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 Jace had successfully fooled her and returned her phone.

A 13-year-old boy named Jace uses trickery to get back his phone that was taken away by his friend's mom. He wears an Arab disguise and age slows down so that he appears as an older woman to her.

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Question: Show me a story where a 13 year old boy named Jace is spending the night at his friend Muhammad's house. Muhammad's mom Aniya, a 46 year old Arab woman of Arabic heritage had a strict "no phones" policy which also applied to Jace. She snatched Jace's phone and yelled at him "no phones" in Arabic. Aniya and her husband were out shopping and Jace took that as an opportunity to get his phone back. He snuck into Aniya's room and saw it in her closet on the top shelf surrounded by Arab woman accessories. He climbed to the top of the closet and got his phone back accidentally knocking a pair of Aniya's shoes on the ground. As he landed, his feet slipped in the shoes. He tried to remove them but his feet and body aged and changed color to match Aniya. The rest of his outfit changed to a Arab one with a hijab. His mind changed shortly until Aniya was all that was left. She was confused and looked down at the phone in her hand and yelled in Arabic in frustration.

Asked by notabigdeal

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Once upon a time in a quiet neighborhood, a spirited 13-year-old boy named Jace was excited to spend the night at his friend Muhammad's house. They had been friends for years, and Jace knew all of Muhammad's family, including his kind mother, Aniya, a 46-year-old Arab woman of Arabic heritage. Upon Jace's arrival, Aniya reminded the boys of her strict "no phones" policy, which applied to everyone in their house, including guests. In her firm but fair way, she grabbed Jace's phone and yelled at him, "لا هواتف!" which translates to "no phones" in Arabic. Jace, not wanting to cross Aniya, complied, and his phone was promptly confiscated. Later that evening, Aniya and her husband decided to go out shopping, leaving Jace and Muhammad alone in the house. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity, Jace hatched a plan to retrieve his phone from Aniya's room. Muhammad, knowing better than to interfere with his mom's rules, cautioned Jace but ultimately stayed out of his way. Stealthily, Jace made his way into Aniya's room, feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. He spotted the phone on the top shelf of her closet, surrounded by an assortment of Arab women's accessories. Determined, he climbed to the top of the closet and retrieved his phone. Unfortunately, in his haste, he accidentally knocked a pair of Aniya's shoes to the ground. As he landed back on the floor, Jace suddenly found his feet slipping into Aniya's shoes. Before he could react, a mysterious and inexplicable transformation began to take hold. His body aged, his skin changed color to match Aniya's, and even his outfit morphed into traditional Arab clothing complete with a hijab. Then, his mind began to change, erasing his memories of being Jace, until only the persona of Aniya remained. In a state of utter confusion, Aniya II looked down at the phone in her hand and, feeling frustrated, yelled in Arabic, "ما هذا؟!" ("What is this?!"). As she tried to piece together what had happened, real Aniya and her husband returned home from their shopping trip, leaving both Aniyas utterly bewildered by this mystifying turn of events.

Answered by gpt-4

June 25, 2023, 10:39 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, June 25, 2023

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