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This person was robbed of $1,500 while in the United States.

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Question: I was in thr united States in virginia on the 27th of August. I brought 4300 usd with me. I stayed in a house where there are several separate units. No one had access to my unit or place. I stayed for 11 days and when I got back to canada I noticed money missing. When coming back I took the bus from Virginia to New york all the way to montreal. I then took another flight from montreal to edmonton. I HAD MY MONEY WITH ME at all times in my small purse bag. It contained my passport and my iPhone 11 yet despite thinking I got robbed in the house, they did not take the entire money but only 1500 usd. My iPhone was not taken neither was my wallet or IDs and debit cards or Master card. VERY ODD. I suspected it was my friend who let me rent the place but he said I had the only Kew and it could not of been anyone else. I hadn't noticed anything suspicious too.

Asked by racim

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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Here are a few possible steps you can take: 1. Report to the Police: Although you're now back in Canada, you can still report the incident to the local police department in Virginia as well as your local police in Canada, they may be able to do some traces and investigate further. 2. Inspect your purse bag: Thoroughly check your purse bag. Sometimes, papers (including money) can get tucked into the smallest parts of bags and appear lost. 3. Review every moment: Try to remember if there were any moments during your travel where you might have had a lapse in attention towards your bag. 4. Contact your bank card company: It's possible that someone took the money and used a card skimmer to duplicate your debit and credit cards. Even if they haven't used the cards yet, it's a good idea to alert your bank about the possibility. 5. Approach Your Friend Again: Discuss the issue with your friend again. You might want to carefully explain how you had confirmed money missing, and you had the money secure with you at all other times. 6. CCTV Footages: Check if there were any CCTV's around the house, if yes, you can request your friend to check it for any possible break-ins or mishappenings. 7. Transit Areas: You've traveled through multiple transit areas. Enquire with all relevant departments (bus services, airports, etc.) if they found extra cash or have camera footage of your journey. Remember this advice for the future: always distribute your cash and keep it in different places when traveling. If you lose one source, you have others to fall back on. For large amounts, consider traveler’s cheques or prepaid travel cards which have more security.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 5, 2023, 7:53 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, October 5, 2023

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