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until they burst rivalry leads to punishment

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Question: Tell me a story about a plant humanoid girl in a bikini having a fight with an air witch. After the fight, the plant girl gets her butt, chest, and belly as punishment until she can't grow anymore, but after this, she inflates the air witch's chest, butt and belly

Asked by mr._bekfast

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Once upon a time, in a realm where the elements reigned supreme over all life, there lived a Plant Humanoid Girl named Flora. Flora was a creature of beauty, with emerald-green hair that swayed like willow branches, and a body made up of elegant green leaves. Her usual attire consisted of a swimwear fashioned from the softest leaves of the most exotic plants from her forest homeland. Adjacently, in the high realm of Sky Peak, resided Aera, a powerful Air Witch known for her windy temper and gusty wrath. She was a force of nature, her body composed of barely-contained whirlwinds, adorned with a robe of nimbus clouds. A disagreement arose between Aera and Flora over the resources of their shared borderlands. Aera felt the ever-expanding network of Flora's roots was encroaching her Sky Peak and taking up her air. Flora, on the other hand, believed that Aera's carelessness was creating twisters that destroyed her garden. The animosity between them grew until it eventually exploded into an elemental fight. The battlefield was a tumultuous storm of wind, leaves, and lightning. Despite her sturdy composition and unity with nature, Flora was the first to weaken. Aera was a tempest of a thousand storms, striking Flora repeatedly and proceeding to inflate her chest, butt, and belly using pressurized pockets of air, causing the Plant Girl great discomfort. Every blow restricting her ability to grow further, every strike felt like it was pushing her deeper into the ground. Flora, summoning every ounce of her plant powers, finally caught Aera off-guard. She quickly formed a vine-whip and aimed it towards Aera's midsection. The vine whipped her so fiercely that it not only deflated the pockets of air but started to revert the process, puffing Aera's body out unnaturally. Flora then focused her energy, sending strong impulses through her roots that spread beneath Aera's feet, causing an inundating wave of pollen to explode from the ground beneath. The pollen was laced with magical properties, causing Aera's chest, butt, and belly to inflate rapidly. This unexpected retaliation caught Aera off-guard. Her concentration waned, and her winds started to calm, her body too bloated to maintain her stormy demeanor. Eventually, worn out and unable to keep her whirlwinds, she crashed onto the ground, defeated. Flora, similarly exhausted but satisfied, went back to her forest realm, determined to live in peaceful co-existence with the elements around her. This tale of altercation between the Plant Humanoid Girl and the Air Witch teaches us the value of understanding, respect, and harmonious co-existence between different life forms, reminding us that everyone has their unique space, and sharing is the only way to ensure peaceful and balanced existence.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 19, 2023, 2:07 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, October 19, 2023

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