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Navigating the World of Language and Identity: UNISA AFL1501 Assignment Guidelines and Requirements


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Question: Side panel UNISA 2024 AFL1501-24-S1-9T Unit 3: Language and Identity Assignment 3 - 312554 ASSIGNMENT Assignment 3 - 312554 Completion requirements Opens: Wednesday, 24 April 2024, 8:00 AM Due: Saturday, 4 May 2024, 11:00 PM Assessment: 03 Year Mark: 15% Tool: Online Assessment Written Assessment 03 (312554) Tool: Online Assessment How do you upload this Assessment? Finalise (Save As) your assessment as a PDF format document (with the marking tools available to us, we can only comment on the assessment when the document is saved as a PDF format file). Go to Assessment No. 03 (Unique number 312554), under AFL1501, click the Submit or Save changes button and follow the steps. A Resubmit message will now appear. This only means that you can resubmit your assessment if you wish to, provided it is within the stipulated due date, but it is not necessary if you are satisfied with what you have submitted. Do not, under any circumstances, send a hard copy of your assessment to the university. Note: It is your responsibility to ensure that the file you upload as your assessment is the correct file, that it is complete, and that it is accessible to the marker. Do not copy any text or even one sentence from other students, the internet, or any other source. It is plagiarism, and you, the student, will be punished with a 0% mark for the assessment. All statements that are not your own should be referenced appropriately. (Please read through Study Unit 3 before starting with your assessment.) You may visit this website to help you understand academic writing integrity and referencing: Please look at the format requirements: Page 1: COVER PAGE Assessment heading and number: Your name and surname: Student Number: Group Number: Name of department and University (Department of African Languages, Unisa) Course code and name (AFL1501: Language through an African Lens) Name of instructor: Name of TA: Due date: Your myLife email address: Please add page numbers in the top right-hand corner: On the next page: Page 2. Remember to include a Contents Page On page 3 – begin your assignment. On the last page of your Assessment: (Copy and paste this onto your assessment). Academic Honesty Declaration: 1. I know that plagiarism means taking and using the ideas, writings, works or inventions of another as if they were one’s own. I know that plagiarism includes verbatim copying and the extensive use of another person’s ideas without proper acknowledgement (which consists of the appropriate use of quotation marks). I know plagiarism covers using material from textual sources and the Internet. 2. I acknowledge and understand that plagiarism is wrong. 3. I understand that my research proposal must be accurately referenced. 4. This research proposal is my work. I acknowledge that copying someone else’s research, or part of it, is wrong and that submitting identical work to others constitutes a form of plagiarism. 5. I have not allowed, nor will I in the future allow anyone to copy my work to pass it off as their own work. 6. I confirm that I have read and understood UNISA’s Policy for Copyright and Plagiarism -,-procedures-&-forms Full Name……………………………………………… Student No: ............................................ Task 1 (40) Understanding the Concept of "Family.” This task aims to define and reflect on the concept of "family,” to reflect on personal experiences and beliefs related to family, and to consider the diversity of family structure and how they shape individuals and communities. Write a short essay on "family" that's at least 500 words. Discuss what family means to you and include the following in your discussion. Explain your understanding of the term "family" and discuss four different types of families. (14) Provide three different explanations of the term "family" and reference them correctly. (9) Summarise what you've learned from each of the quotes/terms you provided based on your understanding. (6) Discuss how the community affects and shapes your family and reflect on how the presence of other family members influences its structure. (6) Explore how family shapes an individual's cultural identity, regardless of whether it stems from tradition or non-biological relationships. (5) Task 2 (40) Discuss the importance of clans within African communities and their connection to social identity and cultural values. (10) Explain the importance of "isithakazelo" (clan names) in Zulu culture and their connection to social identity and cultural values. (8) Describe the concept of “direto” (greeting/praise names) within Northern Sotho clans and their importance in shaping personal identity and interpersonal connections. (10) Investigate the function of neighbours and communities within African societies, focusing on communal connections, mutual support, and promoting social unity. (12) Task 3 (20) Read the sub-section 3.8 under cultural ceremonies and occasions and respond to the following questions: Explain the importance of marriage in traditional African cultures, emphasising the communal nature and the involvement of families in the matrimonial proceedings. (10) Discuss how marriage ceremonies have changed in African societies, considering the traditional practices and how they have adapted to modern ways of life. (10)

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Sure, here are some suggestions for approaching your assignment: Task 1: Understanding the Concept of "Family.” To define the term "family," you could first start with a dictionary description and then broaden to psychological, cultural, and anthropological definitions. The different types of families you discuss could include nuclear families, extended families, single-parent families, and any other types you consider relevant to your understanding. For the three different explanations of "family," you could look into psychological, socio-cultural, and perhaps an economic explanation. Remember to reference correctly using an accurate citation style, according to your university's guidelines. Then based on these quotes/definitions, summarize what you've learned reflecting on your understanding and the larger societal context. The community's effect on the family could be structured around economical, social, and cultural impacting factors, and likewise, for how family members influence the structure. For the exploration of cultural identity through family, tie in the types of families you discussed previously and the cultural norms and practices they follow. Task 2: While discussing the importance of clans and "isithakazelo," concentrate on historical, cultural, and social importance. Link how clans and "isithakazelo" shape personal identity, cultural values, and reinforce social identity in communities. For discussing the concept of "direto," explore its significance and functionality in establishing social connections and shaping personal identity in Northern Sotho communities. While investigating the function of neighbors and communities, talk about the importance of communal ties in African societies, including the importance of shared resources, interdependency, and the fostering of harmony. Task 3: For explaining the importance of marriage, focus on how it unifies families and communities, along with the communal nature that perceives marriage as more than a bond between two individuals. Discuss unique matrimonial customs that emphasize cultural identity. For discussing changes, you could discuss the influences of modernization and globalization, including changes in ceremony rituals, dowries, and changing societal belief systems. Remember to proofread your work for grammar and syntax errors, and to check that your referencing is correctly formatted.

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April 16, 2024, 4:36 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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