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Question: The year is 2021. Write me a long thoroughly in 80 numbered sentences detailed story the way I have typed it out about a 6 year old boy with a description of the boy's name, age, height, weight, birthday, birth year, what state in the US he's from, hair color and style and eye color. His young mom's name, age, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His aunt's name, age, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His grandma's name, age, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. Have him be staying at his friend's house for the first time holding some money his mom gave him and his phone as well as another thing he cherished the name of the thing mentioned. Include his friend's name, age, birthday, birth year, height, weight, hair color and style and eye color. Include his friend's mom's name, age being around the same as his grandma, birthday, birth year being one year before his grandma, height, being from New York, weight, hair color and style and eye color and have her be wearing a black and white patterned short sleeve shirt with jean shorts and black flip flops with her nails painted and jewelry all over her body including a wedding ring and makeup and lipstick. Have her spot the phone and the money and the other item swiping them from the boy with no hesitation. Have the boy beg her to give them back and have it be in quoted text spelled wrong cause of a lisp. Have the woman tell him no and that she was confiscating them while he was over and have it be in quoted text words spelled different to a thick New York accent. Have her tell her son that she's going out to run an errand and have it be in quoted text words spelled wrong cause of a thick New York accent. Have the boy's friend tell him that he can try to get his stuff back now that his mom's gone causing the boy to run through the house searching for his stuff. Have the boy remove his own shoes and socks for some reason as he ran upstairs. Have him stumble upon his friend's mom's room spotting his money and phone and his item as he slowly walked towards his items not looking at the ground. Have him trip over something causing him to temporarily lose balance looking down at his feet. Have him realize his feet had somehow accidentally slipped into his friend's mom's flip flops. Have him realize his feet weren't coming out as he felt his feet begin to crack and age growing to fit the sandals and his toenails gaining a polish with the polish color mentioned with detailed descriptions of everything happening. Have the boy frantically pull at the sandals feeling no progress to remove them as his legs slowly started shifting into his friend's mom's with detailed descriptions of his legs becoming female. Have him yell no i don't wanna be my friend's mom she stole my things and i didn't do anything wrong this isn't fair and have it be in quoted text spelled wrong cause of a lisp. Have his lower torso and upper chest and arms and hands follow suit as his whole body except his head changed into his friend's mom's with step by step processed details on everything changing. Have him manage to pull a sandal off stopping the changes at his head making him happy as he realized the sandals really were the cause of the changes. Have him go to remove the other one as his head jerked changing slowly into his friend's mom's starting with her hair, her eyes, her ears, her lips, her teeth, her nose, and finally her voice. Have him desperately bend down to yank on the other sandal sticking his newly female fingers under the straps slowly feeling them loosen but just as they started loosening, the same outfit formed over his body as well as her jewelry and wedding ring distracting him just long enough for his memories to change until he was almost exactly like his friend's mom. Have her look around her room puzzled as she looked down at her foot before spotting the items she confiscated earlier. Have her look down at the one sandal barely on her foot before chuckling to herself. Have her say to herself really ___ you decided on your ___ sandals today after not wearing them in __ years owning these way before i gave birth to ____ bless ___ above i love being a ___ woman and have it be in quoted text quoted text filling in the blanks with words spelled wrong due to a thick New York accent.. Have her then notice her other sandal in the corner of her room walking over and picking it up. Have her sit down somewhere slipping the sandal on her foot before making sure the other sandal was snug on her other foot with a step by step detailed process of her tightening the sandals on her feet. Have her then walk over to the mirror looking at her reflection with a fierceness seeing the only reflection she had ever known smiling before adjusting her shirt and her jeans and her hair before noticing the stuff she confiscated earlier. Have her get mad ranting to herself _____ he let his ___ friend without my ____ you know what wait till your ____ hears about this and have it be in quoted text quoted text filling in the blanks with words in the quoted text spelled wrong due to a thick New York accent calling her son's friend a slang Italian American term for someone who doesn't is white and ignorant and annoying. Have her calmly walk to her bedroom chair sitting down looking down at her wedding ring and her outfit. Have her say to herself that little ___ has ___ me a little ____ by myself doing some ____ should calm me down and have it be in quoted text filling in the blanks with words in the quoted text spelled wrong due to a thick New York accent.

Asked by manemansteve

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1. Six-year-old Toby Jenkins stands barely 4 feet tall, a slight 48 pounds. 2. Born on November 18, 2015, his birth year is stamped with a sweetness matched only by his chocolate eyes and caramel hair. 3. His hair, a sea of curls, hangs just above his meeting point of shoulder and arm. 4. The young boy hails from the State of Delaware. 5. Toby has a young mother named Lily Jenkins who is 28 years old, with a lithe frame standing at 5'4" and weighing 117 pounds. 6. She was born October 13, 1993, under a harvest moon. 7. Lily’s chocolate brown hair, styled in layers, cascades down her back, her cornflower blue eyes sparkling with warmth and love. 8. Toby’s Aunt Stella is 35; an earnest 5'7" vessel, she weighs around 130 pounds. 9. Stella was born on a warm summer's day of June 1, 1986. 10. Her hair, a match to Toby's, is cropped into a stylish bob with long bangs, often gracing her hazel eyes. 11. Then, there is Toby's Grandma, Irma. 12. At 63 years of age, she is a petite woman of 5'1", weighing around 140 pounds and born on February 14, 1958. 13. Grandma Irma's hair has naturally transitioned into a full head of white, styled into a lovely pixie cut, framing her emerald-green eyes charmingly. 14. This particular day found Toby visiting his friend Jake for the first time. 15. Jake was also six, just over 4 feet with a hefty weight of 50 pounds. 16. His birthday is September 2, 2015. 17. Jake has wavy sandy-blonde hair and has the sort of eyes that hold the color of the sea on a stormy day. 18. Jake's mother, Janice, is akin to Grandma Irma being 64, standing at a statuesque 5'8", and weighing around 160 pounds. 19. She is a New Yorker, born on February 14, 1957 — an interesting coincidence with Irma's birth date. 20. Janice styles her gray hair in a bouffant hairdo, with striking hazelnut colored eyes. 21. She was resplendent this day in her signature black and white patterned short sleeve shirt, jean shorts, and black flip-flops. 22. Her nails were painted a vibrant coral, a color often complementing her selection of tasteful jewelry adorning her body, including a wedding ring. 23. A minimalist makeup look was accentuated with a swipe of rosy pink lipstick. 24. On this day, young Toby was entrusted by Lily with some money, his phone, and a cherished photo of his late father. 25. No sooner than Toby had displayed these possessions, his friend's mother, Janice, eyed the phone and money, greed lighting her hazel eyes. 26. Without hesitation, she swiped the cherished belongings from Toby. 27. "Pwease, give dem back," Toby lisped, his plea tugging at heartstrings. 28. Unmoved, Janice's thick New Yok accent materialized in her curt refusal. 29. "Nah, kid. I'm confis-catin’ ‘em till ya leave," she announced confidently. 30. Turning to Jake, she revealed her departure. 31. "Ay, I’m runnin’ out for a min," her words holding her unique flair of the big apple. 32. Jake, feeling sorry for his friend, suggested they try retrieving Toby's belongings while his mom was away. 33. Inspired, Toby kicked off his own shoes and socks for some reason as he scrambled upstairs in search of his friend’s mother’s room. 34. Spotting his money, phone, and the prized photo on a side table, he advanced towards it, eyes glued to the sight. 35. He hardly noticed his feet sliding into Janice’s flip flops on the floor, causing him to stumble. 36. Looking down, he realized his feet had somehow slid into Janice's flip flops! 37. The footwear seemed strangely snug, but to his subsequent horror, he felt his feet begin to transform and age. 38. His small, soft feet hardened, stretched, and grew to snugly fit Janice's flip-flops. 39. His innocent toenails took on a vivid coral polish, stark against his now womanly feet. 40. Toby frantically tugged at the flip flops, but there was no progress. 41. His young boyish legs were unrecognizable slowly morphing into female legs. 42. Veins became more visible along with a slight aging of skin, the limbs carried an undeniable likeness of Janice's legs. 43. "No! I don’t wanna be me fwiend’s mom! She stowe my tings and I didn’t do anyting wong! It's not faiw!", Toby yelled, his lisp apparent in his panic. 44. The transformation was merciless as his lower torso started feminizing, followed by his chest and then his hands and arms. 45. His body resembled an uncanny imitation of Janice's except for his juvenile face. 46. Barely managing to wrestle one flip-flop off, the transformation stalled at Toby's head. 47. With a deep breath of relief, Toby reached for the other sandal. 48. As if in retaliation, his head jerked, his hair growing out to match Janice's bouffant hairdo, his eyes shifting to hazelnut hue. 49. His ears morphed, followed by lips, teeth, and the shape of his nose, each taking on Janice's attributes. 50. A female timber replaced his youthful lisp, causing him to gasp involuntarily. 51. His now feminine fingers slipped under the straps of the flip-flop, feeling it loosen gradually. 52. As the sandal started loosening, Janice's familiar outfit materialized over his body. 53. Toby's distraction caused him a momentary lapse of attention, just long enough for his memories to start to alter. 54. The former young boy in Janice's room was now almost indistinguishable from her. 55. Glancing around the room, her face portrayed a mix of confusion and surprise. 56. Her gaze shifted to the sandal hanging off one foot followed by the confiscated items on the side table. 57. A chuckle escaped her as she muttered, "'Reely, Janice. Ya decided on ya black flip-flops after years of neglectin’ ‘em.” 58. She added, reflecting on past memories, “Guess I always wuz a New Yoiker at heart.” 59. Spotting the other flip flop in the corner, she walked over, picked it up, and slipped it onto her foot. 60. Ensuring both sandals were securely on, Janice turned towards her room's full-length mirror. 61. Her reflection greeted her back with familiar lines, a face of aged beauty. 62. She adjusted her shirt, her jeans, and fluffed up her hair. 63. Spotting Toby's confiscated belongings once again, her face furrowed in disapproval. 64. "That lil’ gobbo has been playin’ with my stuff," she mumbled to herself in a thick New York accent. 65. She picked up the stolen items, shaking her head in disbelief. 66. Walking over to a chair, Janice settled down, her eyes landing on her wedding ring. 67. Dressed in her favored outfit, she sighed, contemplating her surroundings. 68. "Dat lil’ pest has got me all riled up," she admitted. 69. "Just gotta calm myself down, bit of light readin’ should do the trick," she decided. 70. As she reached for her favorite book, her new reality started settling in. 71. She was a woman, a mother, living in New York. 72. Despite the day’s absurdity and the odd origin of her transformation, she realized she loved this life. 73. She was a mother to Jake, wearing black flip-flops she hadn’t remembered wearing in years, basking in her New York lifestyle. 74. The lisp was gone, faded like a distant memory. 75. The once boy named Toby now only existed in memories of a six-year-old's past life. 76. Her lips curled into a smile just as the front door creaked open. 77. “Ma, you won’t believe what happened at school today!” a familiar voice echoed. 78. Janice chuckled, ready to listen to the day's events. 79. Jake, oblivious to the transformation, rushed into the room, eager to share his experiences just as any other typical day. 80. And so, life continued, just as unpredictable and bizarre as this day had proven itself to be, under the roof of Jake’s New York home, with his loving, flip-flop-wearing mother, and a mysterious pair of black sandals with hidden powers kept safe in Janice's closet.

Answered by gpt-4

May 3, 2024, 12:26 a.m.

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Published: Friday, May 3, 2024

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