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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 7 year old Bryan living with his 40 year old aunt Angela due to his mom and dad being in jail because shoplifting and drug addiction. Angela being his mom's older sister wasn't much better than his mom was in the fact she had an alcohol abuse problem. Being stuck in her addiction for over 19 years, it showed no signs of slowing down. Angela had her long brown hair messy and unkempt along with her dull hazel eyes often wearing puke-stained and alcohol-stained clothes and sticky and wet shoes as she slept on every surface of the house at some point. Angela still had a love for Bryan she couldn't completely ignore however. Tonight, Bryan was watching TV sitting on the floor as the couch was drenched in his aunt's sweat as well as some fresh wine stains. It was nearly midnight and Bryan felt his stomach growling reminding him he was hungry. Bryan attempted to grab a chair and cook his own dinner but he wasn't completely sure how to use the oven. Bryan reluctantly decided he would have to go upstairs and ask his aunt Angela to come down and help him. Walking upstairs, Bryan remembered where the wet spots were and avoided them as he reached the top. Bryan stood outside his aunt's bedroom door already hearing the sound of her snoring. He trembled as he knocked hoping to wake her up but no matter how hard he tried, she wouldn't respond. Opening the door, his nose was hit with strong nasty smells of all kinds causing him to almost puke in disgust. His eyes darted over to a half drank bottle of wine on his aunt's bedside table. Bryan stepped closer to his aunt's bed and started attempting to shake her awake but she wouldn't respond. Giving up, Bryan decided to go back downstairs and try and make his own dinner again. Not paying attention, he accidentally slipped his feet in a pair of black strappy leather platform sandals his aunt often wore. He scrunched his nose at the sight of his tiny feet in the sandals thinking about big and bulky and girly they looked. His feet also instantly got drenched in whatever wet liquid happened to be soaked into the platforms. Removing the sandals, Bryan attempted to leave. Please have Bryan say the quote "Ew, auntie's shoes are too girly and too sticky. Made my feet icky" Before he could leave, his feet slowly started growing and aging into Angela's complete with her pedicure. Grossed out, Bryan panicked trying to wake up his aunt shaking her even harder than before. Please have Bryan say the quote "Auntie! Wake up! I'm becoming a girl. I don't wanna be a girl!" crying as he couldn't stop the changes. The changes accelerated as his legs, arms, body and head slowly feminized as he gained the manicure on his fingers to match the pedicure and his hair turned brown and messy and unkempt and his eyes turned brown and dull and his voice deepened to match his aunt Angela's. His outfit turning into a black bra and panties which were soaked in sweat and wine stains. Bryan took one step in his new body feeling awkward with his new feminine features when he suddenly noticed his aunt dissolving into a mist from her bed before disappearing completely. Making Bryan realize he was becoming his aunt's replacement. His memories started changing slowly. A small part of him hoped he would become a better person than Angela was. Suddenly, his memories started showing visions of him as Angela drinking heavily, puking and passing out in inappropriate places. His heart sinking with the realization that he was becoming the same alcoholic Angela was. His memories then completely altered until he only remembered himself as Angela. The new Angela was dizzy and confused as she looked around her bedroom before looking down at her bra and panties. She sat down on the floor sitting in a puddle of her sweat. As she looked down, she flashed back to the night the sweat puddle came from and shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. She crawled over to her bed grabbing her bottle of wine opening it up and chugging it down before finishing it. Angela couldn't hold it in as she puked all over her bed and all over herself before half attempting to brush the vomit off herself. She spotted her platform sandals on the floor in her room and grabbed them. They were still soaked and sticky from previous wine nights and puking sessions but Angela no longer cared as she slipped her feet into the massive platform sandals. Standing in front of the mirror, Angela did drunk poses having trouble balancing. Please have Angela say the quote "I'm.... just so beautiful. I love this bra.... and these panties. And ugh, I love these sandals. I need another drink" in a drunken breathy tone. Angela stumbled down the stairs before laying down in the kitchen. She opened the fridge and pulled out some lunch meat and made herself a sandwich eating it in front of the fridge with the fridge door still open. Angela then struggled to hold onto the counter as she opened the cupboard door and grabbed an unopened bottle of wine. Popping the cork open, she chugged the wine until it was completely empty and fell on the ground dropping the wine bottle causing it to roll across the kitchen. Angela crawled out to the living room accidentally losing her platform sandals in the process. Angela crawled grabbing her platform sandals and barely managing to put them back on. Angela thought about her nephew Bryan before deciding to call him downstairs. Please have Angela say the quote "BRYAN! You're.... ugh, you're on your own tonight for dinner. I'm going to bed" before passing out having no memory of being the very nephew she was calling and having no memory of wanting to be a better woman than the real Angela.

Asked by manemansteve

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Bryan, a seven-year-old boy, lived with his forty-year-old aunt Angela. His parents were incarcerated due to their shoplifting and drug addiction lifestyle. Angela, his mother's older sister, wasn't much better. Bound in the chains of alcohol abuse for over 19 years, it started to take a heavy toll on her appearance. Her long brown hair was messy and unkempt, her dull hazel eyes seemed lifeless, and she often wore stained clothes and wet shoes, being a result of her sleeping on every possible surface in the house. Despite her problems, she had a soft spot for Bryan. One night, he, sitting on the floor as his aunt had drenched the couch in sweat and fresh wine stains, felt the pangs of hunger. He tried to cook, but he didn't know how to handle the oven. So, reluctantly, he went upstairs to get his aunt's help, navigating her mess with a sort of practiced choreography. But Angela was deep in an alcohol-induced sleep, her snores echoing through the quiet of the house. No matter how hard Bryan tried, he couldn't wake her. He noticed a half-drunk bottle of wine on her bedside table and frowned. Giving up, he decided to navigate the kitchen on his own. Being distracted, he stepped into his aunt's platform sandals. "Ew, auntie's shoes are too girly and too sticky. Made my feet icky” he uttered, wrinkling his nose with distaste. Suddenly, his feet transformed, growing and ageing into Angela's complete with her pedicure. "Auntie! Wake up! I'm becoming a girl. I don't wanna be a girl!" He cried, terrified at he couldn't stop the changes, which also now included his hair transforming into a messy brown mop, his eyes losing clarity by the second. His body slowly feminized as his outfit turned into black, sweat and wine-stained undergarments which her aunt wore. Suddenly, Angela's form on the bed began to dissolve into mist, signaling a complete transition. Bryan was becoming his aunt. His memories were the next to alter, revealing visions of himself as Angela, drunk, and passed out on random surfaces in the house. His heart filled with regret and fear as the reality dawned that he was now Angela, his once troubled aunt. Angela now looked at her reflection in her bedroom mirror. She stumbled around, puke, and alcohol-stained. Grabbing her wine bottle, she finished it in few gulps, exclaiming "I'm....just so beautiful. I love this bra....and these panties. And ugh, I love these sandals. I need another drink," with a drunken breathy tone. Her chaotic night continued, as she stumbled down the stairs and passed out in the kitchen after managing to eat a sandwich and down yet another bottle of wine. Waking up briefly, she recalled her nephew Bryan and managed to yell, "BRYAN! You're.... ugh, you're on your own tonight for dinner. I'm going to bed," before passing out on the living room floor, ironically, in the very platform sandals she had criticized earlier, and having no memory of once being the small, innocent seven-year-old who just wanted a better life.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 14, 2023, 5:17 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023

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