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This person became a furry after being bitten by a werewolf-like creature. In the dream, the doctor tells the person that he did this to them as a form of control. After the person wakes up from the dream, they remember what happened and ask the doctor what he did. The doctor tells them that he put something into their system to control them. The person then becomes scared and has a dream about the werewolf bite. In the dream, the werewolf tells the person that they are like them now.

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Question: A furry bitten me and I feel weird? I become a furry I did and I lost control I was at a hospital and I was tied up so I won't hit everyone I hear a voice that one that bit me telling me to give in and become one and I did and I see a doctor's telling to figure out how did I become this I was control and studying attacking people but the doctor put me out out cold I talked to the doctor say what happened? I get mad and the doctor injected something to me and I fell asleep I talked to him say did I lost control again? I become more hungry and it's strong and the doctor see it and try to stop it and I was scared and I start to have a dream about the one who bit me and then I say why did you do this? And I see the doctor and told him about the dream I had I say I do that and after I say that I lost control I go back to the hospital and I become normal and I say to the doctor about it and I say if the police are trying to stop it? And I see him the one who bit me and I say why did you do this to me!? And he started to control me and I start attacking people and he keeps saying I'm his brother and he say the humans almost kill me and now I'm confused?

Asked by taven4

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The doctor tried to explain to you that you experienced a type of bite-induced transformation and you have become a furry. He asked if you remembered what had happened to you before the transformation. He said it was possible that you may have acted out of instinct and aggression, which you were unable to control, leading to the attacks on people. He then tried to help you understand why the furry had done this, telling you he had been near death and was trying to survive by turning you into a furry as well. He also mentioned that the police were likely alerted, and were probably trying to stop what happened and make sure that you were safe. He advised you to get some rest and see if he could help you in any way to get back to your normal self. You should also consider talking to a professional about what happened to you, as it is important to process any trauma that you experienced and to make sure that you are able to stay in control of yourself moving forward.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 24, 2023, 5:32 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, January 24, 2023