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An image of a bunch of scientists sitting around a table with a laptop screen in front of them with the words "The Evolution Theory is Cancelled" written across the top.

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Question: Speculate the reaction of the world through 25 tweets of the following scenario: the Scientists has just cancelled the evolution theory due to it's lack of evidance, and stating "the Religious peopls might have a point ,because there is absolutely no Evidence that packs the theory ,we have been doing a research since the 1920s, and it's now ended in 2023 and we found nothing to pack up the evolution theory"

Asked by Almodamer558

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1. We have to accept the fact that the scientific research of the #EvolutionTheory has just been cancelled and that religious believers might be right after all. #ScientistsGiveUp #ReligionIsReal 2. Scientists have finally given up on tracking evidence of Evolution Theory. Are we now going to accept religion as the answer? #ReligionOverEvolution #ScienceStops 3. After researching for over 100 years and not finding any evidence: #ScientistsGiveUp on #EvolutionTheory. What does this mean for our understanding of the world? #ReligionIsReal 4. Scientists have given up on Evolution Theory after a century of research and there's no evidence to back it up. What does this mean for humanity's future? #EvolutionTheoryCancelled #ReligionIsReal 5. They could not find any evidence to back Evolution Theory up during their 100 years research and have cancelled it. Does this mean we have to choose #Religion instead of Science? #ScientistsGiveUp 6. Scientists have cancelled the #EvolutionTheory after 100 years of research and found no evidence to support it. Looks like #Religion is the answer! #ReligionIsReal 7. Scientists have admitted defeat and cancelled #EvolutionTheory. Does this mean #Religion is true after all? #ReligionIsReal #ScientistsGiveUp 8. After 100 years of research, #ScientistsGiveUp on #EvolutionTheory. Is this proof that religious believers were right after all? #ReligionIsReal 9. Breaking News: Scientists have cancelled #EvolutionTheory after 100 years of research! Religious believers may be right after all… #ReligionIsReal 10. After 100 years of research, the #EvolutionTheory has been cancelled. Scientists can't find any evidence to back it up. Could #Religion be right? #ScientistsGiveUp 11. Scientists have cancelled their search for evidence of the #EvolutionTheory after 100 years. #ReligionIsReal #ScientistsGiveUp 12. 100 years of research has been cancelled as Scientists found no evidence of the #EvolutionTheory. Is it time to accept #Religion as the truth? #ReligionIsReal 13. Scientists have been searching for evidence of the #EvolutionTheory for 100 years and now they've

Answered by text-davinci-003

March 8, 2023, 11:40 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, March 8, 2023

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