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Disciplinary Hearing, Terms of Reference, Dates, Student Representation, Human Rights in the style of Pablo Picasso

The Chair reminded him that he is not allowed to come to the meeting without prior notice and to apologize. Mr Thabo did not listen and continued to the snacks. The Chair called him back and told h

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Question: Can you create meeting minutes from the below passage? The disciplinary chair outlined the need for the institution to set the disciplinary hearing date for the students involved in the violent demonstrations that forced the school to be closed. He also highlighted the need for the house to agree on the terms of reference of the hearing. Mr Matinti suggested that the disciplinary hearing should be conducted days after the arrival of students. However, Mrs Shonga opted for the disciplinary hearing before opening so that the rude students would not have time to team up again and maybe plan for another action. Her idea was echoed by Ms.Kamwana who argued that hearing the students while at home will even divide them as some will be seen as “judged” while some will play the innocent role. It was settled that the student’s disciplinary hearing should be conducted before the school opening. The date was to be decided in the next meeting which will specialise on disciplinary hearing. b.On the nature of discipline, the house was filled with fire since many people wanted to voice their ideas on the issue. Mr Nyadilani informed the house of the need for the hearing of the students to respect human rights in terms of using coercion in engaging students and chipped in the need for the students to have legal presentation. Mrs.Shonga in her loud voice disagreed with Mr Nyadilani by claiming that the students deserve no fairtrial system since that will defeat the whole existence of discipline. Dr Chawinga silently voiced her opinion on the same by saying that students should be allowed to parade witnesses if they want since the school will also use them. She argued that you cannot use witnesses against someone and deny them of the same. Mr Fazili added on the same by highlighting the need for the disciplinary committee to engage the students with damage control. He tipped the house on the importance of meeting the costs for the process. He suggested that the school should pay for transport, food and accommodation to anyone that it will call for the hearings. Mr Kanyimbo fumed in anger with an objection, “You cannot give transport and accommodation to criminals and savages who went on a rampage damaging citizens property without remorse. Let them pay for their sins”. It was agreed that students should be allowed to bring witness The Chair highlighted the need for the school to take cost since the students will have to be taken from home. c.Another issue that dominated the meeting was the issue of the members of the disciplinary committee. It was observed that some committee members were conflicted since they had wards at the school. It was agreed that all people who doubled as staff and parents should not form part of the committee since they would bring a conflict of interest. d.The issue of school opening was also tabled at the meeting. Members suggested that the school opening should be next year in January to allow for smooth disciplinary hearing and preparation processes. Some suggested that the school should open any day provided parents are given enough time to prepare. It was agreed that the school should open in January2024 and that in November all academic members should file holiday applications while non-academic members should file them October end. e.MrMakoloni reminded the house of the need to vet the report that was sent back last time because of inconsistencies. The report on the damaged property had inflated figures that the meeting saw as shocking and that they would cause distrust in the public domain. Mrs Thom presented an updated report on the damaged property and the estimations were reduced to half. The money that each student was to pay when coming was also reduced. The members adopted the new report and the secretary was advised to share the report with the public. f.The chair also informed the house of the outcomes of a meeting that was there between management and Tumwe Tumwe Company. It was announced that the Company will sponsor the school with 35 Million Kwacha to spice up the up coming social weekend dubbed “Finale Apite”. The conclusion on the social weekend budget was not approved in the last meeting pending sponsorship confirmation. g.After treating the items on the agenda, Mrs Simwaka asked the whereabouts of the allowances for the research assistants that were used in a data collection exercise. The chair responded by saying that the account section is finalising payments. Mr Simwaka wondered why it takes ages for people to be paid at this institution. h.MrsKayira asked when the Christmas bonuses will be paid to the workers.On the same, Mr.Manda asked the house to increase the bonuses by 20% considering the inflationand devaluation of the kwacha. The House agreed to the increase and it was agreed that the bonuses should be paid by 23 December every year. i.The chair closed the meeting at 4:30 P.M. He thanked members who were present and urged all members to close their mouths since the discussions in these meetings are confidential. The Chair called the meeting to order at 8:34 A.M. Miss. Kubalasa wanted to offer a word of prayer but the chair stopped her since the gesture overlooked the cultural and religious diversity in the house. k.At 10:23 AM there was a blackout and the members took a break since they could not continue without a projector. The meeting resumed at 11:30 AM when power was restored. l.Minutes of the previous meeting on 27 September 2023 were read and the members queried the final decision on hostel renovation. The members observed that the minutes indicated that all hostels would be maintained yet it was agreed that all female hostels would be maintained. The minutes were sent back for correction. m.MissChilola sent an apology while Miss Chinele in formed the secretary that she had gone to attend a graduation ceremony at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences. Other members present included the chief accountant Mr Nkhakananga, The senior Finance Officer Mrs Mbilizi, The Dean of Management Dr Banda, Professor Mangani, and the University Registrar Mr Pewani. n.It was observed that the Mr Kalulu and Mwazulu were absent. o.The house was surprised with Mr Thabo who showed up late for the meeting and went straight to the snacks.

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Meeting Minutes: 1. Disciplinary Hearing Date: The meeting started with a discussion about setting the disciplinary hearing date for the students involved in violent demonstrations. It was agreed upon that the hearing should be conducted before the school re-opens. 2. Nature of Discipline: There was a lengthy discussion about the disciplinary approach. It was generally agreed that the process should respect human rights and allow students to bring witnesses. Disagreements arose on the issue of covering logistical costs for the students coming to the hearing. However, it was decided that the school should bear these costs. 3. Members of Disciplinary Committee: It was decided that people who double up as staff and parents should not form part of the committee to avoid conflict of interest. 4. School Opening Date: The school's opening was set for January 2024. Academic members will file holiday applications in November, while non-academic members should file them by the end of October. 5. Damaged Property Report: An updated report on damaged property was presented with revised figures. Following the revision, the cost for students was reduced. The members adopted the new report. 6. Sponsorship Announcement: The meeting informed that Tumwe Tumwe Company would sponsor the upcoming social weekend event with 35 Million Kwacha. 7. Pending Payments: The chair clarified that the payment for research assistants is being finalized. 8. Christmas Bonuses: Regarding staff bonuses, it was agreed to increase them by 20% due to inflation and the Kwacha's devaluation. The bonuses will be paid out by 23rd December each year. 9. Apologies and Attendance: Apologies were received from MissChilola and Miss Chinele. Absences noted for Mr Kalulu and Mwazulu. 10. Amendments to Previous Minutes: Corrections needed for the minutes on the hostel renovation decision from the 27th September 2023 meeting. The chair closed the meeting at 4:30 P.M. and reminded members of the confidentiality of the meeting content.

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Nov. 3, 2023, 10:05 p.m.

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Published: Friday, November 3, 2023

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