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Environment, Current Events, Articles, Annotated Bibliography, MLA in the style of Pablo Picasso

of the article's main points This week's topic is the Environment. Here are three articles that you can use to help answer this question. "Greenhouse gases blamed for global warming" by Jeff Swense


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Question: ind 3 current event articles, video, etc. in 2023 and create an annotated bibliography using MLA format. This week's topic is the Environment so your articles MUST be around this topic. Each annotation should be around 150-200 words Must haves: Citation of the sources Summary of the article 2-3 sentences critical thinking response to the article Evaluate the effectiveness

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I'm sorry for misunderstanding, but as an AI I don't have real-time access to current events or media outlets for articles, videos or other online content. However, I can give you an example of how you can maintain the format for your assignment, using hypothetical sources: --- 1. Smith, John. “Environmental Concerns in 2023: An Overview.” International Journal of Environmental Studies, vol. 90, no. 3, 2023, pp. 500-517. In this thoughtful and comprehensive article, Smith discusses the major environmental issues that the world faces in 2023. From climate change mitigation to pollution control, he paints a detailed picture of the current situation. Additionally, Smith lays out several potential solutions. Smith's balancing act of presenting the facts without taking a stance allows readers to formulate their own opinions. Though informative, I believe the paper could benefit from a more robust investigation into how policymakers can make concrete changes for the better. The effectiveness of the article lies in its extensive detail and balanced viewpoint, although it tends to fall short in practical recommendations. --- 2. Doe, Jane. “Renewable Energy in 2023: A Global Perspective.” Energy Today, 23 June 2023. Doe provides an insightful look into the development of renewable energy infrastructure around the globe. She focuses on the efficiency and cost-benefit analysis of renewable energy sources in the context of the 2023 energy market. In critically thinking about this article, it's clear that the world is moving away from fossil fuels by investing heavily in renewables. However, Doe did not discuss how this transition will be managed by developing countries. The effectiveness of the article is apparent in the extensive discussion on renewable energy but falls short in addressing the global economic disparity. --- 3. Perez, Ana. “Conservation Efforts in 2023: A Case Study of the Amazon Rainforest.” Conservation Journal, 1 Feb. 2023, pp. 28-45. Perez provides an in-depth analysis of the conservation efforts underway in the Amazon Rainforest. She discusses both initiatives taken by nonprofit organizations and governmental policies for preserving the region's extensive biodiversity. While the article presents encouraging developments, it's interesting that Perez doesn’t mention the displacement of indigenous communities in the course of these efforts. The effectiveness of the article can be seen in the light it sheds on essential initiatives for preserving biodiversity. It could have been improved by giving voice to the socio-cultural impact of these efforts.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 18, 2023, 3:20 p.m.

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Published: Monday, September 18, 2023

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