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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 7 year old Parker living with his 24 year old cousin Kristi. Kristi had curly red hair and green eyes and often wore dresses or crop tops and flats and sometimes heeled shoes instead. Parker was living with Kristi cause his dad had left him at a really young age and his mom wasn't doing the best either with her being in and out of jail. Kristi was the first option that made sense to Parker's family when they looked for a suitable guardian for Parker. Kristi however wasn't the bright light everybody thought she was. She was battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol that was a losing battle for her. She however had tried pulling back and had definitely been fighting harder since getting custody of Parker especially ever since the night he found her slumped over the couch with a pill bottle in her lap. Kristi had vowed to cut off her addictions cold turkey just so Parker would never have to see her like that ever again. However, Kristi had started heading in the wrong direction recently and it wasn't looking too good for her. One night, while Parker was waiting for the usual dinnertime Kristi usually prepared, he looked over at the clock to see it was now 12:30 am meaning it had been almost 6 hours since he should've had dinner. Parker walked up to the freezer and pulled out a pizza deciding he would just pull it out ahead of time to make it easier on his cousin. Parker had actually learned how to cook on the stove and in the oven as a result of Kristi sometimes being unreliable and he preheated the oven and then put the pizza in the oven all by himself setting up 2 plates as well as the pizza cutter for when the pizza was done. Please have Parker say the quote "Yummy pizza. I can't wait. Cousin Kristi is probably hungry too" Heading upstairs to just outside Kristi's room, he smelled a strong smell he recognized but didn't know what it was due to his innocent mind. It was the smell of all the nasty that Kristi was doing. He could also hear snoring even with the door closed. Knocking on the door, Kristi didn't respond no matter how hard he tried knocking. Eventually seeing no other option, he opened the door heading into Kristi's room. The smell got even stronger as he stepped into her room and looked at her as she sprawled out on her bed. She was wearing a short white dress that was stained in alcohol. A bottle of pills next to a bottle of vodka on her bedside table. Parker tapped Kristi then he shook her eventually rattling her whole body. Kristi only briefly opened her eyes not even noticing Parker and then rolling over in bed and going back to sleep. Feeling sad and hopeless at waking up his cousin, he decided to leave. As he was leaving, he wasn't looking at where he was going and he tripped accidentally slipping his feet into a pair of white strappy platform sandals belonging to Kristi that she often wore especially when she was drunk. Looking at the feminine shoes on his feet made him cringe in disgust. He removed them right away and continued his journey out of Kristi's room. Before he could leave completely, he felt tingling sensation in his whole body. He suddenly noticed his feet growing and aging until they looked exactly like Kristi's down to her pedicure. He freaked out and ran back to Kristi. Please have Parker say the quote "Cousin Kristi! Cousin Kristi! What's happening to me? Why do I have girl feet? Why do I have your feet? Help me!" The changes didn't stop there. They accelerated as his legs feminized and matured into Kristi's. His arms and body feminized and matured as he gained his cousin's breasts and his fingernails gained the manicure to match the pedicure on his toes. His head and face turned into Kristi's as he gained her yellow teeth from all the alcohol and drug abuse. His voice matured into Kristi's pitch. His eyes turning green and his hair turning red and curly. His outfit turning into the same white dress with the same exact stains his sleeping cousin was wearing. Suddenly, Parker looked at his sleeping cousin with his new female eyes and noticed she was evaporating into a mist before she disappeared completely leaving the bed empty. Parker's heartbeat going at what felt like 100 mph as he realized his cousin no longer existed and he was becoming her replacement. He began to feel his memories start to change. A small part of him hoped he would be a happier cousin than Kristi was and maybe a better person and he was determined to do just that. Those hopes slowly shattered when he started seeing visions of himself as Kristi getting drunk, popping pills and slumping over in every room of the house. Eventually, Parker's memories fully changed until he only remembered ever being Kristi. The new Kristi was dizzy, confused and disoriented as she realized she was standing in the middle of her bedroom. Kristi looked down at her dress and then turned around tripping and falling onto her bed and ripping her dress in the back. Please have Kristi say the quote "Oh dammit! I just ripped my dress. My own damn fault though. I shouldn't even be awake right now" Kristi sat on the edge of her bed and started rubbing her legs and her feet as she stretched herself. She looked over at her white platform sandals and reached over grabbing them and setting on the ground in front of her. Kristi then stood up slipping her feet into the platform sandals. Kristi walked over to the mirror and admired her outfit of choice. Despite the rip in her dress, the stains on her dress and the slight sticky texture coming from her sandals, Kristi didn't care. She put her hands on her hips and sarcastically strutted in her platforms back and forth in front of her mirror before deciding to leave her room. On the way out of her room, she grabbed her alcohol and her pills. Halfway down the stairs, Kristi missed a step with her foot causing her slide down the stairs the rest of the way. Somehow not dropping anything, Kristi stood back up and heard the sound of the oven beeping. Walking over, Kristi was extremely confused as she wondered why the oven was even on. She opened it and saw there was a pizza inside the oven. Grabbing oven mitts, she pulled the pizza out and set it on the stove. The rational part of her mind going back into dormant as she immediately opened her pills popping a couple before washing them down with some of her alcohol. Not long after, Kristi puked all over the kitchen floor and all over her feet. Please have Kristi say the quote "Ew, I just puked all over my feet. Oh well, my platforms are too comfortable and I don't feel like removing them" Kristi then thought about her cousin and immediately wondered where he was getting ready to call him when her mind immediately got heavy and cloudy. Kristi then sat on the living room floor before nodding out and falling asleep platform sandals still on her feet having no memory of being the very cousin she was thinking about and having no memory of wanting to be a better Kristi than the real Kristi was.

Asked by manemansteve

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From the tender age of seven, Parker’s life was far from rainbows and butterflies. Living under the care of his beautiful red-haired, green-eyed cousin Kristi, he was exposed to a darker side of life than most kids his age. Kristi, 24, was expected to be Parker’s guardian angel when his father abandoned him at a young age and his mother kept straggling in and out of jail. But Kristi battled her own demons, constantly fighting a losing battle against addiction to drugs and alcohol. While she tried reigning in her addictions for Parker's sake, inevitably, she began losing her footing again. One late night when Parker should have been asleep, he found himself in the kitchen preparing the dinnertime usually crafted by Kristi. The clock was ticking past midnight, his small belly growling in protest. Taking initiative, he pulled a frozen pizza from the freezer, oven preheated just right, and set two dishes and a pizza cutter for serving. As he did so, he said, "Yummy pizza. I can't wait. Cousin Kristi is probably hungry too." Approaching Kristi's bedroom, he was welcomed by a pungent odor, familiar yet indiscernible to his innocent mind. In the crest of silence, Parker could hear the deep rumbling snore of his cousin. With increasing worry, he knocked urgently on Kristi's door, but found no response. Taking a brave leap, he pushed the door open only to find Kristi sprawling on her bed, a white stained dress clinging to her silhouette, a witch's brew of pills and vodka lingering on her bedside. Try as he might, he couldn’t wake his unconscious cousin. In haste, he found his feet tangled in one of Kristi's many pairs of white strappy platform sandals. He'd seen her wear them countless times, especially when she was deeply drunk. Dismay shadowed his expressions as he stepped out of the unwelcome feminine footwear. But as he moved away, a strange tingling sensation gripped his body, his feet morphing into an adult woman’s, replicating Kristi's down to her pedicure. His heart pounded in his chest as he ran back to Kristi's bedside and exclaimed, "Cousin Kristi! Cousin Kristi! What's happening to me? Why do I have girl feet? Why do I have your feet? Help me!" The transformation didn’t end there. With each passing moment, he continued to morph into Kristi, down to her stained white dress and yellow teeth. The climax hit when Kristi herself, evaporated into nothingness, as if she no longer existed. His cousin's memories and experiences flooded his brain, rewriting his existence. He remembered himself as Kristi, slouching in the corners of the house, drunk, and high on pills. The seven-year-old Parker wanished into thin air, replaced by a 24-year-old Kristi. His new identity dawned upon him, the new Kristi now liberated and disoriented in her bedroom. With a sigh of resignation, she noticed her ripped white dress and said, "Oh dammit! I just ripped my dress. My own damn fault though. I shouldn't even be awake right now." With a newfound nonchalance, the new Kristi put on the white platform sandals, undeterred by the stains and stickiness they bore. With alcohol in one hand and pills in the other, Kristi descended down the stairs, stumbling and falling halfway. But to her surprise, the wonderful smell of pizza filled the kitchen. It was then she realized she was not alone. With her mind clouded by substances, she forgot about her seven-year-old cousin and passed out on the floor, the phantom taste of pizza still lingering in her still drunk mouth. She murmured, "Ew, I just puked all over my feet. Oh well, my platforms are too comfortable and I don't feel like removing them" As she drifted into sleep, the memory of the real Kristi and her innocent cousin slowly vanished into oblivion.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 15, 2023, 8:22 a.m.

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Published: Friday, September 15, 2023

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