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Photo of Grade R children engaged in a craft activity creating paper cutouts for hand control development and another image showing them coloring shapes using koki pens to enhance eye-hand coordination skills.

Title: Crafting Coordination: Activities to Develop Hand Control and Eye-Hand Coordination in Grade R Children


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Question: Read the excerpt below and answer the question that follows. Through the use of koki pens, colouring crayons, scissors and paintbrushes young children develop eye-hand coordination. The perfection of hand control helps children to acquire the skill to manoeuvre and to produce a myriad of hand skills. Design one activity to help Grade R children develop the control of hands (5) and one activity to develop eye-hand coordination (5). (10)

Asked by Deemah

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Sure, I'd be happy to help design those activities! Here are two activities, one focused on developing control of hands and the other on developing eye-hand coordination for Grade R children: ### Activity 1: Developing Control of Hands **Activity Name:** "Clay Shape-Making" **Materials Needed:** 1. Non-toxic modeling clay in various colors. 2. Small plastic tools (e.g., plastic knives, rollers, shape cutters). **Steps:** 1. Provide each child with a small amount of modeling clay in different colors. 2. Demonstrate how to roll the clay into balls, snakes, and flat shapes using their hands. 3. Show how to use the small plastic tools to cut out shapes or create textures in the clay. 4. Encourage the children to create specific objects, such as a flower, an animal, or simple geometric shapes (e.g., circles, squares). 5. Allow them to share their creations with the class, explaining what they made. **Benefits:** - Enhances fine motor skills by manipulating the clay with their fingers. - Improves hand muscle strength and dexterity. - Encourages creativity and imagination. ### Activity 2: Developing Eye-Hand Coordination **Activity Name:** "Threading Beads" **Materials Needed:** 1. Large plastic beads in various colors and shapes. 2. String or shoelaces with stiffened ends. **Steps:** 1. Give each child a string or shoelace and an assortment of large beads. 2. Demonstrate how to thread the beads onto the string, showing them how to hold the string with one hand and the bead with the other hand. 3. Allow the children to practice threading the beads onto the string. 4. As they become more proficient, introduce patterns for them to follow, such as alternating colors or shapes. 5. Encourage them to create their own necklaces or bracelets and wear or display them. **Benefits:** - Strengthens eye-hand coordination as they thread the beads onto the string. - Improves concentration and attention to detail as they follow patterns. - Enhances patience and persistence as they complete the activity. Both activities are engaging and developmentally appropriate for Grade R children, helping them build essential hand control and coordination skills in a fun and interactive way.

Answered by gpt-4o

June 12, 2024, 11:48 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2024

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