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Ned is a poor, bullied high school student who is forced to take on the persona of Missy, a mean girls, to protect himself from her wrath. One day, control of Ned's memories is taken away by Missy's rival, and Ned is thrust into a dystopian future where Missy has control over the school and everyone below her in the social hierarchy. Ned must use his alter ego and his wits to escape and return to his own timeline before Missy's ruthless regime has a chance to take over.

Ned's Declassified was trending on twitter as people laughed and sympathized with the poor sap who got sucked into a girls dream.


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Question: Write me a story about Ned from Ned's Declassified. One day, Ned was walking down the hallway when Missy confronted him yanking him into an empty classroom. "Please take me back Bigby" she pleaded "I only have eyes for Suzy. Sorry Missy" as he did, she then yelled "Fine I didn't want to have to do this" she pulled out a laser gun and shot at him. He slowly shrunk to Missy's height and transformed into her completely down to the same girly outfit she was wearing. "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!" Ned screamed hearing MIssy's voice come out of his mouth. Missy then shot another laser at Ned's brain causing his memories to alter. The new Missy's eyes widened as she said "Whoa wait, like why am I looking at myself" in her feminine tone The real Missy smiled happy to now have a copy of her she could rule the school with together.

Asked by deedeedeedee

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Once upon a time, Ned Bigby, the master of James K. Polk Middle School survival, was sauntering down the fluorescent-lit hallway when his worst nightmare, Missy Meany, nonchalantly pulled him into an empty classroom. "Please take me back Bigby," Missy pleaded, her no-nonsense exterior uncharacteristically fragile. Ned, though surprised, straightened his posture and looked her right in the eyes, "Missy, I've been over this with you countless times, I'm with Suzy now. I'm sorry." Missy's face contorted into a mask of fury as she yelled, "Fine! I didn't want to have to do this!" She pulled out something that looked dangerously like a futuristic laser gun. Before Ned could react, a bright beam shot out striking his chest, and he felt himself shrinking, and his body drastically changing. His masculine clothes disappeared, replaced by an identical girly outfit Missy was wearing. The difference was so drastic that for a moment, he doubted his reality, "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!" He looked around in panic, stumbling over her high-heels. Looking down at his hands, he noticed they were much more delicate than before. To his utter horror, he found himself staring back at Missy, not an opposing reflection in a mirror. The voice that echoed in the classroom did not belong to him either - it was Missy's. Before he could make sense of this bewildering situation, Missy shot another laser, now targeting his brain. Suddenly, he was not alarmed anymore, and confusion ebb away. He looked in the mirror. All he saw was Missy Meany. "Whoa wait, like why am I looking at myself?" he asked in that familiar, arrogant, feminine tone. It was eerily calm, as if stepping out of his body was the most natural thing ever. The real Missy could barely contain her glee. A wicked smile spread across her face. Now, she had a perfect duplicate of herself, a willing ally, to help her exert her reign over the school. Little did she know, Ned's friends Moze and Cookie had seen everything from the hallway and were already strategizing a way to reverse Missy's misdeeds. They won't let their friend's identity be taken away, not on their watch. This was one survival guide that Ned would need his friends' help to implement.

Answered by gpt-4

June 29, 2023, 1:01 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, June 29, 2023

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