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Ask AI: Tell me a story about a nerdy teenage anime girl who wakes up as a disembodied head and her body is moving around on its own. With dialogue.

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Question: Tell me a story about a nerdy teenage anime girl who wakes up as a disembodied head and her body is moving around on its own. With dialogue.

Asked by Antant

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Once upon a time, there was an extraordinarily nerdy anime girl named Kiki. An absolute otaku, with a penchant for manga, and a passion for computer programming, Kiki fit the geek stereotype in every way possible. One day, Kiki woke up sensing something awry, she tried getting up but she couldn't feel her body. As she gradually came to the consciousness, she realized, to her horror, that she was just a disembodied head. Strangely, Kiki didn't panic; she had consumed enough of the bizarre in her anime stories to see this as, merely, a very strange occurrence. She shouted, "What on earth?...No, what in the anime world?". To the side of her bed, her body was stretching, getting ready to start the day. But the body was acting on its own, separated from her head! The sight was reminiscent of an anime classic, a schoolgirl with a headless body and a bodyless head. It was simultaneously terrifying and hilarious to Kiki. Her body walked to her plush anime character-studded living room, flicking on the television with a remote, tuning to the morning anime marathon to Kiki's delightful surprise. Kiki, still on her bed, helplessly watched and cried out, "Hey! Take me with you, can't possibly think of watching 'Attack on Titan' without me!" Miraculously, her body heard her. It turned around, went back to the bedroom, and carefully picked up her head. Placing Kiki safely on the pillow next to it, her body resumed watching the much-loved series. Kiki and her independent body lived like this - the body carrying out chores while Kiki provided the instructions, just like a programmer and her code. They had their occasional clashes, though. "No, don't put on that outfit. I meant the black one. To your left, left!" Kiki sighed. "Looks like I programmed you wrong." Despite her bizarre predicament, Kiki had found a way to humor herself. As time went by, Kiki and her body started getting even more efficient. She even started her own anime blog, aptly named 'Headless Otaku’, which surprisingly, went viral in the anime community. Of course, Kiki hoped to find a solution to her condition. In the words of her favorite anime character, "No matter how impossible the situation seems, there's always a way out." And so, Kiki, along with her headless body, her quirky lifestyle, and her newfound fan base, embarked on a unique journey with a strange optimism. Leaving a mark on the cyber anime world that was as peculiar as it was inspiring.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 6, 2023, 6:38 a.m.

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Published: Monday, November 6, 2023

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