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Question: Story: Write me a story about 6 year old Lawrence at his friend Bobby's house. He was spending the night with permission from his 33 year old mom. Bobby did warn Lawrence in a very stern tone about his older brother Robby's 18 year old girlfriend Katrina who he had broken up with recently. Katrina was very obsessed and crazy about Robby and had even started stalking him following him every time he drove somewhere. Katrina hid her psychotic persona behind her short brown hair, brown eyes and her innocent looking smile. Typically wearing very basic but very feminine clothing, she often sported high heels or flip flops depending on her mood. While Bobby and Lawrence were playing with their toys upstairs, Robby texted Bobby reminding him to lock all the doors in the house and close and lock all the windows in case Katrina was nearby. Bobby did just that and returned upstairs to continue playing with Lawrence. Lawrence thought he heard a weird sound coming from outside the bedroom but decided to ignore it. Shortly later, Lawrence's stomach got the best of him and he decided to go downstairs to get a snack. Lawrence then noticed Robby's door was slightly open and decided to check to see if Robby was home. Opening the door, he noticed Robby's stuff was everywhere and disorganized which wasn't like Robby at all. Feeling nervous, Lawrence turned to leave. As he did, his tiny feet slipped into something. Looking down, Lawrence saw he was now wearing a pair of purple glittery flip flops. Not knowing who they belonged to, Lawrence struggled all the way down the stairs to remove the sandals from his feet eventually getting them off. Before he could do anything else, Lawrence felt a tingling sensation in his whole body. Suddenly, his feet grew and aged into female ones complete with a strange purple glittery nail polish. Freaking out, Lawrence tried to scrape the polish off his toes but was unsuccessful. Suddenly, the changes accelerated as he slowly grew to a mature female height. His eyes turned brown and alluring and his hair turned brown and long. His teeth grew straight and white. His arms and legs feminized as his fingers gained the same polish. His body and chest matured and feminized too. His voice deepened and matured into a female pitch. His outfit slowly turned into a tank top and women's shorts. Seeing his reflection in the mirror made Lawrence flinch as he realized he was turning into his friend's older brother's ex-girlfriend. Slowly, he cried as his memories altered, matured and changed for the worse until he only remembered being Katrina. The new Katrina felt tears flowing in her eyes and continued sobbing as she thought about her boyfriend Robby and how much she hated him. Katrina looked around her boyfriend's house and cried before immediately shedding the tears and smiling. Spotting her flip flops in the middle of the room, Katrina walked over slipping them on her feet. She then clip clopped up the stairs and went back to her boyfriend's room quietly closing the door. Katrina felt her whole body shaking with all kinds of emotion as she looked around the bedroom. Spotting one of Robby's shirts, she picked it up. Katrina said the quote "I bet it still smells like him" before sniffing and smiling in satisfaction. Katrina then pulled out her phone and called Robby hoping he'd answer. Katrina decided to leave him a voice message. Katrina said the quote in a high pitched voice "Oh hi Robby. It's your beautiful girlfriend Katrina just calling to let you know I'm at your house and you know better than to make me angry. I'm a very emotional girl and you don't wanna mess with me. We need to talk or I'm gonna make your life a living Hell" before hanging up and laughing maniacally. Katrina then clip clopped over to the mirror Robby had in his room and studied her appearance. Katrina spotted something on her face and said the quote "It's this stupid pimple isn't it? We broke up cause of this. It was totally this. He could've just said something to me but no. Screw Katrina right? All cause I'm a lonely little female" Katrina then decided to hide in the closet in Robby's room waiting for him to get home. Strangely, Katrina couldn't even remember how she had gotten in the house in the first place. What she didn't know was she was originally a 6 year old named Lawrence.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in a quiet neighbourhood, 6-year old Lawrence was having a sleepover at his friend Bobby's house. His mom, Emma, who was 33, happily let him go, knowing they were safe together. However, as Lawrence settled in that night, Bobby had a serious talk with him about his older brother's psychotic ex-girlfriend, Katrina. Katrina was a pretty girl with brown hair and brown eyes, usually seen in feminine attire which oscillated between high heels or flip flops, depending on her mood. Her innocent smile camouflaged an obsessive personality, and you wouldn't know just by looking at her that she had begun stalking Bobby's brother, Robby. As Bobby and Lawrence got engrossed in their toys upstairs, Robby texted Bobby to remind him to lock up the house tight, just in case Katrina was stalking around. Bobby complied and secured the house, shutting all the windows and doors. Before long, Lawrence thought he heard a bizarre sound from outside the bedroom. He shrugged it off, dismissing it as his imagination. It wasn't until his tummy growled, demanding a snack, that Lawrence ventured downstairs. Curiously, Robby's bedroom door was ajar. Lawrence peeked inside, noticing the mess and disorganization. Robby was never like that. Nervously, he turned to go, his small feet sliding into a pair of feminine, glittery, purple flip flops. Slightly freaked out, Lawrence trudged awkwardly down the stairs to remove the sandals, his heart pounding. And then it happened: his body started changing inexplicably. His feet grew into those of a mature woman, his toenails sparkling with the same purple glitter. His height altered, eyes transformed into an alluring brown, hair turned brown and grew long, arms and legs feminized, and chest developed features of a mature woman. His voice deepened, reflecting a feminine tone. Then, his clothes morphed into a woman's tank top and shorts. Staring at his reflection in a mirror, Lawrence felt his heart sink. He was morphing into Robby's ex-girlfriend. With horror, his childhood memories seeped away, replaced by the life of Katrina. His tears fell. The tears of an obsessed ex-girlfriend, now trapped in the body of 6-year-old Lawrence. Clad in her purple flip flops, the new Katrina climbed the stairs and quietly entered what was once her boyfriend's room. Emotions ran high as she took in the sight of his room. She picked up one of his shirts, buried her face in it, and whispered, "I bet it still smells like him". Strong, bizarre, and vengeful, Katrina dialed Robby's number, leaving him a chilling voicemail. She threatened him, raising the pitch of her voice with an eeriness that seeped through the phone. "We need to talk, or I'm gonna make your life a living Hell," she promised, a wicked smile curled up on her lips after disconnecting the call. In the seclusion of Robby's bedroom, Katrina examined her new looks. She discovered a tiny pimple, and ranted to the mirror, "It's this stupid pimple isn't it? We broke up 'cause of this. It was totally this." Grievingly, she said, "All 'cause I'm a lonely little female." Awaiting Robby's return, Katrina decided to hide in the closet, her mind foggy about how she even ended up in the house. Unaware of the fact that not so long ago, she was a small 6-year-old boy named Lawrence. The transformation was complete, and the tale of Lawrence was lost in the obsession of Katrina.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 12, 2023, 3:56 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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