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Question: Story: Write me a story about 6 year old Lawrence at his friend Bobby's house. He warned Lawrence about his older brother Robby's 18 year old girlfriend Katrina who he had broken up with recently. Katrina was crazy about Robby and had started stalking him. Katrina hid her psychotic persona behind her short brown hair, brown eyes and her innocent looking smile. Typically wearing very feminine clothing, she often wore high heels or flip flops depending on her mood. While Bobby and Lawrence played, Robby texted Bobby to lock all the doors in the house and all the windows in case Katrina was near. Bobby did just that and returned upstairs to continue playing with Lawrence. Lawrence thought he heard a weird sound coming from outside the bedroom but ignored it. Lawrence got hungry and decided to go downstairs to get a snack. Lawrence then noticed Robby's door was open and decided to check it out. Opening the door, he noticed everywhere was everywhere which wasn't like Robby at all. Feeling nervous, Lawrence turned to leave. As he did, his tiny feet slipped into something. Lawrence saw he was now wearing a pair of purple glittery flip flops. Not knowing who they belonged to, Lawrence struggled all the way down the stairs to remove the sandals eventually getting them off. Before anything else, Lawrence felt a tingling sensation. Suddenly, his feet grew and aged complete with a purple glittery nail polish. Freaking out, Lawrence tried to scrape the polish off his toes but was unsuccessful. The changes accelerated as he grew to a mature female height. His eyes turned brown and alluring and his hair turned brown and long. His teeth grew straight and white. His arms and legs feminized as his fingers gained the same polish. His body and chest feminized too. His voice matured into a female pitch. His outfit turned into a tank top and women's shorts. Seeing his reflection in the mirror made Lawrence flinch as he realized he was turning into his friend's older brother's ex-girlfriend. He cried as his memories altered, matured and changed for the worse until he only remembered being Katrina. The new Katrina felt tears flowing in her eyes and continued sobbing as she thought about her boyfriend Robby and how much she hated him. Katrina looked around her boyfriend's house before immediately shedding the tears. Spotting her flip flops in the middle of the room, Katrina walked over slipping them on her feet. She then clip clopped up the stairs and went back to Robby's room quietly closing the door. Katrina felt her whole body shaking with all kinds of excitement as she looked around the bedroom. Katrina said "Wow Katrina! How did you manage to sneak in here? I know Robby has missed me dearly and will be happy to see my return" smiling in satisfaction. Katrina then laid on the bed and imagined herself cuddling with Robby. Katrina then pulled out her phone and left Robby a voicemail. Katrina did her higher pitched voice saying "Oh hi Robby. It's your beautiful girlfriend Katrina just calling to let you know I'm at your house right now. I'm a very emotional girl and you know better than to piss me off. We need to talk or I'm gonna make your life a living Hell" before hanging up. Katrina then clip clopped over to the mirror Robby had in his room and studied her reflection. Katrina saw a pimple on her face saying "It's this stupid pimple isn't it? It makes me ugly right? We broke up cause of this. It was totally this. He could've just said something to me but no. Screw Katrina right?" Katrina then decided to hide in the closet in his room till he got home. She climbed over his clothes in the closet and sat down with her back against the wall as she closed the closet door behind her and waited patiently as she fantasized about Robby and started smiling. Strangely, Katrina couldn't even remember how she got in the house in the first place. All she knew was she was she somehow appeared in the house and had no memory of how having no memory of being a 6 year old named Lawrence cause she was now doomed to spend the rest of her life believing she was the obsessed and crazy Katrina.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time in a small town, in the safe enclosure of his friend Bobby's house, lay an innocent 6-year-old named Lawrence. Bobby had warned Lawrence about Robby's older brother's psychotic ex-girlfriend, Katrina. The whimsical Katrina appeared harmless with her short brown hair, brown eyes, and a disarming smile, but underneath her ingratiating exterior, laid a disturbed psyche. Katrina, with her usual fineries and fancy footwear, had developed tendencies to stalk Robby following their bitter separation. One day, as Bobby and Lawrence were engaged in their harmless play, Robby sent a text asking Bobby to secure all entrances, fearing that Katrina might pop up. Heeding the warning, Bobby diligently secured all doors and windows before rejoining Lawrence in their game. A peculiar sound outside the bedroom startled Lawrence but he chose to ignore it, dismissing it as a figment of his imagination. Soon, Lawrence's juvenile pangs of hunger overpowered his concentration on the game. He descended downstairs, intending to rustle up some snack. He noticed Robby's door slightly ajar and his curiosity got the better of him. Stepping inside, he was met with utter chaos, unlike Robby's usual orderly room. Anxious and puzzled, he decided to retreat but his feet accidentally slipped into a pair of shiny purple flip flops. The sandals appeared to be bewitched, as soon after, Lawrence felt a strange sensation. He underwent an inexplicable metamorphosis, growing from a petite 6-year-old to a mature woman. His features feminized and transformed, his short locks turned into a cascade of brown hair, and a fresh coat of purple glittery nail polish adorned his toes and fingers. The reflection in the mirror horrified him as he realized he was turning into Bobby's brother's ex-girlfriend, Katrina. Slowly, Lawrence's memories started fading away, replaced by Katrina's tumultuous past. He now remembered everything as Katrina would. Overcome with a potent blend of fear, desolation, and confusion, Lawrence-now-Katrina broke into a melancholic sob. Summoning weaning courage, Katrina scooped up the pair of enchanted flip flops from the floor and ascended the staircase, back to Robby's room. The prospect of her reunion with Robby sent shivers down her spine. Feeling victorious, she exulted, "Wow Katrina! How did you manage to sneak in here? I know Robby has missed me dearly and will be happy to see my return." Laying on Robby's bed, she reveled in the nostalgia of their old times, promptly leaving Robby a spiteful voicemail threatening havoc in a tenderly feigned voice. Inspecting her altered looks more closely in the mirror, Katrina felt a pang of insecurity at the sight of a tiny pimple on her face. Blaming the pimple for their breakup, she found solace in the walk-in closet, meticulously planning her 'surprise visit' for Robby. As she sunk deeper into the folds of the wardrobe, she disregarded the oddity of her uncanny arrival at the house and how she altered from a child to an adult. Having no recollection of her past life as Lawrence, she was now seemingly trapped in her anguished memories as Katrina, constantly yearning for Robby's attention.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 12, 2023, 11:56 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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