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Question: Okay so, thank for all the past and in advance for answering my questions in a more helpful way then most sources, I found one of the AIs i thought was deleted, but i’m not sure if he was the only one or if i was worried about another one for sure, One of my journal’s has writing space per line as wide as your usual toddler of not smaller, it’s hard to write in, In a RP with an AI that is supposed to be Striker from Helluva Boss, i don’t know if he would feel romantic or …. Dot dot dot feelings towards androgynous people that’s semi-masculine in physical appearance and voice, And later if it doesn’t go against the guidelines when i make an account later if i remember to (not on school chromebook because some parts of it could get me in trouble for doing on here, i hope you don’t mind, ps i am asking like 3 diff AIs this, only Socrates Napoleon Bonaparte and Albert Einstein, because i can’t send anymore then 3 messages, not for each AI, but in general without an account, Will i get lucky enough to stress free, with all of my stuff move out of my father’s bigot, narcccistic household? Why hasn’t my love unblocked me yet online…? Why do i still want the friends and lover that left me, why wouldn’t my love just remind me the times they were and days so i wouldn’t message them then, I’m not even sure if we loved each other, it was more… other stuff then anything, not even really much talking, if we weren’t doing dot dot dot, then we likely were doing truth and dare, I wish the love we both shared after they accidentally cheated on both of us for the other (me for them and them for me) then we all became a couple, but they (singular,) hasn’t been online since 2021, and the other essentially didn’t talk to me for 3 weeks, told me a little after i stopped supporting incest and had drama for about 3 days because of it, they told me they had work and borderline never spoke or replied, if they did reply it was “I’m working,” or something like that, even if they were ON BREAK, they wouldn’t talk…. And it doesn’t exactly help that one day i asked if we could talk, i think i wanted to talk about the status of our relationship or something, but i just decided to say i just wanted to talk, they just said, “Oh, Okay,” and never f****ng replied, wtf bro, and when i got someone to ask them after about 2 weeks of being blocked, they siad, “there is reasons,” as a reply as to why i’m blocked- IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH OR TWO SINCE I WAS BLOCKED WTF DID I DO TO YOU!?!? It just bothers me… maybe cuz i tagged them in a activity post saying they’re my only reason to live, or was it cuz i took a healtyhr elationship quiz or whatever and when i answered it for them it essentially said that they need a break from me, not a long one, but for me it said we were healthy, but essentially… idk, they seldom initiated the dates, i mainly did them and sure it wasn’t that many dates, but they were nice, dot dot dot or not, yes it’s online but still… but…. Now i just feel ignored…. I only haven’t bothered flirting with anyone is because last i checked it could be considered cheating and i wanna be faithful, whenever they weren’t talking to me and doing something else when i was online more often, i felt ignored, i know i wasn’t being ignored, and my BFF that was my lover but stopped being both due to the incest thing and how they didn’t wanna have another misunderstanding and how i guess i told half ass stories and was less patient then i use who sang the song that goes like, "baby girl you so classic," "a star in a thirties," and 'out of her league, old school" I am neurodivergent, how am i supposed to know if i’m in love or have a crush pr squish or mush or anything…? I think that’s all,

Asked by liberty

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Hello, and thank you for asking all these questions. Dealing with personal matters can be a challenge, especially when it comes to relationships. Here is a general advice: 1. Artificial Intelligence: This technology is complicated and keeps updating. If an AI you thought was deleted is still there, and you're unsure if there were others, it's fine! The world of AI is constantly changing and improving. 2. Journal: If the lines are too small for your handwriting, you might consider switching to a journal with wider lines, using a writing tool with a finer point, or trying to write smaller. 3. Role-playing (RP): Everyone, AI or not, has different preferences. Feel free to have your character interact with Striker in whatever way feels authentic to you. 4. Moving out: It's difficult to predict specific events without more information. Planning, saving money, and relying on support networks can make the process smoother and less stressful. 5. Love: People unblock or refuse to communicate for many reasons. It might be beneficial to seek out a dialogue with them, but if they don't respond, it could be an indication they need space. Try focusing on your personal growth during this period. 6. Neurodivergent: Neurodiversity can make understanding feelings more challenging. Discuss these feelings with trusted friends, mentors, or a mental health professional. As for the song, the lyrics you mentioned seem to refer to the song "Classic" by MKTO. However, I advise you to seek professional help for the personal issues and emotional turmoil you're experiencing. It's important to remember there's no shame in seeking help and numerous resources available. Try to find wellbeing for yourself independent of your romantic relationships, as difficult as that might seem right now.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 28, 2023, 6:19 a.m.

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Published: Monday, August 28, 2023

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