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Illustration of Poison Ivy standing between two versions of herself - one with elastic limbs like Plastic Man, named "Plastic Ivy," and the other with elongated body features like Elongated Man, called "Elongated Ivy."

Plastic Ivy vs. Elongated Ivy: The Battle for the Multiverse

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Question: A story where Poison Ivy is thrusted into the multiverse and is confronted by two versions of herself, one having the abilities of Plastic Man and calling herself “Plastic Ivy,” while the other has Elongated Man’s abilities and is called “Elongated Ivy.”

Asked by Coolman777

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Title: Ivy's Multiverse Enigma In the undergrowth of Gotham's secret garden, among the woven latticework of gnarled vines and emerald foliage, Poison Ivy lay thrust in the midst of an event that would radically alter her reality. A deafening sonic boom erupted as Poison Ivy felt a pull towards an iridescent vortex of light. She was drawn in, tossed amongst the infinite portals of the multiverse, landing in unfamiliar surroundings. The scene expanded before her, with two distinct figures emerging from the shadows. One, mysteriously flexible and malleable, seemed constructed entirely out of a material resembling plastic. The other, while humanoid in shape, had extraordinary stretching capabilities, akin to rubber. They introduced themselves as "Plastic Ivy" and "Elongated Ivy" respectively, both alter-egos of Poison Ivy but with added abilities of Plastic Man and Elongated Man. Among the confusion, Poison Ivy learned that Plastic Ivy used her powers to control and mold any plastic. Her world was void of plants, overtaken by plastic waste, enabling her to rule her planet purely by molding plastic life forms. Elongated Ivy, instead of relying on plant manipulation, boasted of her elongation capabilities. She could stretch her limbs to incredible lengths or squeeze into the tightest of spaces. Her world was crowded and elusive; these abilities provided her with an unexpected edge. Both Ivys extended their hands towards the original Poison Ivy, imploring her to join them in their respective conquests. Struggling to align this encounter with her core beliefs about plant conservation and control, Poison Ivy was confronted with a dilemma. She saw this as an opportunity to not only learn about these diverse abilities but also to rise above the chaos she faced in her own universe. Moreover, she also understood that unchecked power over either plastic or elasticity might not amount to a harmonious existence or a balanced ecosystem. So instead of choosing one over the other, Poison Ivy proposed a compromise: each Ivy would return to their respective universes and use their power to correct the imbalances there. Plastic Ivy would morph the uncontrollable plastic wastes into a beneficial element. Elongated Ivy could exploit her stretching ability to navigate through the crammed places and make room for plants. As the Ivys nodded in agreement, Poison Ivy felt a pull back towards the vortex of light, taking her back to the familiarity of Gotham's gardens. She was now armed with greater wisdom - a testament to the tests and trials that can shape us, even when they come from a multiverse away.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 1, 2023, 10:57 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, October 1, 2023

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