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Question: Write me a story about 13 year old Ralph writing a note to Sadie; a girl he has a crush on who is in his class. While writing his note, Ralph made sure he put lots of thought into it so that he could hand deliver it to her the next time they had school which was tomorrow. He was extremely wary though at the same time because his apartment had fallen victim to a string burglaries that went unexplained. He had purchased a necklace from a local jeweler with the intention of giving it to Sadie. Ralph went to make himself a glass of water. Upon coming back, he tripped and accidentally slipped his feet into a pair of shoes. Looking down, he noticed they were high heeled boots that were too small for him but clearly made for an adult woman. As he went to remove them, he realized they wouldn't come off and soon his feet shrunk and aged forming into a perfect fit for the heeled boots. Freaking out, he wobbled in the shoes not knowing how to balance in them and wondered what was happening to him as his whole body changed as he grew shorter, his hair turned long and black, his head shrunk and his eyes turned brown, his arms and legs slimmed and turned feminine. His outfit slowly turning into a latex suit as his hair got wrapped up in something. Looking in a mirror, he noticed it was a cat helmet and goggles. His hands getting sharp claws in them as gloves formed on them. He realized he was turning into Catwoman. "Wait, she's real? I thought she was fake" Ralph said as his voice transitioned into Selina Kyle's. Slowly his memories changed and altered as he tried to hold on to his love for Sadie but soon Ralph only remembered himself as Selina Kyle A.K.A. Catwoman. The new Catwoman looked around the room perplexed before spotting the necklace. She strutted her heels swaying her hips over before carefully grabbing the necklace and putting in her suit for safekeeping. Before Selina went to leave, she spotted the note she formally wrote to her crush prior to the transformation. "Dear Sadie, my love for you is unmatched to anything in this world. I would love to be your boyfriend and to show you I care, I bought you this necklace to show you my love" as Selina finished reading the note out loud, she laughed hysterically before saying "Wow kid. How pathetic. That sounds way too desperate. Better rewrite the note and buy her another necklace because I'm not impressed and neither will she be. She deserves way better than this little Romeo whoever he is" before leaving not remembering anything about who she used to be.

Asked by manemansteve

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Ralph had always been a thoughtful 13-year-old. He was introspective, sensitive, and had a crush on Sadie, a girl from his class. He just had one quandary: how to tell her about his feelings. He decided that he would put his thoughts on paper, a note which he could hand-deliver to her at school the following day. He was a little jittery, not just about confessing his emotions but also because his apartment had been a target of a series of strange burglaries recently. The note and a necklace from a local jeweler, a gift he hoped would convey his seriousness, were ready. Needing to calm his racing thoughts, Ralph got up to pour himself a glass of water. As he returned, he tripped, his feet causing him to awkwardly stumble into a pair of strange high heeled boots. These were clearly meant for an adult woman, yet his feet automatically shrank and adapted to fit into them snugly. Panic flared in his heart as his body began to morph in alarming ways. He grew shorter, slimmed down and his hair lengthened and darkened. His outfit changed abruptly into a latex suit. His hair seemed to wrap itself into a cat helmet, complete with goggles. As his transformation escalated, vicious claws emerged from his formerly gentle hands. Looking into a mirror, Ralph hardly recognized himself. Instead, the reflection of Selina Kyle, otherwise known as the infamous Catwoman stared back at him, her eyes a piercing green. "Wait, she's real?" His voice came out as a sophisticated purr. Slowly but surely, his memories began to overlap, his love for Sadie slipping away into the identity of Catwoman. Now fully transformed, the new Catwoman glanced around her surroundings curiously. Her gaze fell on the necklace on the table. She picked it up with her clawed hand, and stashed it in her outfit. Just before she began to move away, her gaze fell on a carefully folded piece of paper. Curiosity piqued, she picked it up and read aloud. The vulnerable confession of Ralph's affections for Sadie was at stark contrast to the brazen persona she embodied. Once she finished, a derisive laugh erupted from her. "Wow, kid," she scoffed, tossing the note back onto the table. "That's way too desperate. Better rewrite the note and buy her another necklace, because I'm not impressed, and neither will she be. She deserves something better than this little Romeo." With that, Catwoman adjusted her goggles and stalked towards the exit, every inch the fierce anti-heroine, with no memory of the shy schoolboy she once was. The transformative aftermath of an unexpectant event replaced a love-struck teenager with Gotham’s enthralling cat burglar, oblivious to Ralph's innocent affections and hopes.

Answered by gpt-4

July 20, 2023, 2:57 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, July 20, 2023

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