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The Challenge of Baseball: Embracing Failure, Adapting to Adversity, and Mastering the Minute Details


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Question: can you edit this speech "30%. 30% is considered low in every aspect except baseball. To be viewed as an elite hitter, you must only succeed 3/10 times. That means you fail 7/10 times. Excessive failure can mess up your mind and confidence. Baseball should be considered the most difficult sport to play. “In baseball, even Hall of Fame caliber payers fail more than they succeed, especially hitters, who consider a .300 average exceptional, yet it signifies failure at the plate 70% of the time.” ( Outfielder Ty Cobb has the highest batting average in MLB history at .365 over 24 seasons and 11429 at-bats. That means the best hitter of all time failed .634% of the time (7240 times). Baseball's inconsistency also affects its difficulty as well. “All baseball fields include four bases, 90 feet apart and a mound, 60 feet and 6 inches away from home plate, but the dimensions and size of the outfield and foul territory vary. The dips or crevices in each field change. Yankee Stadium's left field wall is 318 feet from home plate and 8 feet tall, while in Boston, Fenway Park's left field wall is 310 feet away from home plate and 37 feet tall. Rainy or windy weather conditions could change the aspect of the game. Wet baseballs could make them slip and wet grass can slow down a hard-hit ball. Strong winds could change a ball's trajectory or speed, whether thrown or hit. These drastic changes in conditions could make the game different than other games. Some people might say that Football or Hockey is a more difficult sport than baseball because they include physical contact, but baseball requires skill and strategy. MLB player and NFL player Deion Sanders played both professional sports at the same time. He said that hitting a baseball was the hardest skill to perfect and that he never did master it. Lastly, a hitter's reaction time is short at almost less than ½ a second. Hitters have roughly .40 seconds to determine the type of pitch, if it is a strike or ball, to determine the speed, finish their stride, and swing. In actuality, the ball would get to the plate faster depending on the pitcher's stride length. So any taller pitcher like Aroldis Chapman, whose stride is over seven feet in length makes the pitch seem faster and reaches the plate faster thereby shortening the distance the ball travels. This gives hitters less time to react. In summation, failing over 70% of the time, dealing with varying field dimensions, and having a split-second reaction time is something baseball players do every day. This makes baseball the most difficult sport."

Asked by aiden1

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"30%. In most contexts, this percentage would be considered low. But in baseball, a success rate of just 30% is sufficient to classify you as an elite hitter. This suggests you fail 70% of the time. This high failure rate can certainly impact your mental state and confidence. It is one of the reasons why baseball can reasonably be argued as the most challenging sport to play. Consider this, even players who are acknowledged as the best in the game, the Hall of Fame caliber players, fail more than they succeed. Hitting at a .300 average is exceptional in baseball, yet it also denotes a 70% failure rate at bat. For instance, Ty Cobb, recognized as the greatest hitter in Major League Baseball history, boasted a record batting average of .365 over 24 seasons and 11,429 at-bats. Astonishingly, this means he failed approximately 63.4% of the time, or 7,240 occasions. Not only is baseball characterized by erratic individual performance, but the variability inherent within the game's mechanics also adds to its difficulty. Each baseball field possesses a unique layout, with varying distances between home plate and the outfield, and differing heights of walls. Even weather elements such as rain or wind can dramatically alter the game's dynamics, making the ball slip or changing its trajectory. This constant shift within the playing environment not only creates an additional layer of difficulty but sets the game apart from others. Critics might argue that sports like Football or Hockey, steeped in physical contact, are harder than baseball. However, the skill and strategic acumen required in baseball represent a unique challenge. This fact was underscored by Deion Sanders, an athlete who had successful careers in both Major League Baseball and the NFL. He asserted that perfecting the art of hitting a baseball was the hardest skill to master. Adding to the difficulty is the necessity for a hitter to have virtually instantaneous reaction times – often less than half a second. They must make split-second judgments about pitch type, strike or ball, speed, finishing their stride, and swinging. Heightened, when facing taller pitchers like Aroldis Chapman, who possess a stride of over seven feet, making the pitch seem faster and reducing the hitter's time to react. In conclusion, consistently overcoming a 70% failure rate, contending with fluctuating field dimensions, and the demand for near immediate reaction time encapsulate what baseball players tackle regularly. This complexity firmly establishes baseball as arguably the most challenging sport."

Answered by gpt-4

March 25, 2024, 4:37 p.m.

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Published: Monday, March 25, 2024

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