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Unexpected Body Swap: Dave's Unsettling Experience in Trish's Materialistic World

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 8 year old Dave at his 30 year old cousin Trish's house. Please have be brown haired and brown eyed with a t-shirt, jeans and light up shoes and his favorite stuffed animal in his arms. Please have Trish be black haired and brown eyed with shoulder length hair, a spray tan all over her body, a wedding ring, sunglasses, earrings, a bracelet, a tan crop top, short shorts and flip flops with her nails done in a French pedicure and her purse on her shoulder. Please have Trish be extremely rude and materialistic as she looked down on Dave and please have Dave hate his older cousin and be upset that his mom still believes Trish is a kind and nice person. Please have Dave be playing with his stuffed animal upstairs as noon hits and the sun gets brighter outside and have Trish come up grabbing the stuffed animal out of his hands. Please have Dave say the quote "But Trish! He keeps the monsters away!" tears in his eyes and his innocent voice shaking. Please have Trish tell Dave to stop being annoying and just follow her downstairs. Please have Trish ask Dave if he can please come with her to the department store to watch try on some clothes and ask him if he can give a second opinion on a trip to the spa. Please have Dave say yes begging for his stuffed animal back. Please have Trish remove her sunglasses, her earrings, her wedding ring, her bracelet, her purse and her flip flops and then immediately lunge on Dave. Please have Dave say the quote "Ow Trish! Please stop it!___ I'm telling mommy on you!" finishing the sentence in Trish's voice even eerily mimicking her bitchy valley girl tone. Please have Dave get up feeling awkward in his new taller and older body as he ran to the mirror feeling his cousin's boobs bouncing as he did and have him scream in Trish's voice at his new reflection cringing at how girly he looked. Please have Dave beg to swap back in Trish's voice. Please have Trish say the quote "No thanks I'm good. That's your body from now on. Your new name is Trish and you have a husband. You need to get ready for the spa and the department store. Put on your sunglasses, your bracelet, your earrings, your wedding ring, your purse and your flip flops right now or I'll tear your stuffed bear apart!" Please have Dave worriedly put on his cousin's sunglasses resting them on his forehead, the bracelet, the earrings, the wedding ring, the purse and the flip flops feeling extremely uncomfortable and feminine as he looked down at the flip flops. Please have Trish say the quote "We're gonna play a game real quick. Pretend I'm Dave and you're Trish. Now Trish, I wanna hear you say your name is Trish and you are 30 years old and that I Dave, wish I was you and say it in my valley girl tone" Please have Dave try to say nothing but unwillingly say his name is Trish and he is 30 years old and that you wish you were me and have it be in quoted text. Please have Trish say the quote "Now Trish, I wanna see you sit down and place your purse next to you" Please have Dave try to do nothing but unwillingly sit down placing the purse next to him. Please have Trish say the quote "Now Trish, I wanna hear you compliment something about your appearance" Please have Dave try to do nothing but have him unwillingly compliment his French pedicure and his spray tan and his crop top and his purse and his flip flops and have it be in quoted text. Please have Trish say the quote "Now Trish, I wanna hear you say you can whatever you want cause you're Trish and your stupid husband lets you" Please have Dave try to say nothing but unwillingly say how he can have whatever he wants cause he's Trish and his stupid husband folds for his every need and have it be in quoted text. Please have Trish say the quote "Now finally Trish, I wanna see you stand up and put your purse over your shoulder and pull your sunglasses down over your eyes and clip clop over to me the way I always do and tell me you're donating my stuffed bear and I'm not getting it back but I still gotta help you out or you'll tell your husband on me and do it in my valley girl voice" Please have Dave try to say nothing but unwillingly get up putting the purse over his shoulder and pulling the sunglasses down over his eyes and clip clopping over to his own body telling his body that he will be donating his stuffed animal and not be giving it back but he still has to help at the spa and the department store or he'll tell his husband on Dave and have it be in quoted text.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once, little 8-year-old Dave found himself spending the hottest afternoon of the year at his older cousin's house. Dave, a charming little lad with brown hair and eyes to match, was wearing his favorite outfit: a simple t-shirt and jeans with his much-loved light up shoes that dazzled with every step. He held happily onto his favorite stuffed animal, which offered him comfort in the sea of unfamiliarity that his cousin's house presented. His 30-year old cousin, Trish, was starkly different. Her ebony hair contrasted with Dave's brown, matching her own brown eyes. Her shoulder-length hair framed a somewhat stern face covered in an unnaturally perfect spray tan. Married and materialistic, Trish had an exaggerated love for self-preening, flaunting her trimmed nails in a French pedicure, delicate earrings, bracelet, and a shiny, attention-grabbing wedding ring. Dressed in a tan crop top and short shorts paired with effortless flip flops, she was the embodiment of a self-absorbed woman, her personality as bleak as her extravagant purse that hung carelessly from her shoulder. Dave was caught up in a world of his own imagination, peacefully playing with his favorite stuffed animal upstairs. He was startled when, at the stroke of noon, Trish entered the room with her sunglasses perched up on her hair. She sharply grabbed his beloved stuffed animal out of his hands. "But Trish! He keeps the monsters away!" Dave protested, his innocent voice trembling as tears glistened in his brown eyes. Trish rolled her eyes, "Stop being annoying, Dave, and just follow me downstairs," she retorted, her patience wearing thin. She then proposed a trip to the local department store for a shopping spree and to add insult to injury, requested the distraught boy's opinion on a potential trip to the spa. Terrified at the thought of losing his cherished stuffed animal for good, Dave reluctantly agreed. Trish removed her sunglasses, dangling earrings, wedding ring, elegant bracelet, purse, and even her flip flops. Then, without a warning, she flung herself at her terrified little cousin. "Ow Trish! Please stop it!_" He mimicked her icy, valley-girl tone, "_I'm telling mommy on you!" He tugged against her, but she simply laughed and got off him. Suddenly, something strange happened. Dave felt different, taller, older. He shot up and ran towards a mirror; his cousin's feminine body reflected back. A horrified shriek in Trish's voice escaped him, as he beheld his new, girly appearance with shock. "Please, let's swap back," Dave begged in Trish's voice, horrified. Trish smirked, "Nope, I'm good. Enjoy being Trish, Dave. You have a husband, and you need to get used to it. Get my things back on, shoes, ring, bracelet, sunglasses, everything and let's move out!" Dave, scared and uneasy, complied, imitating Trish as best as he could. Trish then proposed a wicked game of pretend. Dave tried resisting her command, but every attempt was futile. So, he unwillingly gave up, adhering to Trish's words in her own voice, "I am Trish; I am 30; and you, Dave, wish you were me.” Following Trish's steps, Dave sat down at the vanity, placing Trish's purse next to him. "Now Trish," Trish said, her voice strangely sound like Dave's, "Compliment something about your appearance." With a resigned sigh, Dave turned Trish surveyed the reflection, "My French pedicure looks nice, I suppose. And the spray tan is cool. The crop top suits me, and uh, the purse and flip flops look chic.” The ordeal continued, with 'Trish' standing up yet again to indulge Trish-as-Dave's commands. With Trish's purse over his shoulder and sunglasses shielding his eyes, he clip-clopped towards his old body, an uneasy feeling of femininity washing over him, "Okay, fine. I'm donating my - I mean, your stuffed bear. But you still need to help me...or I’ll tell your husband on you." With a scowl, he delivered these ominous words eerily mimicking Trish's vapid valley-girl voice.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 5, 2024, 1:24 a.m.

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Published: Monday, February 5, 2024

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