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Horror, Were-Rabbit, Monster, Bloodthirsty, Creepy in the style of Pablo Picasso

Night of the Were-Rabbit: A Terrifying Tale of Bloodlust and Horror


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Question: Write an sad, creepy, and scary R-rated live-action horror film based on Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, where the Were-Rabbit is (not only realistic-looking instead of cartoony, but also) a savage bloodthirsty (and evil) monster that eats both vegetables and flesh. Note that the Were-Rabbit in this film is not Wallace at all (unlike in the Wallace and Gromit movie), but a different human character who becomes a Were-Rabbit every full moon night. Also note that there are no characters from the Wallace and Gromit franchise in this movie other than the Were-Rabbit, as every other character in this film are original characters.

Asked by dylan7

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Title: "Lunar Curse: The Blood Moon Harvest" We open under a full moon in a quiet English village, the beautiful tranquility betrayed by an unsettling air of dread. The doctor HARLAN is seen hastily gathering supplies from his office. Despite frequent warnings from the eccentric, elderly village priest FATHER BERNARD who carries old legends of a ferocious creature terrorising their ancestors on full moon nights, the villagers dismiss it as just old folk tales. Rapid a series of gruesome attacks decimate their annual harvest and livestock. Rumors of a monstrous, rabbit-like creature circulate. Bernard insists this is the 'Were-Rabbit' of his tales, transformed from one among them by a lunar curse he had warned about. A confrontation with Harlan and the villagers reveals a shocking truth: Harlan's fiancee MELINDA is the Were-Rabbit. In a brutal twist of fate, Melinda, who arrived only a year ago, was bitten by a wild rabbit under the full moon, unbeknownst to her, it was the last Were-Rabbit. Now Harlan, alongside skeptical farmer's daughter ALICE, must harvest vegetables laced with a specially prepared silver nitrate solution, and save Melinda by using it against her monstrous form; silver nitrate in folklore could keep away evil spirits. The narrative builds towards an explosively terrifying climax on the next full moon. The cursed Melinda transforms into the Were-Rabbit, an enormous, realistic, bloodthirsty creature with terrifying, red eyes. She tears through the village with an insatiable hunger for vegetables and human flesh alike. Despite the horrendous carnage, it's a bitter race against time for Harlan and Alice. They manage to lay a trap baited with the laced produce. A ferocious confrontation ensues, leading Harlan to directly feed the laced vegetables to his transformed fiancee. However, the process triggers a violent reaction causing Melinda to agonize but gradually, the monstrous form recedes, leaving behind a battered, unconscious Melinda. The village cheers, thinking they've defeated the monster. As Harlan cradles Melinda in his arms relieved, a chilling cliffhanger reveals: Alice’s hand has a bloody bite mark. The formerly skeptical Alice looks up at the sky, dreading the next full moon. "Lunar Curse: The Blood Moon Harvest" would be a macabre, psychological thriller and a horrifying reinterpretation of the friendly Wallace and Gromit feature, rooted in folklore and the darkest corners of human fear. It would intelligently blend surreal horror elements with a deeply grounded narrative.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 27, 2024, 5:31 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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