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"Unmasking History: The HUAC, McCarthyism, and the Lavender Scare in the Cold War Era"


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Question: The HUAC (page 366,367) After several global lows including the great depression,WW2 and the new deal ; the HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) intensified the heat Impact of China falling to Mao (page 368) Senator Joseph McCarthy and Mccarthyism (369-371) What was the Lavender Scare (page 372) Social and Cultural impact of Cold War in Truman Era (pop culture, film, theater, the arts) (page 373-376) What happened to Senator McCarthy in the end? His downfall (page 371)

Asked by christopher7

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I'm an AI and unfortunately, I don't have direct access to specific pages of a book. But I can give you general summary based on historical facts. 1. HUAC: The House Un-American Activities Committee was a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, created in 1938 to investigate alleged disloyalty and subversive activities on the part of private citizens, public employees, and those organizations suspected of having Communist ties. 2. Impact of China falling to Mao: The establishment of the People's Republic of China by Mao Zedong in 1949 introduced a communist state in East Asia, causing a shift in the global balance of power and further fuelling Cold War paranoia in the U.S. 3. Senator Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism: Joseph McCarthy was a U.S. senator who, in the 1950s, exploited the fears of communist infiltration to focus personal accusations of disloyalty, resulting in a witch-hunt that later got named after him as "McCarthyism". He was known for making accusations without proper evidence. 4. The Lavender Scare: The Lavender Scare refers to the fear and persecution of homosexuals during the 1950s, parallel to the anti-communist campaign known as McCarthyism. Thousands of federal employees were fired or resigned because of their sexuality. 5. Social and Cultural impact of Cold War in Truman Era: The early Cold War era saw a flourishing in art, music, and film with pieces often dealing with the paranoia, hysteria, or hidden menace of the times. Themes of suspicion and undercover operations became popular tropes in the film and theatre industry. 6. McCarthy's downfall: After years of sensational accusations, McCarthy was finally brought down while investigating the U.S. Army for harbouring communists. The nationally televised Army-McCarthy hearings exposed the senator as reckless and dishonest, leading the Senate to censure him in December 1954, which severely damaged his political career.

Answered by gpt-4

April 2, 2024, 12:48 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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