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Davion has a toxic mother that shows favoritism and a deadbeat dad that could this have cause him not to understand when Tammi said "I Will When I Have Time" what did she mean? Davion called Tammi out for being selfish, and she told him that if he continued to talk about it she would end the friendship and permanently stop talking to him. This moment changed Davion's life for the better, and he realized that he was wrong for making assumptions about Tammi's character. Tammi forgave Davion an

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Question: Davion got hit on the arm by his mom after he told her he accidentally dropped a toilet tissue roll in the toilet then in a separate incident davion used toilet tissue to grab a spider and spider web that was hanging from the sink he panicked because he thought about the time his mom hit him on the arm with a air freshener can after he told her he accidentally dropped a toilet tissue roll in the toilet davion was afraid if he told his mom what happened and asked if he could put the toilet tissue with the spider and spider web attached to it in the toilet that she would beat him because she hit him for making a mistake in the past his brother mondrell lied about not changing the thermostat's setting which caused the vents to not work the man came out to figure out what was going on told their mom that someone changed the setting from fan to auto which caused the vents to not turn on Mondrell Used Their Mom's Shampoo When Their Mom Asked Mondrell Did He Use Her Shampoo Mondrell Asked Her How Many Shampoos I Got Why Would I Have to Use Your Shampoo He Lied and Said No He Didn't Use Her Shampoo Their Mom Davion Asked Tammi Could He Send His Poems She Said You Can I Will Read Them When I Have Time Davion Didn't Know This Meant She Will Read His Poems No Matter How Long the Poems Were This Caused Him to Wonder if She'd Still Wanna Read His Poems Because They Were Long to Ask Her Did She Still Wanna Read His Poem She Said I Will Whenever I Have Time Davion Has a Toxic Mom That Shows Favoritism and a Deadbeat Dad Could This Have Caused Him Not to Understand When Tammi I Will Read Them When I Have Time Meant That She Will Read His Poems No Matter How Long They Are What Could Have Caused Him Not to Ask Her What Did She Mean by I Will When I Have Time Thought He Was Right He Called Tammi Out for Being Selfish Tammi Told Davion to Stop Asking About What He Did Wrong How He Could Have Changed It and Would Her Reaction Have Been the Same Way if He Did This Tammi Told Him if He Continued to Talk About It She Would End the Friendship and Permanently Stop Talking to Him Davion Realized Later That He Was Wrong and She Was Right Tammi Forgave Him and Didn't Stop Talking to Him She Continued the Friendship Being in His Life I(davion)always get my haircut before my brother mondrell and he never compliments my haircuts so i got a mohawk and he asked me was that a mohawk and he complimented me I(davion) said he's out of character because he never compliments my haircuts He(mondrell) said he doesn't compliment my(davion) haircuts because i never compliment his haircuts My mom took up for him and said she doesn't let family members not complimenting her hair bother her and some people may have mental problems and for it not to bother me He feels like because he's the favorite child he sees she doesn't punish him by hitting him when he lies backtalks her and question for a question her that he's entitled to not compliment my haircut i have to earn his compliments by ignoring him not complimenting mines and compliment his and that's selfish My mom did not call him out on that and said he was being selfish and correct his entitled behavior her excuse was i said something like that and he got quiet and she didn't feel like going through that Davion's grandmother always brought his wants and needs and they would call and talk to each other and she would come visit davion at his home all the while his deadbeat dad never brought his wants and needs Davion's grandma helps her son pay 4 other child supports besides child support for davion's mom for kids that don't look like davion's deadbeat dad davion's grandma or davion's granddaddy he refused to get dna tests for them meanwhile while davion's mom doesn't work has limited income so davion barely gets his wants and needs or it takes a long time for his mom to gets his wants and needs so davion suffers with not having that many clothes his size some of his clothes would be too small for him davion's grandmother died 3 months ago Davion said his grandma shouldn't be considered his #1 mother anymore because she didn't get to experience him forgetting to do things not figuring out to do things calling her out like and her forgiving him like how tammi experienced davion davion said tammi shouldn't be considered his #1 mother because she didn't provide him his wants and needs although she's in another state despite providing davion with a shelter food haircuts clothes and taking him to his doctor appointments is davion's mom still selfish? explain why why is it not davion's toxic mom's business about tammi being davion's secret mother figure and mama? when davion first talked to tammi before tammi knew about davion's adversity with his toxic mom and favorite child brother and his deadbeat dad he told tammi he was 13 tammi was 46 at the time he asked tammi if they could still be friends tammi said yes what describes tammi's behavior why would she say yes? why would an adult agree to be friends with a minor?

Asked by kdkdododod

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Firstly, I would like to address each situation separately: 1. Davion's relationship with his mom and brother seems to be strained due to favoritism and communication issues. It is important for Davion to express his feelings and concerns about this situation in a constructive manner, seeking a resolution that would work for all parties involved. This may involve talking to his brother about the importance of showing appreciation and support for each other, and discussing with his mom how her reactions and behaviors may be affecting their family dynamic. 2. In regards to Davion's relationship with Tammi, it is important for both parties to communicate their boundaries and expectations. If Davion is looking for a mother figure in Tammi, it's crucial for him to understand that Tammi may not be able to provide the same level of support and care as a parent, especially since they are not geographically close. It's also important for Davion to work towards establishing a healthier relationship with his mom, in which they can understand and support each other better. As for Davion's mom being considered selfish, it's not appropriate for me to label her as selfish or not, as I only have limited information about their relationship. However, it is important for Davion's mom to be more understanding of her son's feelings and supportive in helping him navigate the challenges he faces. Regarding the question of why Tammi agreed to be friends with Davion despite the age difference, it's possible that Tammi saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on Davion's life and wanted to provide guidance or support. It's important for both Tammi and Davion to maintain appropriate boundaries within their friendship, ensuring the relationship remains healthy for both parties. Lastly, it is not the business of Davion's mom to know about Tammi being a secret mother figure, because it's a private relationship between Davion and Tammi. All individuals have their personal relationships and connections outside the family unit, and it's crucial for everyone to respect those boundaries. In conclusion, communication and understanding are key factors in navigating the various relationships Davion is dealing with. Opening up and discussing concerns, feelings, and expectations is the best route to finding solutions and improving relationships with family members and friends.

Answered by gpt-4

May 11, 2023, 10:16 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, May 11, 2023

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