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Scenario 1: The teacher did not act in a professional manner. 1. Demonstrating defensive holds and performing a chokehold on students is highly inappropriate and dangerous, as evidenced by a student p


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Question: Read the given scenarios below and indicate whether in each scenario the teacher acted in a professional manner or not? Give two reasons for each scenario to support your stance. (39) Scenarion1 Mrs Karateka is a grade 7 maths teacher. Whatever the reason was, the teacher demonstrated several defensive holds during the class. She even demonstrated how to perform a chokehold using several of her students! Her demonstration was so effective that one of the students passed out, but fortunately, the student did not sustain any permanent injuries. Scenario 2 Pathetic, a grade 1 learner was accused of clogging the toilet by her teacher. Pathetic was ordered by her teacher to unclog the toilet with her bare hands. The student had not clogged the toilet on purpose; it happened naturally. Yet the teacher told her to clean her waste and toilet paper out with her bare hands. Scenario 3 Mr Excitement is a soccer coach of Lotanang special school His team won a local school soccer tournament. Mr Excitement realised that the school transport was not around to transport the players back to the school. Without inquiring further about the school transport, Mr Excitement stuffed all 11 players into his Honda Accord. Two players rode in the front seat, seven in the back seat, and two other rode in the latched trunk.

Asked by Luis12

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Scenario 1: The teacher did not act in a professional manner. Firstly, Mrs. Karateka demonstrated unsuitable material in a grade 7 maths classroom. It is not appropriate for a math teacher to be teaching physical holds or maneuvers; the classroom should be an environment focused on academic learning. Secondly, the safety of the students was compromised. The teacher used her students to demonstrate a potentially dangerous chokehold move, causing one of the students to pass out. This is a clear violation of the duty of care. Scenario 2: This teacher also did not act in a professional manner. Firstly, the teacher ordered a student to engage in an activity that is unhealthy and unsafe, risking the student's health. Secondly, the teacher blamed and punished a student for a natural occurrence, which is inappropriate. Teachers should provide support and understanding during these situations, not shame and punishment. Scenario 3: Mr. Excitement did not behave professionally. Firstly, he risked the safety of his students by stuffing them into an overcrowded car. This presents a huge risk to their physical safety, especially those in the trunk of the car. Secondly, his decision-making process was faulty and hasty. He should have made an inquiry about the school transport or found a safe, reasonable alternative to ensure his students could get home safely. Teachers must always prioritize student safety above all else.

Answered by gpt-4

March 10, 2024, 4:18 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, March 10, 2024

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