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Question: Write me a story about 9 year old Thomas asking out the girl he likes and her saying yes. Thomas ran to his 45 year old aunt Linda's house. She was blonde haired and blue eyed and wearing a pink tank top and knee length jeans with a pair of pink flip flops and a pair of sunglasses on her face. Thomas excitedly told his aunt that Emily had said yes to dating him. Linda playing with her wedding ring on her finger said "Wow honey, I am so proud of you. Aren't you lucky to be young and full of life" Thomas replied "Yeah I guess so auntie" Linda replied "I have a game we can play where we swap shoes. I take my sandals off and you take your shoes off. I put your shoes on and you put my sandals on. Just for a moment. If you do this, I will drive you and your girlfriend to the movies tonight. Sound good?" Thomas reluctantly agreed as he removed his shoes and slipped on his aunt's pair of women's sandals. Looking down at the female shoes in disgust, he looked over to his aunt as he suddenly watched her whole body morph into a copy of his. Immediately, he looked down to see his feet cracking and aging into Linda's even his toes having her pink toenail polish now fitting perfectly in the sandals. The rest of his body followed suit as he slowly had a copy of his aunt's body down to her shoulder length blonde hair. The knee length jeans and his aunt's underwear forming on his new legs as a matching bra and the same tank top formed on his torso. His voice shifting into his aunt's familiar pitch as the same sunglasses formed on his eyes. Pulling them up, Thomas said "Um auntie, what's going on? Why do I look like you?" now sounding exactly like Linda. The real Linda in Thomas' body replied "It's okay honey. You won't remember a thing. I'm wiping your mind and the way I start to erase your memories and replace them with mine is by doing this" immediately followed by putting her purse on her former nephew's shoulder. Thomas was disgusted by the purse on his shoulder but immediately felt his mind beginning to mature and take on Linda's personality but still trying to fight it. Suddenly, Linda walked up to Thomas holding her wedding ring and shoved it onto Thomas' left ring finger saying "And this. Now your new life can begin. Linda. I tricked you into swapping shoes with me so I could become you and you become me. With my wedding ring, I'll permanently erase your memories of being Thomas" Thomas' memories were immediately erased until Thomas only remembered himself as Linda. The real Linda now the new Thomas said "So auntie Linda, do you want to go on a mock date with me so I can practice for my new girlfriend?" The new Linda no longer remembering herself as Thomas pulled her purse up on her shoulder and said "Oh honey, if I wasn't your aunt and if I wasn't already married, we might have ourselves a date. I could take you out to flirt with girls your own age though." The real Linda agreed with her new clone on going out to flirt with girls. The new Linda then walked over to a mirror and pulled her sunglasses down. "Wow, for a 45 year old woman, I don't look a day over 30." she said having no memory of being Thomas. She then pulled her car keys out of her purse and clip clopped in her sandals with her purse resting snugly on her shoulder to her car ready to take her nephew to go talk to some girls living out the rest of her days as Linda and having no memory of being Thomas.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time in a suburban town, there lived a jovial and innocent boy, Thomas, who had just celebrated his ninth birthday. He had a crush on Emily, the prettiest girl in his class. One sunny afternoon, brimming with courage and a racing heart, he mustered up the strength to ask her out. With her gentle smile, Emily said 'Yes,' filling Thomas with unexpected joy. Bouncing with enthusiasm, he sprinted to his Aunt Linda's house, his favorite person after his parents. At forty-five, Linda was a picture of beauty with her blonde hair, blue eyes, a pink tank top, knee-length jeans, pink flip-flops, and sunglasses adorning her concept of style. Thomas spilled out his excitement and joy of Emily's affirmation, making Linda beam with pride. Linda, unwinding the wedding ring from her finger in a paced manner, voiced out, "Wow honey, I am so proud of you. Aren't you lucky to be young and full of life!" Thomas, blushing, nodded and said, "Yeah, I guess so, Auntie." Flickering a playful smile, Linda proposed a delightful game, "We can swap shoes. I take my sandals off and you take your shoes off. I put on your shoes, and you put on my sandals. Sound fun, right?" To sweeten the deal, she offered to drive both Thomas and Emily to the movies that night. Hesitant but eager for the movie, Thomas agreed. However, as Thomas slid into Linda's shoes, something unimaginable happened. As he watched Linda slipping into his shoes, her body morphinated into a mirror image of his, and his body shifted into Linda's. His feet aged into 45-year-old feet, his short hair transformed into shoulder-length locks, and he was now draped in the similar pink tank top and jeans Linda had been wearing. His voice echoed once, and then settled into the same soft and soothing tone as Linda's. Confused and a bit scared, he asked, "Um, Auntie, what's going on? Why do I look like you?" Linda, now inhabiting Thomas's body, consoled the anxious boy. With a mischievous smile, Linda explained that she had tricked him into this body swap, with her wedding ring acting as a memory eraser. The ring was slipped onto Thomas's finger, and within moments, his memories of being himself faded away. All he could remember was being Linda. Now acting as Thomas, Linda proposed a mock date with her doppelganger to practice for the impending movie date with Emily. Taken aback momentarily, the new Linda agreed to guide the young boy, now living in her past body. With her words she said, "Oh honey, if I wasn't your aunt and if I wasn't already married, we might have ourselves a date. I could take you out to flirt with girls your own age though." Staring into the mirror, the new Linda complimented her looks and looked at her nephew with a twinkle in her eyes. "Wow, for a 45-year-old woman, I don't look a day over 30." And with that, she was ready for the new life set out ahead of her. Unfazed by the magic, she clip-clopped out in Linda's sandals and drove Thomas out to brush up his flirting skills. The rest of their lives unfolded with an unexpected twist, and thus ended the tale of a body swap and forgotten memories.

Answered by gpt-4

July 27, 2023, 8:05 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, July 27, 2023

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