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Question: Story: Write me a story about 7 year old Trevor alone at Best Buy for the first time with money his 28 year old mom gave him for a video game. As he browsed the game section, he spotted a woman standing in the aisle looking at phone cards and cases. She was 39 year old Selena aka Sad Eyes. A homeless woman of Hispanic descent that looked really good for her age and had her black hair shoulder length. She was wearing a crop top sporting a belly button piercing, jean short-shorts, leather wedges, long yellow fake nails with a black purse on her shoulder. Saying excuse me to get past her, Selena jumped a little saying he scared her to death. Causing him to drop his money without knowing, he said sorry to Selena. Selena smiled and reached out for a hug. Trevor hugged her back and suddenly felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he felt taller. Looking down, he saw a crop top, jean short-shorts, leather wedges and a black purse on his shoulder as well as weird long yellow things on his hands. Removing the yellow nails from his hands, he went through the purse finding things he didn't recognize like tampons, pads, nail polish, lipstick, makeup and bear spray. Trevor said the quote "I stole her body by mistake. But this bag and those things are too girly" in Selena's accented voice referring to the purse and the wedges. Removing the purse and the wedges setting them in the aisle, Trevor spotted his own body nearby and ran over to it assuming the woman was in it. Trevor then explained in a childlike way how he and her were in the wrong bodies and he was sorry. Selena smiled and said the quote "No you got it wrong. I wanted to switch bodies with you. Now I'm young again and no longer homeless. Enjoy being a 39 year old woman who is always alone" snapping her fingers. The age 39 hit Trevor in the feels knowing he was now much older than his own mom. His memories changing and maturing until he only remembered being Selena. The new Selena grabbed her head trying to soothe her migraine when she noticed she was barefoot and her purse was missing. Selena said the quite "Why am I walking around barefoot? Where did my wedges and purse go? And my nails? Come on Selena! You can't afford to be leaving your stuff lying around" frustrated at herself. Walking through the store uncomfortably in her bare feet, Selena finally spotted her wedges and her purse in an empty aisle. Joy in her face as she ran over to her precious items. Grabbing the wedges in her hands, she sat down and slipped each one back on her feet. She immediately grabbed her purse off the ground and threw it over her shoulder. She then went through her purse happy to see her pads, tampons, nail polish and everything else was still inside. She then pulled out all her yellow nails from inside her purse and reattached each one to her hands. Spotting the money on the ground, Selena strutted over to it and bent down to pick it up. Struggling to do so cause of her fake nails, she eventually got a grip on it and sat inside of her purse. Needing to use the bathroom, she went to the women's bathroom without hesitation. On her way to leave, she spotted herself in a full body mirror. Walking up to her reflection, she looked down at her wedges and admired them smiling. Selena said the quote "So happy I didn't lose these wedges forever. I just love how girly they are" Selena then strutted out of the store not buying anything this time but contemplating where she was gonna sleep for the night hoping nobody would bother her. The real Selena now in Trevor's body happily watched from a distance. She was now free from her homeless life while Trevor was doomed to a new life as a homeless woman named Selena.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, 7-year-old Trevor, a bright-eyed and curious child, was given some money by his mom to buy a video game he had been eyeing for months. It was his first time alone in Best Buy, a whirlwind of neon signs and flashy gadgets. His heart raced with excitement as he entered the game section. Unbeknownst to him, 39-year-old Selena, known as "Sad Eyes" amongst the regulars, stood in the same aisle, fixated on phone cards and cases. Despite her makeshift home on the streets, she managed to maintain her good looks. Her shiny black hair fell at her shoulders and her crop top revealed a belly button piercing. Jean short-shorts, leather wedges, and long yellow fake nails complimented her outfit, while a black purse hung from her shoulder. Overwhelmed with excitement, Trevor didn't notice Selena and accidentally bumped into her. Startled, Selena took a step back, telling him in her Hispanic accent that he'd scared her. In his embarrassment, Trevor dropped his money which went unnoticed while he mumbled an apology. To his surprise, Selena extended an arm for a hug. Caught off guard, Trevor hugged her back but suddenly started to feel dizzy. When he opened his eyes, he found the world had shifted. He was taller and suddenly a crop top, jean short shorts, and leather wedges were on his body. Along with a black purse and long, yellow things on his hands that he soon recognized - fake nails. Frantically, he went through Selena's purse, which was now his, filled with unfamiliar items like tampons, pads, and various kinds of makeup. The realization hit him, and he muttered in Selena's accented voice, "I stole her body by mistake. But this bag and those things are too girly." Having put aside the purse and the wedges he suddenly noticed his own small body nearby. Assuming that Selena was inside his body, he clumsily explained in his child-like way how they'd switched bodies and how he regretted the incident. Selena, with a childlike grin, snapped her fingers and clarified, "No you got it wrong. I wanted to switch bodies with you. Now I'm young again and no longer homeless. Enjoy being a 39-year-old woman who is always alone." Hearing the age '39' was a shattering reality for Trevor. He felt his heart sink as the memories shifted, and he was no longer the child but Selena, a homeless woman who was older than his own mother. He clutched his head, being hit by a wave of a migraine, and realized he was barefoot and without his purse. Frustrated, Selena, now in Trevor's body, began searching for her belongings, her bare feet paining against the cold floor of the store. She rejoiced as she found her purse and wedges in an empty aisle. Slipping on the wedges, she reattached the nails, and saved her money, now secure inside her purse. Navigating her way to the restroom, she accidentally caught her reflection in a full-body mirror on her way out. Admiring her wedges, she whispered with relief, "So happy I didn't lose these wedges forever. I just love how girly they are." Exiting the store and blending into the sea of strangers, Selena began contemplating her night as she would have to find a spot to sleep alone. Unseen to the new Selena, the woman formerly known as Sad Eyes watched from afar, freedom glinting in her eyes as Trevor was doomed to learn the realities of her former life. The switch had been completed; one free and one forced into an unfamiliar world.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 1, 2023, 12:17 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

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