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Question: Story: Write me a story about 7 year old Mitch being watched by his 16 year old sister Elise while his parents were celebrating their anniversary. Asleep in the middle of the night, he was woken by the sound of someone downstairs. Mitch was wearing his Transformers pajamas as he got up assuming it was his sister, he wondered why she was being so loud and he made his way to the rail right beside the staircase looking down. His heart stopped as he saw 3 men rummaging through everything downstairs. Before they could spot him, he quietly bolted to his sister's room. He found her sound asleep in her bed dressed in a pink t-shirt and short shorts. As he clutched the teddy bear he had carried with him out of his room, he tried waking up his sister. She was however, in a deeper sleep than usual and wouldn't budge at all. Crawling onto her bed, he gently rattled it but was still unable to wake her up. As he crawled off her bed, he lost his balance causing him to slip into Elise's pink flip flops. Immediately slipping them off, Mitch said ew gross I don't like my sister's girly stuff and scrunched his nose at accidentally wearing Elise's flip flops. Quickly, his feet started growing and shaping into Elise's complete with her pink toenail polish. Freaking out at this, Mitch begged Elise for help and tried waking her up again but she was still deep in her sleep. The changes accelerated as Mitch's legs lengthened and grew into Elise's as his arms and body feminized. The same pink polish forming on his fingernails. The pink t-shirt and short shorts quickly forming on Mitch's body. His head and hair turning into Elise's as his brown hair darkened, lengthened and turned black. His eyes turned brown as his face gained a tiny touch of makeup. His voice matured into Elise's as his teeth grew in straight and white. Suddenly, Mitch looked over and noticed Elise was slowly fading from her spot in the bed and evaporating into a strange mist until Elise's bed was empty. Panic struck Mitch as he realized he was the only "Elise" that actually existed now. Quietly trying to see if his own room still existed, he snuck over to his room only to find his old room had turned into a storage room. Mitch went back to Elise's room in defeat when he suddenly felt something happening. His memories and experiences were changing and maturing until Mitch never existed anywhere and he only remembered himself being Elise, he even slowly floated over to Elise's bed and landed on the bed in the same exact position Elise was in as he fell asleep. Immediately jolting open her eyes, the new Elise yawned and stretched as she got out of bed. Having no memory of her previous experience as Mitch with the men rummaging around downstairs, she walked over to her mirror and adjusted her hair a bit before walking over to her pink flip flops and slipping them on. As Elise clip clopped out of her room, she started heading for the stairs with the intention of possibly watching some TV downstairs or making herself a late-night snack. As she reached the rail beside the staircase, she was confused at the sight of 3 men rummaging through the stuff her and her family had downstairs. One of the men slowly walked over to the staircase ascending up slowly. Elise quickly but quietly ran to her room and shut the door locking it. She pulled out her phone and dialed 911 waiting for the police to arrive. She really hoped the sound of her flip flops smacking the ground while she ran hadn't alerted the men to her presence in the house and felt stupid for deciding to wear them at all. The new Elise said the quote "I really hope they don't find me. If they do find me, I hope they don't hurt me. I'm literally just a teenage girl. I cannot defend myself against 3 grown men" quietly but frightened. Shaking from fear, Elise really tried pulling herself together but was even more fearful than she normally was. This was because she still had the lingering childlike innocence of a 7 year old named Mitch.

Asked by manemansteve

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A peaceful night turned into chaos; while their parents were at their anniversary celebration, 7-year-old Mitch, dressed in his Transformer pajamas, woke from his sleep, startled by the noise coming from downstairs - it was far too loud for just his sister, Elise. Creeping out to the staircase, he saw a ghastly sight: three strange men rummaging through the house. A wave of fear washed over Mitch and he quickly darted back to his sister's room, where he found her deep in slumber, oblivious of the intruders. Elise, dressed in a pink t-shirt and short shorts, was lost in her dreams and failed to awaken despite Mitch's desperate attempts to rouse her. Mitch made an attempt to clamber onto her bed to shake her awake, but lost his balance and landed awkwardly into Elise's pink flip flops. Frustrated and scared, he discarded the flip flops with a disgusted 'ew', before noticing something very strange happening - his feet started reshaping into Elise's, complete with pink toenail polish. Panicking, as his body began to undergo more drastic changes, he attempted to wake Elise once more, but she still did not stir. His body continued its transformation, with his legs, arms, and body taking Elise's form. His hair grew long and dark, his eyes turned brown, and his voice matured to Elise's pitch. As the metamorphosis completed, Mitch looked over at Elise and was horrified to see her body evaporating - by the time his transformation finished, the original Elise had entirely disappeared. Mitch, now Elise, ventured into his old room, but found it transformed into a mere storage space. With no choice left, he returned to Elise's room where the final change occurred - his memories shifted and matured and he had always been Elise, never Mitch. The new morning found Elise waking up in her bed with no memory of her prior existence as Mitch, nor the scene from the previous night. Going about her morning routine, she slipped on her pink flip flops and headed downstairs. But as she reached the railing, the sight of the men downstairs triggered a wave of confusion and fear. Elise quickly retreated to her room, locking the door behind her, and dialed 911. She hoped the men had not heard her flip flops' noise. Speaking into her phone, she whispered, "I really hope they don't find me. If they do find me, I hope they don't hurt me. I'm literally just a teenager. I cannot defend myself against three grown men." As she waited for the authorities, a sense of intense fear enveloped her, perhaps heightened by the lingering innocence of the 7-year-old Mitch within her. Even after her transformation, Elise still had echoes of Mitch's fear and childhood innocence, a reminder of the past that no longer existed except deep within her.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 15, 2023, 12:29 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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