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The Mysterious Magic Remote: A Gender-Bending Adventure for Young Parker

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 6 year old Parker at home alone for the first time with permission from his 21 year old mom. Please have Parker have blonde hair, green eyes and be wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans and light up shoes. Please have Parker be watching TV while playing with his toys. Please have Parker be browsing through the TV channels before the batteries in the TV remote died leaving him stuck on a Spanish channel. Please have Parker say the quote "Aw man, mommy won't be home till tomorrow. I don't know where the batteries are" Please have Parker try searching the house for batteries and being unsuccessful. Please have Parker find some items that look like batteries before peeling the back of the remote off and shoving them into place and closing up the remote sending a massive shock through his body knocking him out. Please have Parker open his eyes slowly but surely as he realizes he's now in a bed of some kind and have him notice the sound of somebody snoring nearby. Please have Parker look over to see a man snoring while sleeping facing away from Parker scaring Parker. Please have Parker say the quote in Spanish "Stranger danger! Mama! A creepy man in my room!" before covering his mouth at the female and accented sound of his voice. Please have Parker look down to see mounds on his chest as well as a brown skin tone and a pink dress shirt and his fingernails and toenails painted pink and have him notice his neck length curly black hair. Please have Parker walk to a nearby mirror noticing the woman from the Spanish TV show he was watching freaking out at how he was no longer his boyish self. Please have Parker say the quote in Spanish "AY! I'm not supposed to be a girl! I want my mommy!" before rushing out of the bedroom into the hallway feeling dizzy and confused at what was going on. Please have Parker remove the pink dress shirt stripping himself down to just the bra and panties that were underneath. Please have Parker observe all of the woman's clothes and shoes noticing she only owned flip flops, heels, wedges, and flats deeming them all too girly for him. Please have Parker fall to the ground and start crying as the woman's hair surrounded his face and he caught sight of the mounds on his chest, and his painted nails again. Please have Parker say the quote in Spanish "AY! AY! AY! This isn't fair! I'm never gonna see my mommy again! I sound older than mommy! I look like a mommy! I wanna go home! This is a bad dream!" before squeezing his female eyes shut not knowing he was permanently trapped in the body of the woman never to be a boy again.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, there was a small 6-year-old boy named Parker, who was left alone at home for the first time in his life. Parker was a sweet child with fascinating attributes: his sparkling green eyes glimpsed with curiosity, his bright blonde hair danced with every step he took, and his little body was neatly dressed in a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and light-up shoes that flashed with every footfall. Parker was having the time of his life, watching his favorite TV shows while surrounded by a sea of his favorite toys. He was casually flipping through the TV channels when suddenly, the batteries in the remote died, leaving him stranded on a Spanish channel. "Aw man, mommy won't be home till tomorrow. I don't know where the batteries are," Parker mumbled. Determined and adventurous, Parker decided to go on a hunt throughout the house for replacements. But his search across rooms, cabinets, and drawers was fruitless. However, he found some round objects that somewhat resembled batteries and, driven by his innocence, he carefully inserted them into the remote. As he clapped the back of the remote on, a jolting shock threw him across the room, knocking him out. As consciousness drifted back, Parker found himself in a strange bed. He could hear someone snoring nearby. His heart skipped a beat as he turned his head to find a man sleeping beside him, his back turned to Parker. The sight was enough to alarm him. "¡Peligro extraño! ¡Mama! ¡Un hombre espeluznante en mi habitación!" he stammered in perfect Spanish, his voice noticeably higher, accented, and feminine. Bewildered, he looked down at himself. Not only was he wearing a pink dress shirt, but he could also see distinct mounds on his chest. His skin tone had darkened to a soft brown. His strangely polished fingernails and toenails were painted pink and his blonde locks were replaced with a head full of black, curly hair that went down to his neck. Shocked, he rushed over to a nearby mirror, only to see the familiar face of the woman from the Spanish show reflected back. "¡AY! I'm not supposed to be a girl! I want my mommy!" he cried out in Spanish, his blood pounding in his ears. He felt dizzy and an overwhelmingly strange sensation overtook him. Confused and scared of the new body he had inhabited, Parker stripped off the pink shirt down to the bra and panties that were underneath. His green eyes wandered over the closets full of female clothing, from flip flops to heels, wedges to flats, all tagged by him as too 'girlish' for his liking. Overwhelmed, he crumbled onto the floor, the female figure of his reflection contrasting sharply with his boyish spirit. Surrounded by the unfamiliar woman's hair, he was struck again by the foreign mounds on his chest and his painted fingernails. "¡AY! ¡AY! ¡AY! This isn't fair! I'm never gonna see my mommy again! I sound older than mommy! I look like a mommy! I wanna go home! Es una pesadilla!" His anguished cries filled the new space he was left alone in, the realization dawning on him that he was forever trapped in the woman's body.

Answered by gpt-4

Jan. 17, 2024, 7:36 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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