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Question: Write me a story about 9 year old Perry. Perry was at his friend Angel's house playing video games when Angel's 48 year old mom Tina walked in. "Hey boys, either one of you wanna hangout with me today? We can go wherever you want. I've got multiple cards and lots of cash and if you're hungry, there's literally hundreds of restaurants" she said smiling. Angel and Perry denied her but thanked her for the offer. "But sweetie, I'm just trying to bond with you. It's just you and me in the house when your friends aren't here and it's so lonely cause you never talk to me anymore" Tina pleaded. Angel denied her again and bluntly told her to just let them be. Later on, the boys were settling in Angel's room when Tina called Perry into hers. "Hey sweetie, it's still light out, you guys sure you don't want to hangout? What year were you born again?" Tina asked. Perry responded "2014. But my birthday is 4 months away. Sorry " Suddenly Tina grabbed Perry and took a pair of her strap-on sandals and forced them onto Perry holding them on his feet. "Why are you doing this?" Perry screamed. Tina responded "Just let it happen. You won't remember a thing " Perry frantically asked "What do you mean not remember a thing?" as he looked down at his feet growing and aging into Tina's with her same pedicure. Tina said "Oh look babe. Matching feet now. Soon we'll be matching everything " Perry tried to fight Tina as he grew to her height of 5 foot 4 inches, his hair grew long and brown, his eyes turned brown, he gained a scar from Tina's days doing gymnastics, her teeth from smoking. His clothes changed into a tank top, and women's shorts completing the look with her belly button piercing from high school. Soon, Perry's mind changed until she only remembered herself as Tina. The real Tina let go of her new twin's feet and asked "How do you feel about the changes now Perry?" The new Tina stood up walking over to a nearby the sound of her sandals echoing and laughed responding "What changes sweetie and I'm not a man. My name is Tina" The real Tina asked "So Angel is not your best friend?" The new Tina said "Of course he is but I'm his mother before anything else?" The real Tina then asked "So you weren't born in 2014?" The new Tina responded "Oh absolutely not. I was born February 17th, 1975" The real Tina then asked "So whose sandals are those you're wearing?" The new Tina said "These are mine. I don't need permission to wear them" The real Tina victoriously asked "So would like to go get nails done together and then go out for drinks?" The new Tina ecstatically said "Oh honey yes I would. Especially the alcohol part" With that, the Tina's left in the night leaving Angel to wonder what happened to his friend.

Asked by manemansteve2

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Perry was a lively boy, with big ambitions to conquer all the existing video games on Earth. At the age of 9, his only companions were his PS4 and his friend Angel, who was equally game-driven as Perry. Angel's mother, Tina, was a vibrant 48-year-old woman with a surplus of money and a readiness to hang out. However, Angel and Perry, engrossed in their virtual world, rarely accepted her offers to go out. One afternoon, as the joystick jumbled in their hands in the heart of a video game battle, Tina entered the room with her usual proposition. "I've got cards, cash and possibly anything that adventurous boys need! We can hit hundreds of restaurants if you want!" she proposed enthusiastically. Angel and Perry politely declined her well-meaning offer. Tina, however, took it personally and pleaded for some bonding time with Angel. Feeling stressed by the unexpected need for social interaction, Angel rebuffed her, bluntly asking her to leave them alone. Later on, the boys retired to Angel's room, giggling over the virtual victories attained during their relentless gaming. Suddenly, Tina called Perry to her room, the unusual earnestness in her voice causing Perry's heart to throb with mild anxiety. "What year were you born again?" she asked Perry, taking him by surprise. "2014. And my birthday is still four months away," Perry said quizzically, unaware of the roller coaster fate had in store for him. In the next moment, Tina forced Perry's feet into her strap-on sandals. As Perry flailed and called for help, astonishing changes began to occur. Strangely, his feet began to age and grow to match Tina's size. Perry's heart pounded as he watched his transformation unfold before his eyes. Tina interjected, "Just let it happen. You won't remember a thing." Fear mounted in Perry's heart as he saw his body morph with every passing second. His once short hair now fell in cascades of brown, his eyes changed from a vibrant blue to a dull brown. Details of Tina's life began to etch on Perry's transforming body; he acquired a scar from Tina's gymnastic days, and his teeth had the yellow tint of a smoker. His clothes morphed into a tank top and women's shorts, his belly now adorned with a piercing. Perry's mental state was the last to transform; a wave of thoughts engulfed his mind, bringing with it a lifetime of memories. Suddenly, he found himself standing in front of the mirror, the reflection of Tina staring back instead of his youthful self. "How do you feel about the changes now Perry?" Tina asked, inspecting the doppelganger before her eyes. The new Tina, formerly Perry, responded, "What changes sweetie, and I'm not a man, My name is Tina." To the real Tina's queries about Angel being her son and her birth year, the new Tina responded convincingly, reflecting knowledge only the real Tina had. Satisfied with her creation, Tina then proposed a girly day out for pedicures and drinks. The invitation elicited an eager acceptance from the new Tina, reflecting fully the transformation Perry had undergone. With a twin-like chuckle echoing in unison, the two Tina's exited, leaving a bewildered Angel behind, scratching his head to figure out the puzzling disappearance of his best friend Perry.

Answered by gpt-4

July 8, 2023, 12:32 a.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve2's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Saturday, July 8, 2023

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