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Question: Write me a story about 10 year old Dan finally having enough money for the new game that had just come out. Those chores finally paid off when his 44 year old mom Lola walked into the room. "Sorry hon, we were short on funds this month and your father and I need this money. Don't tell him I got it from you okay?" she said. Dan felt down but wanted to get the money back. Shortly after his mom and his dad Christopher left for a while, Dan snuck into their room to get his money back. Spotting it on a shelf high in their closet, Dan climbed to get it. As he jumped back down, his feet landed in a pair of his mom's blue open toed high heels. Waddling out of the room to his own, Dan kicked off the heels and dropped the money on his bed. Before anything else, his feet started cracking and aging into Lola's complete with her French pedicure. Dan didn't wanna turn into his mom and tried to hide the money for later but the changes sped up as his legs, arms and body became feminized and toned. His head turning into his mom's as his hair turned red, curly and long. His eyes turning green as his teeth grew straight and white. A scar forming on his right elbow from Lola's days playing volleyball in high school. Lola's wedding ring materializing on Dan's newly female hand. Suddenly, his memories started changing until Dan was no more and he only remembered being Lola changing his words mid-sentence. "But no! Please. I earned the money. I'm gonna use it on---- getting my fingers and toes did. I know Sheila should have an opening for me. I've been going to her long enough and then the rest could be for me and Christopher to get our first night out together in so long" Lola then spotted her heels in the room and walked over slipping them on. She then strutted over to the money on her son's bed and grabbed it sticking it in her bra. Lola was angry that her son went in her room and decided she would confront him hoping her husband wouldn't find out how she got the funds. More upset that her husband may find out she stole her son's money to pamper herself, Lola looked around the house for her son but couldn't find him anywhere not knowing she in fact used to be him.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once, a ten-year-old boy named Dan had been working his fingers to the bone to save for the newest game that had just hit the market. As a determined child, he endured countless chores, sacrifice and sweat as he gradually filled a piggy bank that was nestled neatly on his bookshelf. His mom, Lola, knew about his fervent attempts and the boy's ambition had brought a smile to her face more than once. One bright afternoon, Lola, 44, walked into his room, her arms wrapped around herself as a twisted grin traced her rouged lips. "Sorry hon, we were short on funds this month and your father and I need this money. Don't tell him I got it from you okay?" Her voice fluttered, and Dan, with a dejected heart, handed over his hard-earned money. After Lola and his dad, Christopher, left for their usual date, an opportunity beckoned Dan. Swiftly and stealthily, he snuck into his parents' room, his heart pounding against his ribs. The money was perched high on a closet shelf and in a futile attempt to reach it, Dan stepped into a pair of his mom's blue open-toed high heels that were casually thrown on the floor. As he hopped down, his feet crammed into the heels, he clumsily waddled out of the room, clutching the money tightly. He threw the heels off as soon as he entered his room and stared at his feet. They were morphing, quickly cracking and aging into Lola's, right down to her French pedicure. Fear enveloped him as the transformation began to ascend, slowly converting his innocence into a sophisticated aura his mother had always carried. His legs, arms, and slender body became femine and toned. His soft brunette hair turned coral red and curled long, his piercing blue eyes metamorphosed into a vibrant green, and straight, pearl white teeth replaced his uneven ones.His right elbow donned a scar; a memento to the days Lola spent playing volleyball in high school. A gleaming wedding ring materialized on his new soft finger, and with a gasp of horror, Dan realized he was turning into his mother. Memories of his short-lived childhood started fading, replaced with memories of Lola's life. "No, I can't just lose m- I'm going to use it on," he stuttered before the transformation took over him entirely. He turned into Lola, her vocabulary part of his own now. Never in his imaginations had he fancied himself in this predicament. Lola glanced at the room, her disappointment and displeasure was obvious at the sight of her heels. She slipped them on, sauntered over to her son's bed and grabbed the money, treating herself to the liberty of stashing it in her bra. Her son, she thought, needed a serious talk for his recklessness. Yet, as she roamed the house searching for her son, all she discovered was the pure emptiness. Her worry mounted as she failed to realize the truth herself; she had replaced the innocent ten-year-old. The story of this peculiar event remained a secret, the truth only unfolded within the four walls of Dan's room.

Answered by gpt-4

July 25, 2023, 11:28 a.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user manemansteve's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Tuesday, July 25, 2023

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