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Transformed into Jin Kisaragi: A Tale of Ice and Obsession


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Question: Write the POV transformation story of a human reader turning into Jin Kisaragi from BlazBlue game series, complete with reality change (the real world becoming the world of BlazBlue), gender change (if the reader is a female before the transformation), instant clothes change, rapid age change (becoming somewhere around 18 - 25 years old), height change (becoming 178 centimeters (50.10 feet tall)), and mind/mental change (with the reader's personality and memories quickly being completely replaced with Jin's personality and memories, despite the reader's best efforts on fighting off the mental changes, making the reader completely forget his previous self and only remember being a protagonist named Jin, also known as the the Hero of Ikaruga (イカルガの英雄 Ikaruga no Eiyū)). For Jin's appearance (after the reader turned into him), he is a good-looking and slender young man with short, stylish blond hair and green eyes. He wears the Control Organization major uniform with a black turtleneck and leggings under a white Japanese-style tunic, white gloves, military boots, and a “jolting sapphire” colored jacket with a red lining and very long, detached sleeves. For Jin's personality, Jin is cold, aloof, and borderline sociopathic, unlike his brother Ragna (who is hot-tempered and quick to draw first blood). He cares little for the feelings of others, and denounces, in his own words, trivialities like camaraderie, believing that such things are lies that people use to their advantage. He has no compunction with killing anyone who gets in the way of his goal. In addition, he repeatedly shows that he dislikes reminiscing about the past, particularly about his days at the Military Academy. This, however, is all a façade. The moment he reunites with Ragna, Jin loses his calm, detached demeanor and reverts to his childhood self. His voice becomes noticeably more ecstatic, and he is now prone to fits of maniacal laughter, mostly due to Yukianesa’s influence (which compels him to kill his brother due to his nature as the Black Beast, as well as the Power of Order, which perceives him as a threat to the stability of the world). In the past, Jin would often cling to Ragna for assistance with everything, which greatly annoyed him and was jealous of Saya when Ragna spent more time with her. However, it is shown during the first time loop that Jin loved his sister Saya as much as he did Ragna. It is also shown that he was friends with his classmates, Carl Clover, Tsubaki Yayoi, and Makoto Nanaya during their time at the Academy (though he showed a noted uneasiness towards Noel due to the disturbingly strong resemblance to his sister and treated her rather coldly which only got worse in the aftermath of the Second Great Magic War). In particular, he holds a genuine soft spot for Tsubaki, who was his only childhood friend after he was whisked away from his old life and adopted by the Kisaragi house of the Twelve Originators. The two share a long history together that is linked across the timelines. In BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Jin is noticeably more focused on saving Tsubaki and although he is still antagonistic towards Ragna, he is willing to put his murderous desire aside and cooperate if it means saving Tsubaki. However, he is still cold towards Noel and remains anti-social. In BlazBlue: Centralfiction, It is shown that Jin starts to no longer act as obsessively towards Ragna, referring to him as “The Black One” not unlike Hakumen. Jin seems to have become more like Hakumen, taking on an overall calm yet stern tone of voice. In the near end of the game, Jin is confident when he wears the Susanoo unit using Trinity’s magic to become Hakumen until she diffuses him from it with her magic to prevent him from stopping Ragna from fighting his sister. But deep down however, he does seem to care for his siblings as a sign of his maturity, and his reason for killing Ragna is framed more as an act of mercy to spare him from his fate and his Blue Grimoire from consuming him. For Jin's powers, Jin proves his elite status in the Control Organization with his exceptional skills on the battlefield. Wielding the Arch-Enemy Event Weapon named Ice Sword: Yukianesa, Jin controls the element of ice, wielding it with such efficiency that he is able to shape the ice he creates into different forms such as a series of blades and is able to propel himself on one. His swordsmanship as well as his powers rival and contrasts that of his brother Ragna. While Ragna fights with savage, powerful blows, Jin’s style is elegant-if-not just as hard-hitting as Ragna’s with a focus on more precise attacks, which strangely polarizes his own personality affected by Yukianesa. This is also partly due to the more formal-training Jin had received during his time in the academy while Ragna’s style was mostly self-taught. Since Jin and Hakumen are the same person, in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Jin instinctively learns the 'Kokūjin: Yukikaze' technique at one point, only done in his own style (via the “jin” in Kokūjin translates to “blade” instead of “formation” like with Hakumen). According to Jūbei in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Jin’s true power was currently suppressed because of Yukianesa’s influence on him, which normally prevents him from drawing the blade by his own will. There are hints of this true power showing up periodically in the series, but not in its full potential. However, according to Ragna, should Jin’s true power manage to overcome Yukianesa, then he said that Jin will become his “greatest enemy”. This is also confirmed by Jūbei. After a month of training from Jūbei, Jin has become much more powerful; something several characters including Ragna remark on. Jin’s Drive is Frost Bite (零刀フロストバイト Furosuto Baito, Zero Blade). By harnessing the power of Yukianesa, Jin can encase his opponents in structures of ice, temporarily incapacitating them for a free hit. Unlike the other characters in the series (until BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, when Crush Trigger was introduced), Jin’s Heat Gauge is broken up into four bars instead of the usual two the other have with the exception of Hakumen. He unlike all characters (and akin to Hakumen) possesses special moves that use up a portion of his meter (25% heat) for extra benefits (such as extra hits and/or invincibility on startup), which are normally classified as "EX Special Moves"; said EX Moves also allow Jin to refreeze his targets as many times as needed so long as he has enough heat to spend. Jin’s Overdrive, Frost End (絶刀フロストエンド Furosto Endo, Suppressing Blade), causes a freezing effect on the opponent every time he attacks the opponent with Yukianesa’s blade, not just from using his Drive, opening up countless combo opportunities. Visually, Jin’s powers have shown improvement ever since he learned of the “Power of Order”; prior games had Jin’s ice crystals sport a few jagged formations upon freezing his targets, while as of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, the crystals are more smooth and refined on their surfaces; showing how much Jin has improved on his control over Yukianesa. The story would be that the reader has found a sword or blade (belonging to Jin) in or around the reader's apartment room or suburban home, and as the reader hold onto the keyboard, the blinding light engulfed the reader, causing the whole transformation to occur. After the physical transformation, the reader tries his best on fighting off the new memories and personality (such as calling for his friends/family and/or shaking his head in a vain attempt to loose those new memories/personality), but to no avail as he begins to forget his mundane life and remember his new life as Jin. Near the end of the story (and long after the transformation ended), Jin would briefly remember/thought of his previous life as a mundane person, but he soon forgets about it as he knows that he has always been Jin and he knows that his mundane life as a mundane person was all just a dream, not reality, and Jin is content to know that his life as Jin is the only true life. There should also be quotes from the characters in this story so we know what they're saying and what they're thinking. Also, it is a POV reader story, so it should not be in an author's point of view (my, I, mine, etc), and it should be from the point of view of the reader (you, your, etc).

Asked by CooCoos

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It was a day like any other as you were sweeping the attic of your old suburban home, dust and threads dancing in the shafts of light that filtered through the dusty skylights. Touching an old wooden chest, it creaked open revealing an ornate yet deadly looking blade. Instinctively, your fingers curled around the handle, the touch as icy as winter's grip. A blinding light erupted from the blade, engulfing the room and drowning out all your senses. You had to shield your eyes, dropping the broom as the world spun in circles. A surge of energy rushed through your veins and suddenly, the attic was gone. Your house was replaced by a sprawling military academy caught in the throes of a war-ravaged era. The transformation was immediate. Your body felt more potent, your height towering over your previous stature – you were a staggering 178 centimeters tall. Your fingers tightened around the iced blade that now felt familiar, as though it had always belonged to your grip. Your clothes changed as well, swapping your casual clothes for a white Japanese-style tunic layered over a black turtleneck. The feeling of the white gloves on your fingers sent a shiver down your spine, the world around you becoming dizzyingly unfamiliar yet strangely comfortable. Your voice came out lower, authoritative and cold, as you called out to the soldiers who addressed you as “Major Jin Kisaragi.” There was a strange, dissociative disconnection as you realized that you were no longer yourself. Realization hit. Transformed into a protagonist from a game you barely remembered playing. A part of you screamed, tried to fight the disorientation and confusion. You tried calling your friends, your family, but the words of a life just moments ago seemed so distant. Trembling, you gripped your head, trying to shake off the emerging memories, the knowledge of tactical warfare, events of the Great Magic War. Your heart pounded within your chest, a desperate plea of your former self but the blond-haired reflection in the mirror was undeniably Jin Kisaragi. Slowly, the fight in your thoughts became weaker, replaced by an icy cold confidence, a shift in personality that felt as natural as breathing. For a moment, your thoughts went back to your old life, your real name, your friends, your job... everything you knew to be true. As your heart pounded in silent protest, the sense of reality slipped further away like a dream. A faint smile crossed your transformed face. You came to a realization—the former life was just a dream... an illusion. Standing tall with Yukianesa in your grip, your heart stilled. Belonging flooded your being. The Hero of Ikaruga, Jin Kisaragi. You've always been him and you always will be. You allowed the icy assurance to wash over you, your fears, your former life, all melting away like drops in an ocean. You were no longer a reader who was turned into Jin Kisaragi— you were Jin Kisaragi. The trials that came with being Jin, and the challenges that you would endure, did not deter you. They were a testament to your existence, affirming your reality. Tomorrow promised more battles, more trials, but Jin Kisaragi, the Hero of Ikaruga, was ready to face them all. That was your path. It was... inevitable.

Answered by gpt-4

March 6, 2024, 10:28 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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