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If Turkish military massacred secretly 34000 English people in Turkey, and the video leaked to the Social media, the English people would be outraged.

The English People's Reaction to a Turkish Military Massacre of Secretly 34,000 English People


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Question: Speculate the reaction of the English people of the following scenario through 25 tweets : If Turkish military massacred secretly 34000 English people in Turkey, and the video leaked to the Social media.

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1. How can anyone do such a heinous crime? My heart is aching with pain! #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 2. This isn't acceptable in the 21st century; this is a time for peace and harmony not for massacre #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 3. All I see is a dark cloud for humanity; this brutality with English people is heartbreaking #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 4. A candle light vigil for the victims of #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre; this has to be stopped now. 5. We need to unite to fight against these kinds of atrocities if we wish peace for humanity #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 6. Killing of innocent people must be condemned by the world leaders, UN and all other governing bodies #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 7. Social Media has enabled us to know the truth in such a situation; but what needs to be done next? #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 8. This massacre of 34000 English people needs to be investigated thoroughly and the guilty needs to be punished #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 9. How can only 34000 people feel helpless in the face of #TurkishMilitaryMassacre? #EnglishMassacre 10. We should urge the world leaders to take action and make sure justice is served! #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 11. We must come together to challenge the perpetrators of this tragedy and those who are responsible for it #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 12. Our brothers and sisters need justice, their massacre needs to be accounted for #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 13. My respect for humanity is not so big today; cannot believe such an atrocity can take place #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 14. Let's unite and raise our voices against this injustice and find a way to seek justice for our people #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 15. We must make sure such tragedy never happens again, we are the only ones who can protect humanity #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 16. Will UN take any action in this situation? We need to stand up to these perpetrators of this sorrowful event #TurkishMilitaryMassacre #EnglishMassacre 17. How can we keep our heads high in such a situation? 34000 people should

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 8, 2023, 8:47 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, January 8, 2023

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