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Question: Story: Write a story the way I type about 7 year old Chase being babysat by 34 year old Victoria. Victoria was known in the neighborhood as a trustworthy babysitter who had long black hair and piercing brown eyes and often loved wearing the most feminine clothing of dresses, short shorts, crop tops paired with heels, flats, sandals, wedges and platforms along with jewelry, makeup, lipstick and nail polish. However, Victoria had recently relapsed into her old addiction to drinking. She had cut it out completely at the age of 25 but a divorce from her husband brought it back to the forefront of her mind. On the particular night Chase was staying at Victoria's house, she hadn't come downstairs to prepare dinner for the boy and it was past 11:30 pm which wasn't like her. Chase decided to go upstairs to check on her. As he approached her room, he opened the door and was hit with the loud sound of Victoria snoring along with a putrid smell of beer and vomit. Victoria was in bed only wearing a pink bra and panties with a half drank bottle of wine by her bedside. Trying to shake her awake, Chase was unsuccessful. As he stepped back, Chase's feet got stuck to the sticky alcohol stains on her carpet causing him to stumble accidentally slipping into a pair of pink platform sandals belonging to Victoria. Please have Chase say the quote "Oh ew, these shoes feel sticky and girly" in response to the dry vomit caking the sandals. Trying to remove the sandals, Chase's fear intensified as he realized his tiny feet were stuck in the sandals. Suddenly, his feet cracked and aged into Victoria's complete with her outdated pedicure. Frantically yanking on the sandals now, Chase still couldn't remove them. The changes accelerated as his legs and arms feminized and matured as he gained the manicure on his fingernails to match the pedicure. His body feminized and matured as he gained Victoria's breasts. His face and head matured and feminized as his hair turned long and black and his eyes turned seductive and brown. His voice matured into Victoria's and his teeth gained a yellow tint from the alcohol. His outfit turned into the same pink bra and panties Victoria was sleeping in. Suddenly, the real Victoria started evaporating into a mist until she disappeared completely. Chase coming to the startling realization that he was becoming the new Victoria. The weird lifestyle she lived scared Chase and he only hoped he could be a better Victoria. His memories slowly started altering. Just as Chase's heart lit up at the idea of being a better babysitter, he saw a vision of himself as Victoria drinking and passing out on the couch. The frightening truth hit Chase that he was turning into the same exact Victoria the real one was. His memories completely changed for the worse until he only remembered being Victoria. The new Victoria instantly got dizzy as she looked around her bedroom confused as to why she was awake. Victoria took a step forward before stumbling onto the bed not realizing she was wearing her platform sandals. Victoria picked up her half drank wine and took a big gulp as she spilled some on herself. As she stumbled out of the bedroom, she struggled down the stairs keeping an eye on where her platform sandals landed as she balanced in them. Victoria thought of Chase, the boy she was supposed to be watching before shrugging his absence off and assuming he was playing outside or something. Making it to the kitchen, Victoria took a step forward tripping completely causing her platform sandals to fly off her feet. Victoria grabbed both the sandals slipping them back on her feet. She looked down at her platforms again. Please have Victoria say the quote "Damn sandals! Almost died trying to walk into the kitchen" Victoria opened her fridge grabbing some grapes and sitting down on the kitchen floor snacking on them as she slowly dozed off with the fridge still open and the platform sandals still on her feet having no memory of being the 7 year old boy she was supposed to be babysitting.

Asked by manemansteve

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Victoria was known throughout the neighborhood as a reliable, stylish babysitter - her raven locks often draped over a floral dress or coordinated with a daring pair of short shorts and a crop top. Her wardrobe varied widely for different occasions, from heels, flats, and sandals to wedges and platforms. Her lips were always dressed in the brightest of lipsticks, her nails perfectly painted, and jewelry adorned her like a Christmas tree. However, Victoria had her fault. She had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which she had fought and seemingly defeated at the age of 25. A recent divorce pulled her back into the dark alley of addiction, again becoming a significant part of her life. On this particular night, Victoria was supposed to be babysitting seven-year-old Chase. However, it was past his dinner time and there was no sign of Victoria. She was still upstairs, something unusual for the usually active babysitter. Concerned, Chase decided to check on her. As he creaked open the bedroom door, he was assaulted by the offensive odor of stale beer and a sour tang that he recognized as vomit. Victoria sprawled on her bed, snoring loudly with a half-empty wine bottle next to her. She was dressed scantily in a pink bra and panties. "Oh ew, these shoes feel sticky and girly," Chase commented as he tried to wake up Victoria, but his feet slipped into a pair of soiled platform sandals. His feet felt sticky due to the dried vomit and wine stains on the sandals. To his horror, he realized he couldn't get his feet out of the sandals. Suddenly, his small feet ballooned to fill Victoria's sandals while maintaining the same look as her nails, complete with an outdated polish. His arms and legs elongated and feminized, his tiny frame filled out into a feminine silhouette. His face transformed as his boyish hair grew into a torrent of black waves, eyes now seductive and brown. His voice deepened and matured into Victoria's, his teeth stained a yellow tint from years of alcohol abuse. Victoria began to dissolve amidst Chase's transformation - evaporating into a cloud of mist - till she disappeared completely. Chase stared in the mirror; he wasn't Chase anymore. He was Victoria. His memories were quickly replaced with Victoria's - heartbreak, substance abuse, gone were the instances of fun, innocence, and laughter. As the transformation completed, Victoria's life flashed in front of his eyes. The alcohol-fueled parties, the slurred words, and ultimately the negligent lifestyle terrified him. He vowed to change for the better. Unfortunately, visions of his future began to mirror Victoria’s past. He saw himself passed out on the couch, wine bottle in hand, neglect seeping through his being. Stunned and dizzy in his new body, Victoria fumbled around the room, tripping on the platform sandals. "Damn sandals! Almost died trying to walk into the kitchen," she muttered. Shrugging off her clumsiness, she picked up the wide mouth wine bottle, and with a mighty swig, shrug off the boy she was supposed to be babysitting who seemed a distant memory now. Victoria clumsily made her way to the kitchen, her balance off with the towering platform heels. With another stumble, she kicked off her heels, sending them flying off. She managed to slip them back on, cursing their impracticality. Hunger pangs drove her towards her refrigerator where she grabbed a bunch of grapes. Sitting down on the kitchen floor, she chomped on the grapes, her eyelids drooping. With the fridge door still ajar and her feet snug in the platform sandals, Victoria finally gave in to slumber, completely oblivious to the young boy she once was, and the young boy who she was supposed to be babysitting.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 14, 2023, 3:31 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023

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