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Navigating Life with Purpose: The Key to Setting Goals and Establishing Healthy Relationships


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Question: ACTIVITY 1 GOALS AND GOAL SETTING: THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE ASPECTS TO CONSIDER FOR MEANINGFUL AND TO ESTABLISH HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS WITHOUT NEGATIVELY IMPACTING YOUR INDIVIDUALITY People often think most of what they do and achieve comes as a result of luck. Luck could be a feature, but successful people have goals: they plan for what they want to achieve and achieving your goals, through thorough working out your aims and objectives in life, may gratify your soul. In the same way, general state of physical, psychological, mental, social and emotional well-being could be achieved through working on your life-goals. Therefore, setting goals is the most important thing that people should do, if they are 1intent at living successful and balanced life. Goal setting does not have to be boring. There are many benefits and advantages to having a set of goals to work towards. Setting goals comes as an important step towards living a self-fulfilling life. In the end, you can’t manage what you don’t measure and you can’t improve upon something that you do not have the ability to successfully manage. On the other hand, there are various challenges or obstacles you may come across when you set, implement a plan to reach your goals. That may require effective strategies to overcome. Most importantly, you may be required to be perseverant and persistent in implementing your plans. However, practising perseverance and persistence could not on its own lead to successful realisation of your goals. For example, seeking to realise your goals with a proper plan is like building a house without a foundation. The house will not be firm, even though you may build additional structure to support it. It will eventually fall, because there is no foundation to support its main structures. For one to eventually succeed in one’s plans, one will be required to use the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound (SMART) principles to set and implement workable goals. For the smart principles to be used effectively, one has to also have positive values which will serve as a guide on what to do, how to do it, when to do it, with whom could it be done and when is that supposed to be done. This feels like we are going back to the plans; it is indeed the backbone on which the plans could be based. In other words, all that you have got to do must be informed by your personal values. Personal values will guide your actions and associations you will have to make, for your plans to succeed. Plainly, the 2notion of relationships in various contexts, i.e., school, friends, teachers, family (parents/guardians) comes to the picture. Therefore, positive relationships is what you must always aspire for if you want your goals to effectively succeed. There are many benefits and shortcomings you may come across as a result of you being involved in one or the other form of a relationships. In a 3nutshell, planning, prioritising, usage of the SMART principles, formation of positive personal values, relationships etc. are all important in the effective realisation of goals; be it life goals, academic goals, relationship goals, wellness goals, financial goals etc. It all boils down to one’s ability to work out what one really needs in life. Your situatedness in any environment is not by chance: it may have come as a result of planning, poor planning, a lack of personal values, intention and vision. Glossary: 1intent : the underlying motivation behind an action, or the state of mind with which an act is done. 2notion: a mental idea, concept, or belief that someone has. For example, “She had a vague notion of what he was talking about” means that she had a rough understanding of his topic. 3nutshell: it is a word commonly used as an idiom to mean “in a few words” or “in summary”. Adapted from Accessed on the 21 of January 2024. 1.1.Based on the above source, goals are important to a young person's life;define the term life goals.(2) 1.2.For one to be able to realise one's life goals,it is important to prioritise planning; briefly state four reasons why it is important to plan for realisation of life goals.(4) 1.3 Based on the above source, there are always obstacles to be overcome if you want to successfully realise your goals; differentiate between perseverance and persistence when goals are persued.(4) 1.4 In the source above,an indication is made that values are central to all human activities,to live successfully; describe how personal values could enable you to set personal specific goals in line with your vision.(2) 1.5 Above,it is stated that all human beings are in some form of relationships; explain why having positive relationships with your school mates could enable you to achieve your personal health goals.(6) 1.6 In the above source,it is stated that relationships could either be positive or negative; discuss how positive relationships could influence your goals towards enhancing your well-being.(8) 1.7 In the above source,it is said, goals are not automatically achieved,but there has to be planning done; analyse how planning could help you to easily achieve aacceptable levels of academic performance at grade 11.(4) 1.8 It has been discussed above that relationships could either be helpful or unhelpful; critically discuss how negative relationships with your school mates could affect your achievement of academic goals.(8) 1.9 An indication was made in the above source that personal values are central to all human activities; evaluate the impact of using personal values when relating to your teachers in the classroom.(4) 1.10 Now, recommend ways in which a grade 11learner may use goals to plan for his/her studies.In your answer also indicate how that could help you to perform better in your studies.(3)

Asked by Boitumelo

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1.1 Life goals are the long-term objectives that individuals strive to achieve throughout their lifetime. They are significant and meaningful aims or accomplishments that a person wishes to achieve which will bring happiness, fulfillment and a sense of purpose in their life. 1.2 It is crucial to plan for the realization of life goals because it (i) provides a sense of direction and clarity, (ii) allows individuals to keep track of their progress, (iii) helps in identifying potential risks and challenges that may arise, and (iv) aids in effective allocation of resources and prioritizing tasks. 1.3 Perseverance is the continued effort to reach goals in spite of difficulties, failures, or opposition. Persistence, on the other hand, is the quality of consistently continuing to try or work hard, even when the process becomes challenging. 1.4 Personal values act as a blueprint for individuals when setting goals. They shape our priorities, guide our behavior, and help us to align our goals with our personal beliefs. Having clear personal values can make it easier to identify the goals that are truly important to us and plan the action steps necessary to achieve them. 1.5 Having positive relationships with schoolmates can support the achievement of personal health goals by providing a supportive network of peers who can offer encouragement, share health-related knowledge, and even participate in health-promoting activities together. 1.6 Positive relationships can enhance an individual’s well-being by offering social support, providing motivation, enhancing self-esteem, reducing stress, and promoting overall happiness. All these factors can positively influence goal attainment and thus enhance well-being. 1.7 Planning for academic performance can involve setting specific, achievable goals for studying, scheduling study time efficiently, breaking larger tasks into manageable parts, and monitoring progress on a regular basis. 1.8 Negative relationships can impact the achievement of academic goals by causing stress, diverting attention and energy from academic tasks, decreasing motivation and self-esteem or by encouraging negative habits. 1.9 Positive personal values can lead to respect, understanding, and cooperation in the classroom, creating a conducive learning environment. Negative values, on the other hand, might lead to conflict and a disruptive learning environment, which hinders academic performance. 1.10 Grade 11 students can plan their studies by setting specific academic goals, creating an effective study schedule, regularly reviewing their progress, and adjusting their plans as necessary. Goal planning can enhance performance by providing clear direction, enhancing time management, aiding in stress management, and increasing motivation and focus.

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Feb. 24, 2024, 4:10 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, February 24, 2024

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