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Tanner conquers his fears and becomes a hero


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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I write about 7 year old Tanner in bed as he slept only to be woken up by loud noises downstairs. Please have Tanner walk to the edge of the stairs only to see masked men rummaging through everything down there. Please have Tanner go into his 30 year old mother Alyssa's room to try and wake her up. It was just Tanner and Alyssa in the house. Alyssa had brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a short blue dress to bed she liked wearing to sleep and had her fingers and toes were painted red. Please have Tanner freak as he held his stuffed teddy bear in his hands shaking as he whispered to his mom. Please have Tanner say the quote "Mom-- Mommy? There's big men downstairs! I'm scared! Please wake up!" in his lispy little innocent voice. Please have Alyssa roll over in her bed and open her eyes briefly looking at Tanner. Please have Alyssa say the quote "You're just having a bad dream honey. Go back to bed or get in bed with mommy tonight" Tanner begged his mom to believe and started getting louder before reaching out for his mom's hand only to feel a strong jolt coarse through his body causing his vision to go black and for him to get dizzy. Please have Tanner open his eyes as he realizes he must've fell asleep in his mom's bed with his mom and have him roll over to try to find his mom only for her to be gone. Please have Tanner hear his own voice say "Mommy! I'm not pretending! There's scary men downstairs!" causing him to freak out knowing he didn't say that at all. Please have Tanner roll back over to see his body standing the way he just was with the teddy bear causing Tanner to freak again. Tanner sat up in the bed. Please have Tanner notice how much taller and bigger and different he feels as he notices his longer brown hair that looks just like mommy's. Please have Tanner stand up and notice he's wearing mom's dress and have Tanner notice the mounds on his chest which he doesn't know are boobs and have him walk to a nearby mirror. Please have Tanner study his reflection innocently as he sees he now has his mother's mature female eyes instead of his own but his innocence still shines through her eyes. Please have Tanner say the quote "I'm mommy now? But there's scary men downstairs. I need mommy's help! I'm scared! I don't know what to do!" before covering his mouth at the sound of his mother's mature female voice coming out of his mouth instead of his own usual innocent little boy voice. Tanner had been taught how to lock doors so he walked over to the bedroom door and locked it before gently pulling a small dresser in front of the door to block it as he had helped his mom move in the past. Please have Tanner extend out his new female fingernails and cringe at the sight of the nail polish before looking at his female feet and seeing the same color polish before gagging at the sight of the dress on his female body as he walked over to the mirror. Tanner's own body quietly opened a closet door before shutting leaving the other Tanner stuck in mom's body. Please have Tanner look at his reflection again as he played with her hair before giving an accidental seductive look to his reflection before Alyssa's eyes went back to showing signs of Tanner's innocence. Please have Tanner say the quote "Mommy? I'm scared! What do we do? I wish you were here! I don't wanna be the mommy! The scary men are gonna hurt me! I hope this is a bad dream!" as Tanner sat down and crawled over to a corner of the room and curled up into a ball covering his head and hiding his face and crying and rocking back and forth causing his new long female hair to fall over his eyes and his face and once again glancing down at his new female feet with the red polish on them causing him to squeeze his eyes shut again as he pinched himself hoping he was just dreaming not knowing he was now permanently stuck in the body of his mother Alyssa and that he would never go back to being a boy again.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in the silent hours of the night, seven-year-old Tanner lay in his bed, sound asleep. His dreams were suddenly disrupted by an abrupt cacophony echoing from downstairs. Tanner's heart drummed in his chest as he clutched his teddy bear, crawling to the edge of the stairs. Peeking down, his innocent eyes widened in terror at the sight of masked men vandalizing their home. Without wasting a moment, Tanner hurried to his mother's room, his tiny feet padding against the wooden floor. His mother, Alyssa, was a beautiful woman with tender brown eyes and soft brunette waves falling on her shoulders. Tonight she wore her favorite short blue dress to bed, her fingers and toes were painted in a striking red, something she consistently liked to do. Tanner, teddy bear held tight against his chest, trembled as he nudged his mother awake. "Mom-- Mommy? There's big men downstairs! I'm scared! Please wake up!" he whispered, lisping in his endearing youthful voice. Alyssa stirred, opening her weary brown eyes and looked towards her son. "You're just having a bad dream honey. Go back to bed or get in bed with mommy tonight," she replied softly. Tanner's pleas only grew louder as he extended a hand to touch his mother, but instantly a strong jolt coursed through his body. His vision blurred, the world twisted, and Tanner's petite, boyish body collapsed. When he awakened, he found himself in his mother's bed. His eyes darted around before falling on his mother, but she was gone. Hearing his own voice echo throughout the room, Tanner gasped, the realization of him never uttering those words just now making him panic. He rolled over, astounded to see his own little body standing at the foot of the bed clutching his teddy bear – but how could that be possible? Slowly sitting up, Tanner noticed that his perspective was different. Was everything always this small? He felt his hair brushing against his back, not the short boy-cut he was used to, but a long cascade of soft, brown waves, so similar to his mother's. As he got up, he felt the weight of his chest, the unfamiliar sensation causing him to look down, noticing not his pajamas, but a short blue dress that he had seen his mother wear many times. Approaching a mirror, he studied his reflection. Instead of his young innocent face, he saw his mother's mature features, but the innocence in the eyes... it was still his. He whispered in disbelief, "I'm mommy now? But there's scary men downstairs. I need mommy's help! I'm scared! I don't know what to do!" His voice had changed too. It was full and feminine, his mother's voice. Using the knowledge he possessed of locking doors, Tanner secured his mother's bedroom, even dragging a dresser in front of the entry for added protection. Looking down at his hands, he saw delicate fingers with long painted nails like his mom's and even his feet were painted the same fiery red. The unfamiliar sight made him gag; this was too wrong. He watched as his own body silently slipped into the closet, the door shutting behind it. Tanner returned to the mirror, unconsciously twirling a loose strand of his new long hair, giving a seductive look to his reflection before the fear of his predicament washed over him again. He whimpered, "Mommy? I'm scared! What do we do? I wish you were here! I don't wanna be the mommy! The scary men are gonna hurt me! I hope this is a bad dream!" Curling up in a corner of the room, he hid his face behind delicate hands and wept, the long strands of hair obscuring his vision. The red toe polish on his feet glimmered in dim room light, causing Tanner to squeeze his eyes shut and pinch his arm, hoping he'd wake up from this dream. But Tanner didn't wake up as himself because he found himself now living life as Alyssa. He was no longer the little boy he once was: he had to navigate this new world in his mother's body, accompanied by her identity – well and truly trapped.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 26, 2023, 2:44 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, November 26, 2023

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