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The story of a 6 year old Lloyd who becomes mommy's replacement and has to face the flaws of his new life.

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 6 year old Lloyd watching TV downstairs. He was watching his favorite cartoon when his stomach started growling reminding him he was hungry. He looked over at the clock and realized it was midnight. His 34 year old mom Cayla hadn't come down yet which wasn't normal for her. Cayla had an alcohol problem she had been dealing with for the last 4 years and being a single mom took its toll on her further. She had striking beautiful features including her green eyes and her brown hair and often wore some really expensive and extravagant dresses and shoes and jewelry when she was sober enough to dress herself. As Lloyd slowly walked upstairs, he approached his mom's room with caution. Please have Lloyd knock on the door gently yelling for his mom to come down and make dinner. Please have Lloyd say the quote "Mommy? Are you there? I'm hungry" Please have Lloyd open the door and immediately smell the strong stench of sweat and alcohol and hear the sound of Cayla's loud snoring. Cayla was in her bed sprawled out wearing a black dress that was ripped and stained with beer and wine. Lloyd reached out and tried shaking his mom awake but she just rolled over in her bed stayed asleep. Please have Lloyd attempt to leave the bedroom only to accidentally slip his feet in a pair of black platform sandals belonging to his mom. Please have Lloyd look down at his feet in the platforms and kick them off in disgust. Suddenly, Lloyd's feet started cracking and aging into Cayla's complete with her red nail polish. Please have Lloyd say the quote "Oh no! I'm becoming mommy? NOOOOOOOOO!" The changes accelerated as his arms and legs turned to match his mom's as he gained red polish on his fingernails. His head changing into his mom's as he gained her brown hair and her sultry green eyes and her teeth and her voice. His outfit turning into the same ripped dress his sleeping mom was currently wearing. Please have Cayla start disappearing from the bed until she evaporates into a mist completely leaving Lloyd to be the only one left in the room. Lloyd realizes he's becoming his mom's replacement causing his heart to start beating fast. His memories start shifting and changing. Please have Lloyd hope that he'll be a better mom than the real Cayla and not drink only to have his hopes crushed as he sees visions of himself as Cayla drinking, puking and passing out. Please have Lloyd start hovering over his mom's bed before landing in the same position she was in when she was sleeping and have him pass out causing his memories to completely alter and change. Eventually, Lloyd is no more and Cayla is all that is left. The new Cayla wakes up in her bed and looks around her bedroom. Please have Cayla have a massive hangover and be extremely confused as she grabs her head and groans in agony. Cayla sits up in her bed as she looks down at her ripped dress and pulls it down so its kinda covering her legs. Please have Cayla look over at her platform sandals and reach out to them putting them on her feet. Please have Cayla reach for an unopened beer and open it chugging it down before burping and puking on her bed. Please have Cayla say the quote "I love this dress so much. It's so comfortable. Really wish I was still sleeping. I don't even remember waking up" Cayla decided to get up and go downstairs. Please have Cayla say the quote "Really wish my damn son knew how to cook his own fucking food. That tequila ain't gonna stay down much longer" Please have Cayla puke again in the kitchen before tripping and losing both her platforms. Please have Cayla crawl towards her platform sandals putting them back on before crawling to the fridge and opening it before passing out on the kitchen floor with the fridge wide open having no memory of being 6 year old Lloyd and having no memory of wanting to be a better Cayla than the real one.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, on an ordinary night, 6-year-old Lloyd was engrossed with his favorite cartoon on the television in the living room. Suddenly, his stomach announced its emptiness with a grumble that broke the silence, he had forgotten about dinner. He spotted the clock which now read midnight, a bizarre time for dinner but the situation at home was anything but normal. His mother, 34-year-old Cayla, an elegant woman with striking green eyes and luscious brown hair, was unusually absent from the living area. An array of extravagant dresses, high-end shoes, and flashy jewelry were her sober tokens, which she wore beautifully when she wasn't battling her decade-long alcohol problem. The burden of being a single mother had taken a massive toll on Cayla leading to her frequent indulgence in alcohol. With a bout of courage, young Lloyd decided to ascend the dark staircase leading to his mom's bedroom. He gently rapped on the door, using the strength his tender fists could muster "Mommy? Are you there? I'm hungry," he called out softly into the silence. Pushing aside his fear, he cautiously opened the door and the stench of sweat and alcohol stung his nostrils. The symphony of his mother's deep, heavy snoring provided a macabre soundtrack to the scene. Sprawled out on her bed, Cayla lay in a ripped black dress stained with the remnants of her escape route, beer, and wine. Lloyd reached out, shaking his mom in a desperate attempt to rouse her from her intoxicated slumber, but nothing stirred her. As he turned to leave, he absentmindedly stepped into a pair of his mother's black platform sandals, and they felt like oversized boats on his small feet. His face contorted in discomfort, and he kicked them off, only to witness an unexpected phenomenon occur. "Oh no! I'm becoming mommy? NOOOOOOOOO!" He cried out in horror. His feet began aging and cracking into his mother's, the red polish on her toenails marking him. His arms and legs altered, copying his mother's form. His memories started to warp as his head morphed into his mother's, his hair turned brown, his eyes became green, and he felt the grip of her expensive black dress around him. As the transformation progressed, Cayla dematerialized from the bed until only her misty echo remained, leaving a distressed Lloyd alone in the room. Realizing he was becoming a replica of his mother, his heart pounded in his chest. An overwhelming hope rose within him, a hope that he could possibly become a better mother than Cayla; a hope that was swiftly smothered as he envisioned himself succumbing to the same vices: drinking, puking, and passing out. A strength he didn't know possessed him and he began to levitate over his mother's bed before he slowly landed in the same position Cayla was in when she was asleep. As he drifted into unconsciousness, his memories radically altered. The identity of Lloyd faded away, replaced by the persona of Cayla. The new Cayla stirred awake in the silent room, her head massively aching, matching the state of confusion and agony she was in. She gazed upon the ripped dress she was wearing, it felt oddly comforting. Then, her eyes fell on her black platform sandals. She grabbed them and clumsily slipped them on her feet. Cayla reached with trembling hands for an unopened bottle of beer and drained it, only to burp and vomit on her bed. "I love this dress so much. It's so comfortable. Really wish I was still sleeping. I don't even remember waking up," she muttered, slightly reeling from the effects of the alcohol. With a newfound resolve, Cayla decided to descend the stairs, her mind filled with blurry thoughts, "Really wish my damn son knew how to cook his own fucking food. That tequila ain't gonna stay down much longer". In the kitchen, she vomited again, tripping over her own two feet, her platforms abandoned. She clumsily crawled towards her shoes and then towards the fridge, her strength leaving her. And there she stayed, an unseemly picture sprawled out on the kitchen floor, the cold air from the open fridge mocking her, her former life as 6-year-old Lloyd forgotten along with her sober promise to be a better Cayla.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 27, 2023, 1 a.m.

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Published: Friday, October 27, 2023

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