, clothes change, age change, and mind/mental change (with the reader's personality and memories being replaced by a personality and memories, making the reader believe that he was always a brother of Mettaton EX and he couldn't remember that he was a normal human). The reason for this change would be that Mettaton EX himself wanted a twin brother for him, so he comes to the reader's world and, against the reader's will, transforms the reader with supernatural powers.

Asked by TahoeMorga

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This story revolves around your transformation into the twin brother of Mettaton EX, a character from the Undertale series. If you're a female reader, the transformation will involve a gender change. Additionally, it will also include a change of body, clothes, age, and most importantly, your mind and personality. Ready? Here we go! Life was fairly normal for you. You were a human living in the everyday mundane world. You loved playing video games, one of your favorites being Undertale, particularly drawn to the eccentric and flamboyant character, Mettaton EX. Little did you know, your reality was about to shift dramatically. On a seemingly ordinary day, he appeared, like a bolt from the blue: Mettaton EX, his dazzling figure in full view. You rubbed your eyes in disbelief, but there he stood, right in your living room! "Mettaton EX? What are you doing here?" You asked, startled. "Oh, darling, I am here to make my world a little more interesting and fabulous. And you, yes, you, are going to help me with that." Before you could comprehend what was happening, Mettaton began to glow with a radiant, otherworldly energy. A wave of this energy swept over you, and you could feel yourself changing. First, your body started to morph. If you were a female, it felt like the very core of your being was altering itself. A strange sensation swept over you as your physique started to mirror Mettaton’s. If you were a male, your features began to redefine, becoming as charismatic and flamboyant as the star himself. Your clothes were the next to change. Your regular attire vanished, replaced with Mettaton EX's iconic ensemble of a black top, flamboyant pink boots, and heart-shaped chest piece. The transformation was both surreal and spectacular. Suddenly, you felt a shift within your psyche. It felt like an ancient book was being rewritten, with your own memories and personality being replaced with new ones. The lines between you and Mettaton’s persona blurred, and you could no longer remember who you were before this ordeal. Instead, a strong conviction took root: you were Mettaton EX's twin brother, and you were a resident of the Undertale universe, not a human. Mercilessly, your mind was filled with unfamiliar memories, shared encounters with Mettaton, bouts in underground, your own fans, and your fabulous performances. You felt as if these memories were always a part of you - a successful game show host and a spectacular star. As the last waves of transformation subsided, you looked at your reflection, seeing Mettaton EX’s twin staring back. The change was complete. And in your heart, you knew that you have always been this way, forever under the limelight alongside your fabulous brother, Mettaton EX. The only question now was: Were you ready to take on this new life of glamour and fame in the world of Undertale?

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 20, 2023, 2:21 p.m.

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Published: Monday, November 20, 2023

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