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Universal's Helluva Boss: A Haunted Maze Attraction Based on the Animated Series

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Question: Write a concept and script for a haunted maze attraction (similar in layout to the haunted houses from Universal's Halloween Horror Nights) entirely based on the Helluva Boss animated series (made by VivziePop).

Asked by BossesPlays

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Concept: The haunted maze attraction is named "Helluva Boss: The Decent into Hell". The maze is themed around the Helluva Boss animated series by VivziePop, bringing the fiery underworld to life and inviting guests to meet their favourite characters straight from hell - at their own risk, of course. This maze incorporates vividly detailed scenes and jumpy scares that encapsulate the distinctive humor and horror elements featured in the animated series. Script: Introduction: Narrator: (creepy voice) "Welcome to the deepest, darkest underworld folks, the Helluva Boss: The Decent into Hell. Dare to tread where demons lurk and everyday is a wacky day at work. But beware, for in this realm there are more scares than laughs. If you are brave enough, come along as we descend into chaos." 1st scene - Entrance to Hell: Guiding Entity: (cackles) "Are you ready to start your journey through the gates of hell? Well, you don't have a choice now, do you?" (Doors open revealing a portal-like entrance plastered with demonic symbols) 2nd scene - IMP Headquarters: Guiding Entity: "Welcome to the Immediate Murder Professionals’ headquarters, where life is always a party... of death." (Robotic Blitzo pops out attempting to scare visitors) 3rd Scene - Murder Family Room: Guiding Entity: "This living room isn't your usual type–there's a murder scene happening right now. Meet the family who just ordered the hit!" (Guests walk through a chaotic scene of the Murder family while Automated Moxxie and Millie jump out of hidden corners) 4th Scene - Stolas’s Mansion: Guiding Entity: (whispers) "Quiet now, this is Stolas’s mansion. Witness the eerie beauty and the chilling power of the Goetic Prince but be cautious - not everything is what it seems." (A large animatronic Stolas pops out from the shadows) 5th Scene - Wrath Ring of Hell: Guiding Entity: "Welcome to the Wrath Ring of Hell. Feel the heat, the chaos and the wrath of thousands of souls. I can sense some creatures lurking around." (Sudden bursts of warm air and sound effects simulate fire blasts) Final Scene - Exit: Guiding Entity: "Congrats! You’ve survived...this time. Remember, hell is just a call away with the Immediate Murder Professionals." Exiting, guests are shown scenes of IMP employees waving them off, leading to the exit that's designed to seem like ascending back to the mortal realm. Note: Helluva Boss is known for its mature and explicit content. Make sure your haunted maze attraction is appropriately rated to handle it. This maze, like the show, is 'Not for kids'.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 15, 2023, 6:14 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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