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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 5 year old Wyatt spending the night at his friend Lyle's house. It was both of their first times in a sleepover of any kind. Lyle was kinda nervous though for one reason. Lyle's mom Kendra was an alcoholic. At the age of 35, she had been suffering from her addiction since before Lyle was born and showed no signs of getting better. The only thing about her that stayed prominent was her beauty. She had recently dyed her black hair with brown highlights and her brown eyes still had a sign of life behind them. She often wore varying outfits sometimes sporting a feminine jacket with jeans and ankle boots and other times a dress or tank top paired with shorts shorts or a skirt and heels, flip flops or platforms. She usually at least tried to order or cook dinner for her son but on this particular night, she hadn't even come downstairs yet and it was nearing midnight. Lyle having no interest in dealing with his mom asked Wyatt if he could go upstairs and check on Lyle's mom and ask her to come down and make dinner. Nervous, Wyatt walked upstairs slowly shaking at the thought but not wanting to upset his friend. As he approached Kendra's bedroom door, he knocked gently before opening the door to her room. The putrid smell of stale alcohol was an unknown smell to Wyatt as it hit his nose and made him gag in disgust. The distinct smell of vomit along with nasty sweat was also in the air. Wyatt's bare feet hit the sticky stained carpet causing him to keep cringing as he neared where Kendra was currently snoring the night away. Trying to shake her awake, Wyatt was unsuccessful as he noticed a bottle of some kind of alcohol by her bedside. Please have Wyatt say the quote "Um, Kendra. Me and Lyle are hungry" before shrugging his shoulders in defeat and deciding to leave. As he did, he accidentally slipped his feet into a pair of red platform sandals Kendra had just kicked off prior to passing out. Looking down at the feminine shoes made Wyatt uncomfortable not just for the reason they were too girly and too big for him but also for the fact there was a slight sticky texture to the shoes which still had vomit from Kendra on them. He tried to remove them but they seemed to be stuck to his feet causing him to get extremely frightened. Please have Wyatt say the quote "Why won't they come off?" Suddenly, his feet started growing and aging into Kendra's fitting the sandals perfectly. Fear in his heart again, he yanked with all of his strength trying to remove the sandals but they wouldn't budge. The changes accelerated as his legs and arms feminized into Kendra's as he grew to her height and he gained her tattoo on his arm she got when Lyle was born. His body and chest feminized into Kendra's as he gained her breasts. His face and head turned into Kendra's as he gained her long black hair with the brown highlights, his eyes turned brown and alluring, his teeth turned straight but yellow from the alcohol, his breath and the taste in his mouth became strong with alcohol, his voice matured into Kendra's slurry tone. His outfit turned into a red bra and panties paired with fishnet stockings that had a hole in the right leg from a past drunken night Kendra wore them on. Looking over, Wyatt's new eyes widened as he watched the real Kendra start dissolving in the bed and evaporate into mist leaving the bed empty. The realization hitting him that he was becoming the new Kendra. His memories started altering. His only hope that he could be a better mom to Lyle. Soon, he started seeing visions of himself as Kendra drinking, stumbling and passing out while not being there for Lyle. His heart sinking from the fact that he was turning into the same horrible Kendra the real Kendra was. His memories eventually fully changed until he only remembered being Kendra. The new Kendra was disoriented as she realized she was standing in the middle of her bedroom confused as to why she was awake and not sleeping. Kendra was sweaty as she wiped her dry mouth which still had the taste of her last drink on it. Kendra turned around and took a step falling onto her bed as she confusingly looked around wondering why she fell before looking down at her feet and seeing she was wearing her platform sandals. She reached for her bottle of alcohol opening it up and finishing it up before almost feeling herself wanna puke but holding it in. Kendra stood up in her room stumbling over to her mirror before stepping in a puddle of beer causing her foot to get wet. Paying no mind to it, Kendra left her room and went downstairs gripping the rail as best as she could. Her dilated eyes eventually falling on her son Lyle. Please have Kendra say the quote "So, I'm guessing you still want dinner or whatever?" in a very uninterested tone. Kendra pulled nuggets out of her freezer and popped them in the oven. As she turned to tell her son he would have to pull them out, she tripped in her platform sandals. Please have Kendra say the quote "See what you made me do? Mommy almost got hurt cause she had to come down here and cook you dinner when you should know how to do it yourself. I almost ruined my favorite sandals cause of you" before stumbling over to the couch and throwing herself on it and falling asleep platform sandals still on her feet having no memory of being her son's former friend and having no memory of wanting to be a better mom than the real Kendra.

Asked by manemansteve

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The night was young when Wyatt, a wide-eyed, giggling five-year-old boy, stepped into his best friend Lyle's house for their first-ever sleepover. However, hidden behind Lyle's shy smiles was a pang of unease. Lyle's mother, Kendra, beautiful but perpetually lost in the haze of alcohol, was a source of concern for Lyle. Her striking black hair, adorned with brown highlights, and soulful brown eyes always conveyed signs of life, even when she was in the depths of her addiction. Contrasting her graceful beauty, her drunken stupor was an unfortunate constant in their lives. It was nearing midnight, yet Kendra had retreated into her room, any plans to prepare dinner neglected. Lyle, without disclosing much to Wyatt, approached him, "Hey Wyatt! Mom is upstairs! Could you... could you maybe go see if she will come down and fix us something to eat?" A wave of anxiety washed over Wyatt, but he agreed, embarking on the task with a sense of dread. As he stepped into the uncertain darkness of Kendra's room, the smell of stale alcohol and vomit immediately overpowered his senses, making him gag. The room was a mess; the sticky stained carpet under his bare feet did nothing to ease his discomfort. "Um, Kendra. Me and Lyle are hungry," Wyatt stated, trying to shake Kendra awake, but to no avail. He noticed a bottle of alcohol by her bedside and heaved a sigh, decided to leave, feeling defeated. In a bitter twist of fate, Wyatt stepped into a pair of oversized platform sandals that Kendra had discarded. "Why won't they come off?" Wyatt nervously cried out, as the sandals felt inexplicably stuck to his feet. Suddenly, a strange transformation seemed to begin. His feet began to grow, fitting perfectly into the sandals, and before he knew it, his legs had elongated and his whole physique altered to match Kendra's. Wyatt felt his heart race as his body continued to change, his bare skin adorned with the same tattoo Kendra had gotten when Lyle was born. Wyatt's face transformed to mirror Kendra's, his hair gaining her black hue with brown highlights, his eyes turning brown, his teeth discolored by an apparent addiction to alcohol. To his disbelief, he was soon clad in the familiar red bra and panties, standing in fishnet stockings much like Kendra. A simultaneous sense of horror and realization washed over the new Kendra as she saw her original self dissolve into nothing on the bed. Memories invaded Wyatt's consciousness, as Kendra's past became his own. He glimpsed snapshots of inebriated escapades, neglect, and regret. He now understood the burden Lyle faced with the mother Kendra was and resolved to be better. Very soon, however, even this vow faded as his memories fully morphed into Kendra's. Suddenly, Kendra stood in the middle of her bedroom, her head spinning with confusion. She stumbled towards her mirror and then headed downstairs, eventually spotting Lyle. "So, I'm guessing you still want dinner or whatever?" she asked with the kind of disinterest that had marked Kendra's earlier interactions. Proceeding into the kitchen, she prepared some nuggets but, forgetting her clumsiness, tripped on her platform sandals, falling clumsily onto the kitchen floor. Managing to pick herself up, Kendra shot a glare at Lyle. "See what you made me do? Mommy almost got hurt because she had to come down here and cook you dinner when you should know how to do it yourself. I almost ruined my favorite sandals cause of you." With a huff, Kendra slumped onto the couch, the platform sandals still stuck to her feet. Soon, she was fast asleep, oblivious to the strange transformation and the abrupt journey from Wyatt to Kendra.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 14, 2023, 12:46 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023

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